Computer Help & Repair

Computer Help & Repair Service

If you own a desktop or laptop, chances are you’ve had or currently need computer help or repair service. Owning a computer these days can be a pain as much as a luxury, as there are many critical components of computer hardware and software that may stop working or require additional repair or help from an experienced computer repair technician.Computer hardware can fail or slow down for any number of reasons, including incompatibility with the operating system, out-of-date device drivers, or just old age. Software issues can happen if applications are not updated, programs are not compatible with the operating system, or file corruption occurs. The My Computer Works remote assistance support team can make sure your programs and applications are working smoothly and as fast as possible. For hardware issues, we can provide on-site services (often same-day) to diagnose, troubleshoot, and replace failing computer hardware components. In some cases, data recovery can even be performed on-site if needed.FAQs:Q. What can I do to help keep my hardware from failing?
A. One of the best ways to help prevent hardware issues is to “blow out” the case using compressed air. This will remove dust and debris from the sensitive hardware components inside the computer. Make sure to unplug the computer and move it to a well-ventilated area before performing this procedure.
Q. What can I do to make sure my software is updated?
A. Most applications have an Update feature either under the “Help” menu or in another location. You may need to manually check the software vendor’s website to obtain updates.
Q. What can I do to prevent data loss due to hard drive failure?
A. In a word: BACKUP. It is critical to make sure your computer’s data is backed up, either to a secondary or external hard drive, or via a remote backup service such as MCW Backup.
Testimonial“Thanks so much for assisting me with an Outlook problem. The program kept freezing. It took several tries to find the solution, but it works great now. A special thanks to Matt for all his work. I would recommend Computer Works to all of my friends and co-workers.”-Marilyn P (3/9/2011 )

Service includes:

• Troubleshooting hardware issues caused by any number of factors
• Updating device drivers to ensure the best performance and system compatibility
• Installation and assistance with software applications and suites
• Updating applications to ensure the latest security and performance fixes are installed
• Troubleshooting software issues caused by viruses and spyware