5 Apps to Improve Work Productivity

Our smartphones are only as smart as we allow them to be. When we find new apps through the App Store or Google Play we increase the reliability of our phone. We at My Computer Works bring you the top 5 apps to improve your work productivity.


Remembering everything, something an elephant may be able to do however you probably cannot. However this free and easy to access app for Android, iPhone and iPad makes it easy to store your notes, ideas, plans and photos.

evernoteIt even allows you to draw with the skitch tool. You are also able to store anything and access it from anywhere. While the free app is for personal use, there is a business version giving you all of the above on a scale large enough for a company.

Go to Meeting:


Host meeting, webinars and trainings from your iPad, iPhone or Android device.Document and screen sharing is also available and if you have a front facing camera, FaceTime is available as well.The service is not free, however being able to hold up to 25 attendees no matter your location this service offers conference calling from anywhere with an internet connection.


cloudon_2This free cloud experience gives you the power of Microsoft’s Office, Excel and PowerPoint to create and edit files on your tablet or smartphone. You can also access files you already keep in the cloud with Box, DropBox, Google Drive, and Microsoft SkyDrive. This is a one-stop hub to create, manage and share your work with employees. This app is available for both iOS and Android.


expensifyYea, if you could get me that TPS report that would be great…. Expense reports are a pain, so meet an app that makes the process smooth. The software imports bank or credit card statements, billable items like gas,mileage and time then organizes them with custom tags and categories. You can even import receipts from Evernote! This app is free for iOS, Android, Windows phones and tablets, and Blackberry devices.

Dragon Mobile Assistant:

Nuance-Launches-Dragon-Mobile-Assistant-for-Android-4-x-Devices-2Have you always dreamed of having an assistant, but can not afford one? How about a free assistant with you at all times on your iPhone or Android device? The service is voice-directed dictation meaning when you speak to text, make calls, schedule appointments and update social media. Also just like a real life assistant you can give it a name that when called, comes running.



If you find yourself needing help installing or learning how to use your apps always feel free to give one of our U.S. based technicians a call at (877) 273-2268. Also if you have any suggestions or questions feel free to email us at feedback@mycomputerworks.com

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