“Techs are very knowledgeable and always helpful.”

-Jerry S (4/17/15)

“my previous experiences with MCW has been excellent. Very knowledgeable, courteous technicians.”

-Lawrence M (4/16/15)

“Lee G. is a very conscientious technician & resolves the issues going on at the time. Thank you for hiring good technicians.”

-Michelle R. (4/16/2015)

“Crystal was extremely courteous, thorough, informative and answered all my questions and concerns. Very professional business. Very impressed.”

-Deanna B. (4/16/2015)

“I’m very satisfied with your service. You prevented the crashing of my hard drive.”

-Bruce L (4/16/15)

“Excellent and prompt service by expert representatives, who solve any and all problems.”

-Kenneth S (4/16/15)

“Overall you guys are consistently able to solve my issues.”

-Amy P (4/16/15)

“They speak English and know what they are doing.”

-Larry S (4/15/15)

“You take care of our problems as quickly as possible and always pleasant with whom to work.”

-Beverly Ann S (4/15/15)

“Quick response, Know how, records of past problems, patience with poor navigators.”

-Tom S (4/15/15)

“ALWAYS I am very grateful to the guys at My Computer Works for their work on my computer. Thank you so much,”

-jeanne R (4/14/15)

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the knowledge and patience your tech showed today in tackling a problem with an update on Windows that in the final analysis, was non existent. Thank you so much!”

-Alice R (4/14/15)

“You take care of our problems as quickly as possible and always pleasant with whom to work.”

-Beverly S. (4/15/2015)

“Courtesy of Jason, your representative, his knowledge and patience. He worked for 5 hours straight and got everything fixed up and working again and never lost his patience even though my computer and my phone cut him off a few times. But the bottom line is – he knew what to do to restore my service. Thank you”

-Ruthann S. (4/15/2015)

“I already recommended you to my sister at dinner this evening. Thanks for your help, Mark. I appreciate your time and your patience with this aged non-techie.”

-Florence S. (4/15/2015)

“Ryan was the representative that helped with my problem; he was patient, knowledgeable, efficient and professional. Your company has never let me down resolving computer issues; it is because of all the Ryan’s. Thank you!”

-Janette S. (4/15/2015)

“ALWAYS I am very grateful to the guys at My Computer Works for their work on my computer. Thank you so much, Jeanne E R.”

-Jeanne R. (4/14/2015)

“I am always pleased w/the help in resolving the issues I seem to run into. I joined MCW when it was 3 months old & so far I haven’t been disappointed, this has been the answer for me. Thank you so much.”

-Michelle R (4/12/15)

“Speedy work and very professional”

-Tom R (4/11/15)

“The service is fantastic. They are so helpful and patient with a novice! Thanks”

-Carolyn S (4/11/15)

“The tech who helped me was GREAT! Knew just what to do and helped me to understand the problem. Worth every penny!”

-Mary Beth H (4/10/15)

“Continued reliable & prompt response and great service”

-Jeff L (4/10/15)

“Rapid response, intelligence of technician, speedy help with a great attitude.”

-Ethel M (4/10/15)

“Great response time and continued valuable service! Thank you”

-Brian H (4/10/15)

“As usual prompt service and confidence in giving access to my computers to the techs for cleanup and maintenance.”

-Colette A (4/10/15)

“There when I need them. Helpful and knowledgeable.”

-Carmen W (4/9/15)

“My Computer Works never lets down and always find and corrects the problem”

-Bruce R (4/8/15)

“Your techs are very knowledgeable and helpful.”

-Janna M (4/8/15)

“Good, knowledgeable and prompt service.”

-Dan M (4/4/15)


-Dave J (4/4/15)

“Courteous service! Tech kept me informed when there was a delay. THANK YOU !!”

-Art E (4/3/15)

“Immediate service and a professional technician.”

-Barbara S (4/3/15)

“I like the service of the techs, they are always friendly and helpful. They explain what they are doing and stays with me until i am satisfied with the results.”

-Vickie M (4/3/15)

“SIMPLE: You are very helpful—“

-Loren S (4/3/15)

“Extremely great service. My technician was very knowledgeable about computer problems; and was very patient with me. Thank you for your service.”

-Christine B (4/3/15)

“help is always there when I need it the most”

-Edward M (4/2/15)

“Always happy with the service we receive.”

-Dale N. (4-2-2015)

“My Computer Works is always courteous (Thanks, Riley!), prompt and effective in solving problems.”

-Donald H. (4-2-2015)

“Most helpful and friendly.”

-Doyle N. (4-2-2015)

“good service”

-Patrick T. (4-2-2015)

“I’m very glad to have MCW for my computer support!”

-Terry C (4/2/15)

“I wish I could get my complaining friends to sign up for your service. Every time one of them starts in about their computer troubles I tell them I have no troubles because all I have to do is call MY COMPUTER WORKS and a tech fixes my problem remotely and I never have to take my computer to a shop. What a blessing!”

-Nadine H (4/1/15)

“Have used your service two times. Very satisfied with the results. The techs are very friendly, and always explain things to the fullest IMO. Thanks”

-Jay H (4/1/15)

“Everyone has been so friendly and helpful. Could not ask for better service THANK YOU”

-Doyle N (4/1/15)

“the service is TOPS.”

-Denise S (3/31/15)

“You are always dependable, courteous, and helpful”

-Sara K (3/31/15)

“Quick response, friendly techs, reliable”

-Dave C (3/31/15)

“Great service that works. I’ve already referred someone to you.”

-Sidat B (3/30/15)

“The Tech worked for over an hour with me today to get my computer back on line even though the circumstances were very complicated. He was successful as every tech has been in helping me with computer challenges. What a great team you have at My Computer Works!”

-Ruth W (3/29/15)

“When I need help with my computer. You are there”

-Don L (3/29/15)

“I appreciate that the technicians are knowledgeable, patient and willing to explain the diagnosis!”

-Brenda H (3/28/15)

“I always have 100%vsatisfaction when I use My Computer Works. Your techs are fantastic. They are friendly and more knowledgeable then the techs at Microsoft. There are just not enough words to describe how great of service that is offered by My Computer Works. It’s Awesome”

-Dave M (3/28/15)

“The MCW techs are absolutely great! They always working extremely hard at solving my computer issues and the results are amazing. They have really friendly attitudes and will go at great lengths to satisfy my computer issue needs. I think MCW is the best computer tech service there is.Thank you.”

-Dave M (3/28/15)

“Great Techs & Service”

-James K (3/27/15)

“Fast accurate response that fixed my problem. I was one of the first 1,000 customers way back at the inception of MCW and don’t regret staying with MCW all these years.”

-Bill C (3/26/15)

“Since March 23rd when my hard drive crashed, all and I mean all the technicians have been very helpful, courteous and patient with me. My Computer Works is the best!”

-Pat K (3/26/15)

“Very knowledgeable and friendly technicians. Timely responses.”

-Rita D (3/26/15)

“you have quality excellent customer service. your techs are always patient and polite. I find you trustworthy and reliable. thank you MCW!”

-Samantha B (3/24/15)

“I MOST definitely likely recommend My Computer Works to ANYONE!!!!”

-Terry C (3/24/15)

“Your team is wonderful!!!! Thank you, Monica”

-Monica T (3/24/15)

“Very good service. Highly professional technicians”

-Aim’e A. (3/23/15)

“you guy’s are friendly, Professional, and you do an excellant job on fixing the problems! Thank You”

-Terry G (3/23/15)

“Very efficient, professional & friendly service!”

-Jeff L (3/23/15)

“Of course I recommend MCW every chance I have & I do”

-Michelle R (3/22/15)

“The techs are highly knowledgeable, efficient, and very pleasant. It is nice to have the computer up and running beautifully after only a couple of hours. If I took the computer to the shop in town, I would be without it for at least a week.”

-Diana T (3/22/15)

“Timely response time Friendly techs. Communicates with customer Accepts customers level of knowledge with computer use Follow up calls”

-Ruth D (3/21/15)

“The techs are very friendly and proffessional and take their time and do a thorough job.”

-Debbie L (3/21/15)

“Very quick callback. Professional and quick remedy to issues.”

-Cheryl L (3/21/15)

“Your technicians speak English, are easily understood, and know their stuff. Price is not bad either. Tech explained length of time clean up would take and that when he was finished he would call me back. I was free to do other things about the house knowing I would get a call in about 1 1/2 hours plus. Very satisfied with the time involved, the cleanup that took place and I was not advised I needed to purchase some service from the company”

-Mary Ellen D (3/20/15)

“very helpful in suggesting things to contribute to keeping my computer healthy”

-Eileen S (3/19/15)

“Competent. Good attitude. Calls within an hour.”

-Ned K (3/19/15)

“i appreciate the tech listening and repeating back to me what i have said. i appreciate them fixing the problem and keeping me aware of progress. this is a great service.”

-Kaye W (3/19/15)

“They are always courteous and take time to help you with questions. I have been with them a while and am happy with the service! Thanks to all!”

-Joan L (3/18/15)

“Tech was great !! Very helpful”

-Julie C (3/18/15)

“You have offered a quality service at a cost that most of us can still afford to access. Thank You”

-Chuck W (3/18/15)

“They are always courteous and take time to help you with questions. I have been with them a while and am happy with the service! Thanks to all!”

-Joan L (3/18/15)

“you guys are all fast and very smart and know all about computers. Thanks”

-Winnie B (3/18/15)

“The quick response time of the techs, and the thorough way in which they diagnose the problem and fix it. while cleaning your computer of all the problematic stuff you pick up over time. These guys do an excellent job. I’m glad I chose Computer Works for my service”

-William Y (3/17/15)

“they are always courteous, prompt and speak english with no accent that is hard to understand. i’m an old lady and value their help.”

-Norma S (3/17/15)

“Courteous and knowledgeable people.”

-Mike C (3/17/15)

“You guys are No. 1 in my book. Thank you for all you do. If you need someone to use as a reference I’m the person. I tell everyone how professional your organization and techs are time after time. Thank you”

-Janette S (3/16/15)

“Very prompt call to get the situation remedied. Very thorough repair of the problem.”

-Cheryl L (3/16/15)

“I have really enjoyed having some tech support. When I have an issue with my computer it is really nice to be able to shoot you an email asking for assistance and withing an hour or maybe two I have one of your very helpful technicians on the phone with me and most importantly on my computer to assist me.”

-Jeff P (3/15/15)

“The service is consistently friendly, knowledgeable, and provided by complete consummate professionals. Completely sensitive to your requests and desires and frequently going above and beyond your needs. Also often performing services outside of contractual responsibilities.Obviously very satisfied.”

-Keith M (3/15/15)

“Because you are gooooooood!!”

-Edgar S (3/13/15)

“Very pleased with our service.”

-Pam M (3/12/15)

“I love the service. When I need help they’re there.”

-Jackie M (3/11/15)

“Everyone is very friendly and helpful. They fixed my problem.”

-Maggie B (3/11/15)

“technician was courteous,and took his time to answer my questions so as to allow me to consider options that will need to be addressed.”

-James H (3/11/15)

“Overall you guys are very professional and the technicians really know their stuff.”

-Amy P (3/11/2015)

“Customer Support called back until our problem was solved.”

-Diane H (3/10/15)

“Availability in emergencies, understanding and fixing problems quickly.”

-Vesna G (3/09/15)

“So VERY helpful, knowledgeable, patient and kind. Your techs never make me feel stupid. Thank you!”

-Susan A (3/9/15)

“Courteous knowledgeable Technicians!!”

-Art E (3/7/15)

“You have always baled me out! THANKS”

-Sandi B (3/7/15)

“You have saved me more than once.thank you..”

-Olive M (3/7/15)

“Tech support was excellent and problem solved by knowledgeable persons. I will be using My Computer Works for any future problems Thank You Pastor Mike”

-Michael J. (3-5-2015)

“My computer had a really hard situation. Brian did an extraordinary job while being very patient and courteous. Thank you My Computer Works for having such a nice, patient and obviously good tech on your staff.”

-Susan C. (3-5-2015)

“When I originally found MCW, it was really a blind search and I was in a desparate situation. But MCW has been FANTASTIC for the two years I have had a contract and just renewed for another year. Thank you!”

-Patricia F. (3-5-2015)

“Quality service. Good customer handling skills. helpful suggestions. good listening. Get the job done & keep customer satisfied. Engaged employees. I like the desktop app to log in requests or questions, and the updated status of where I stand in the queue. Lee was awesome & helpful, as always. Congrats, Luke Ford, you have a great crew!”

-Carolyn D. (3-5-2015)

“Huge improvement in computer response time after MCW help! Thank you for your outstanding service.”

-Ann- Bob F. (3-6-2015)

“I love the convenience of My Computer Works because I don’t have to pick up my computer and take it anywhere to get it fixed nor do I have to pay for someone to come to me which can get expensive sense I live 20 miles out of town.”

-Morgan C. (3-6-2015)

“Personnel are courteous and always great about answering questions or concerns. They help me understand is exactly what they are doing and prompt to return my calls. I don’t have to press a number to speak English and I can understand them as well…no foreign accents.”

-Marilyn M. (3-6-2015)

“Unfailing attempts, and always as successful as possible. I do appreciate the professionalism and help I receive. I surely cannot be a favorite customer, with my “un savvyness” but I have yet to be disappointed with this team.”

-Ethel M. (3-6-2015)

“It was great to talk to someone with a Midwest accent. All the technicians were polite and helpful. I SO appreciate your services Thank you.”

-Linda S. (3-6-2015)

“Courteous knowledgeable Technicians!!”

-Art E. (3-7-2015)

“You have always baled me out! THANKS”

-Sandi B. (3-7-2015)

“You have saved me more than once.thank you..”

-Olive M. (3-7-2015)

“Josh, my tech support representative was very courteous and helpful. He knew exactly what to do to put my computer back in working order. I appreciate him and My Computer very much Thank you.”

-Ruthann S. (3-7-2015)

“I was satisfied on your work very much. Thank you!!!”

-Bob B (3/5/15)

“Great technicians and super service!”

-Gail M (3/5/15)

“Tect support was excellent and problem solved by knowledgeable persons. I will be using My Computer Works for any future problems Thank You”

-Michael J (3/5/15)

“I have recommended you to two other people — because your service has been of very high value to me. Thanks a million.”

-Nicole L (3/5/15)

“I shopped around or help getting my computer cleaned of malware/viruses and picked your service. I am VERY pleased with my interactions with your cordial, helpful staff who are patient, thorough and SPEAK GOOD ENGLISH!”

-Chuck P (3/5/15)

“With unfailing knowledge and extreme interest in determining the customer’s needs and then following through with “fixing” and advice giving. It means a lot to me that I can trust every single team member I have worked with.”

-Ethel M (3/5/15)

“Outstanding service and very nice to work with.”

-Stephen G (3/4/15)

“Competent people, focus on results, nice & easy working style.”

-Carolyn D (3/4/15)

“With unfailing knowledge and extreme interest in determining the customer’s needs and then following through with “fixing” and advice giving. It means a lot to me that I can trust every single team member I have worked with.”

-Ethel M. (3-4-2015)

“Will listened to my frustration and wiped away my anxiety He is 5 stars in my book”

-Jay K. (3-4-2015)

“I shopped around or help getting my computer cleaned of malware/viruses and picked your service. I am VERY pleased with my interactions with your cordial, helpful staff who are patient, thorough and SPEAK GOOD ENGLISH!”

-Chuck P. (3-4-2015)

“you guys, and gals, have been great with this latest mess. i lost everything on my “beautiful “computer. but with your help and patience i have been able to get myself off the ground and going again. thank you very much, both for your ability to put up with me, and my lack of any computer knowledge, and your professionalism. i could not have been able to get anywhere without you-thanks again”

-Dexter K. (3-3-2015)

“You guys and gals are the best thing to ever happen to 50 year old people trying to use computers. My hat is off to all of you, thanks again. Sincerely Steve H.”

-Steve H. (1-20-2015)

“This company provides a service that is critical to people like myself and my husband. We are older and really were never taught computers or how they work even in college! It has saved me so much money….I also have used the Onsite Services and would not even consider using anyone else. The technicians here have taught me so much I did not know before. The on site technician Mr. Sawyer was absolutely outstanding….I had gotten rid of expensive computers because I thought they were just not working! I did not know until I found mcw that most of the time you can keep your expensive computer…ie…just added a harddrive l terabyte…before I would be out spending a fortune on a new one!!!”

-Susan C. (1-20-2015)

“Today Robert & Shawn helped me solve so many problems, and they seemed so happy to help. Their attitudes are awesome. I’m sure their jobs have to be difficult with difficult agree people, and I’m sure they have to be handling those folks pretty well. Thank you! jaci”

-Jaci J. (1-20-2015)

“I have recommended you to two other people — because your service has been of very high value to me. Thanks a million. Nicole L.”

-Nicole L. (3-3-2015)


-Richard P. (3-2-2015)

“Fast professional curtiouse service”

-Philip G (3/2/15)

“Quick, friendly and know what they are doing.”

-Pat K (3/2/15)

“Quick service and very professional.”

-Cheryl L. (3/2/15)


-Richard P (3/2/15)

“I love the quick turnaround for issues with my computer and gives me peace of mind knowing that whatever problem that I have will be addressed promptly.”

-Marilyn K (3/1/15)

“Your service is #1. Keep up the good work.”

-Paul W. (2-24-2015)


-Margie P. (2-25-2015)

“Got things fixed that I didn’t realize were problems. Very professional.”

-Belinda L. (2-26-2015)

“Very helpful in explaining and being clear about my understanding my confusion and that helps me learn what to do .. Thank you Shawn”

-Julie C. (2-26-2015)

“Your technicians have the patience of Job and the wisdom of Daniel!”

-Jim C. (2-26-2015)

“Your help has been so valuable when I got a new Windows 8.1 computer. I could not have got it running with out the help of Ur techs who are extremely competent and forgiving of my ignorance. P E H”

-Paul H. (2-26-2015)

“the people you have working for you are great, as long as I can get the service I have gotten, I will never switch company.”

-Kathryn T. (2-26-2015)

“Technicians have always been very courteous and helpful with any and all questions i asked.”

-Raul E. Jr (2-26-2015)

“Quick, friendly and know what they are doing.”

-Pat K. (2-27-2015)

“excellent cust. serv.”

-Linda M. (2-28-2015)

“I always have great techs with MCW…Today was especially productive. With the help of MCW I was able to get after many pesky items which had vexxed me.”

-Bob G. (2-28-2015)

“I love the quick turnaround for issues with my computer and gives me peace of mind knowing that whatever problem that I have will be addressed promptly.”

-Marilyn K. (2-27-15)

“they did a great job getting my computer cleaned up and was very easy to work with…..I appreciate their knowledge and skills working with both my pc and my ipad.”

-Mike C. (2-27-15)

“Service is exceptionally good.”

-Vincent M (2/26/15)

“did a great job!”

-Richie G (2/26/15)

“As usual, the technician did a thorough and professional job of getting me back on line.”

-Art W (2/26/15)

“I have had tremendous support from the team and consider it a value investment”

-Otto W (2/25/15)

“convenience, professionalism and friendliness of the people”

-Richard C (2/25/15)


-Margie P (2/19/15)

“Your service is #1. Keep up the good work.”

-Paul W (2/25/15)

“I could not get on the Internet. Yesterday I called Melissa and she scheduled an appointment for me this morning. The technician helped me through the steps, answered my questions and I am back on the Internet and very happy. Thank you.”

-Mariana H (2/24/15)

“Your guys always “fix me up”!”

-Sharri W (2/24/15)

“I love this company. I have never had a bad experience when ever I have used them. I always recommend them.”

-Delores R. (2-11-2015)


-Robin T. ()

“Shawn was very patient and knowledgeable. He also explained what I can do in the future to help my low memory problem, without having to purchase a new computer right now.”

-Debbie S. (2-14-2015)

“When I need assistance with my PC, I never worry. Because when I call Computer Works, I know I will be treated like a valued customer. My call is promptly answered. I have no worry, my computer is in good hands.”

-Christine C. (2-14-2015)

“John, the first person I talked to, was very nice, but Collin S, the technician, was FANTASTIC! He was so patient, polite, and professional, and he got the viruses off my computer, got it back the way I wanted it, and it’s working perfectly again!”

-Nancy M. (2-23-2015)

“He was patient and thorough…. Explained what was going on and how to prevent it in the future….. I like your service, you are a nice security blanket. Shirley J”

-Shirley J. (2-18-2015)

“I’m very pleased with the courtesy & competency of the technicians”

-Dianne P. (2-19-2015)

“The work that was done on my Sony Vios computer was in depth, and very thorough. My computer was completely gone over with a fine tooth comb. All issues are now resolved. Your technicians were great and a pleasure to work with.Many protective programs were installed into my computer and all programs restored to normal working. I feel that your company really cares about your customers computers. This is why I gave your company a ten… to recommend to others”

-Jeff K. (2-19-2015)

“Your technician assigned to attend to my problems was extremely competent in fixing all the difficulties I was having. He explained everything to me; he was courteous, patient, and most instructive. Kudos to you for having him as a member of your tech team. I love you guys! I so appreciated the promptness with which my phone call to you today was answered. Thank you so much for being there for me today…as you have done so wonderfully for me in the past as well. Anita L.”

-Anita L. (2-22-2015)

“To let you know that you give good service. Thank you.”

-Madeleine H (2/23/15)

“Terrific tech support”

-Kenneth E (2/23/15)

“: Once again, you guys have helped me out so much.”

-Stephanie S (2/23/15)


-Darlene C (2/20/15)

“Your technician assigned to attend to my problems was extremely competent in fixing all the difficulties I was having. He explained everything to me; he was courteous, patient, and most instructive. Kudos to you for having him as a member of your tech team. I love you guys! I so appreciated the promptness with which my phone call to you today was answered. Thank you so much for being there for me today…as you have done so wonderfully for me in the past as well.”

-Anita L (2/22/15)

“Customer Comments: You got back to us in such a short time after we called and spent a lot of time on our issue and we trust you to do the best for us. Thank you”

-Louanne D (2/22/15)

“Your techs were very professional, took the time to solve the problem, and were, importantly cost effective. I have already recommended you to a client who is tired of the Geek Squad.”

-Lewis H (2/20/15)

“Everyone there is so knowledgeable and helpful.”

-Margaret G (2/19/15)

“You guys are always great and very responsive. Love the service!!”

-Raymond B. (1-27-2015)

“You took my problem seriously and began working immediately. Collin spent a ton of time fixing the problems and has it back to perfect working order!!! Thank you Phyllis F.”

-Phyllis F. (1-27-2015)

“Excellent and prompt service by experienced tech people.”

-Kenneth S. (1-28-2015)

“After spending four days and more that 14 hours with another ‘help’ company and having nothing solved, I was very frustrated and despondent. MCW solved my computer problem with one call and a couple of hours!! They also restored my emotional state. It is such a comfort to know that true help is just a few clicks away. Thank you, Shane!!”

-Vicky T. (2-19-2015)

“Ryan was very polite, did not make me feel intimidated because of my lack of knowledge, and had a very pleasant demeanor. I appreciate “you guys” very much. Thanks and God bless”

-Dian M. (01-30-2015)

“I’m delighted to write this e-mail to tell you of a most patient and intelligent man who helped myself and my wife with our computer issue. He was assigned to assist two computer dummies. Yes, I must be honest here, we are in our 60’s and cutely challenged by computer problems, but he came to our aid and with his help and patience enabled this old computer breathe life once again. I intuitively anticipated that my tech would eventually say “Buy a new computer !!” and hang up, because that’s what I would have done if I were in his position. Instead, he remained calm and guided us through the dilemma we were facing caused by a Virus. He retained his professionalism throughout the time that it took to remediate our problem. He informed us that we needed a more powerful wireless router and a new modem and offered us ways in which we could keep costs down and still find quality equipment. He clearly went above and beyond in terms of customer service.”

-Dennis M (12/9/14)

“MCW helped me for two days last week in getting my information transferred over from my old laptop to my new one. He was incredible – professional, knowledgeable, precise, efficient and quick. I was extremely grateful for his help.”

-Sherri B (12/8/14)

“As always I am very pleased with your service. MCW quickly took care of my problems. She also noticed my cluttered desktop and taught me how to address it. I’m 85 years old and really appreciate that she taught me something I did not know , without my asking her to. She’s truly a dedicated worker.”

-Victoria P (12/7/14)

“I had a very positive experience with MCW’s service today. She was on-time, courteous and my PC is running better than ever.”

-Ed F (12/5/14)

“I had a problem with my screen saver, small problem but still a big one to me !! my tech helped me get through it and showed me how and had me do it with him still on remote so that I could do it myself if it happened again ! thanks again ! finding you folks was the best thing I ever did !!”

-Bonnie S (12/4/14)

“MCW did a terrific job, found & eliminated a Trojan Horse and my machine is running great! I really appreciate the My Computer Works organization. For someone who’s computer skills are maxed-out writing an email, it’s reassuring to know I have a safety net in which to fall!”

-Blake W (12/4/14)

“My tech listened, he understood and his repairs were timely and on target. Can’t ask for more than that!”

-Blake W (12/4/14)

“My help from MYCOMPUTORWORKS has been very satisfactory”

-Gene R (12/3/14)

“Thank you for speeding up my computer My tech was so helpful and did not talk over my head. I really appreciate him.”

-Jill H (12/2/14)

“First time with your service & I just completed a 3-hour re-vamp of my 2 laptops, and I feel greatly relieved and secure”

-Nicole N (12/3/14)

“Thank you for your help. I get so frustrated when I don’t know what to do and your poor Tech was a saint. Thank you for your staff’s patience with me.”

-SeMone G (12/4/14)

“I have had nothing but excellent service from your company. The employees who contacted me were quite professional, as well as personable. I am recommended your service to all of my friends.”

-Elaine G (11/30/14)

“I came across your number in the phone book and i am very glad i did. it was refreshing to find a company who is customer oriented and give the customers peace of mind that their personal information, documents, and pictures are safe. My tech answered all of my questions and was very knowledgeable about computers. Other companies could take lessons from your people. I will surely recommend you to my friends and family. thank you for my peace of mind, Thanks again, my computer is running great!”

-Tony D (11/26/14)

“My experience with your company has been amazing. MCW did what no one else was able to do, get my printer up and running. After 7 techs from another company, MCW got it to work in less then an hour. I’m so glad it’s working because it had to have been a year or more that i couldnt use the printer with the computer. You guys are great!”

-Tony D (11/26/14)

“I was very pleased with MCW patience, professionalism and working through a difficult situation for us this evening. We appreciate your company and the fine job you do for us. Once again thanks to MCW for your hard work.”

-John A (11/26/14)

“Over the past week and a half I have had the assistance of several My Computer Works customer support representatives in getting my computer repaired and getting the necessary programs and software loaded onto my new hard drive. In each case your technicians/customer support personnel have been friendly and have worked hard to solve my problems and show me how to navigate some of my new programs were upgrades were made. Whenever I have the opportunity I try to mention your service and recommend you very highly.”

-Jesse W (11/26/14)

“Great, quick and professional service rendered onto my laptop. Thanks a bunch!”

-Jim C (11/24/14)

“I had more problems with a corrupt cookie and MCW took care of it! a big thanks to you and your company — definitely the best !”

-Bonnie S (11/24/14)

“Never have I 2nd guessed myself as to my needing this service. I explained there was a few issues I didn’t feel comfortable trying to correct. You see I didn’t grow up with a computer on my desk. After attaining the age of 60 I had an employer set a new HP Computer in front of me, an engineering program was downloaded, and told to design and engineer a roof truss for him. Periodically he would send me to 5 day seminars to learn more about the design program. Not the functionality of the scary, complex computer. Notice and remember I didn’t go to college to study computer science and programming. I am a novice but do recognize a problem. And as I was taught years ago, “A problem is only a solution in disguise.” So I pay MCW’s to be asked what is the “problem” so you can solve for me that which I can’t do myself. Once again and this took over 2 hours to solve I am pleased to report my computer is running fabulously again without “a problem in disguise.” I am sure after over 24 hours I still would not have a clue where to start looking where you talented people did. Thanks again and if I don’t communicate with you again before next Thursday – All of you at MCW’s have a Happy Thanksgiving!”

-AL H (11/21/14)

“Thank you computerworks for your fast service and easy to understand tec person walked me right through every thing I needed to do to get rid of an ugly virus, Happy!Happy!”

-Sue A (11/21/14)

“I don’t require service every month, and the money paid to My Computer Works, for a monthly fee is definitely satisfactory to me, for the competency and quality!”

-Richard H (11/22/14)

“I want to thank My Computer Works for all the hard work you put into my computer since I’ve been a member with you,”

-Blake D (11/22/14)

“You guys are awesome. I am so glad that I have your service. You guys are a monthly bill that I think is absolutely necessary for anyone who uses e-mail like I do. I become more and more saavy as time goes on but still get caught. I’m glad to be able to count on you. Thanx again for just great service and knowlegeable techs.”

-Scott B (11/23/14)

“I would like to say how much I appreciated the patience and the expertise of the office staff, as well as the knowledge of the technicians who helped me to fix my comp. I would definitively advice my friends to get your help in case of comps trouble..”

-Gerald F (11/15/14)

“My tech was extremely helpful and corrected all my problems. He was also very polite. Thank you!”

-Vicki S (11/17/14)

“I must say your service was vey professional . You corrected our problem quickly and was very cordular and helpful during the process. Our contract expires in December and we will definitely renew at that time. THANK YOU”

-Richard H (11/17/14)

“Patience, knowledge, and fair pricing. What more could you ask?”

-Gina S (11/17/14)


-Lori W (11/17/14)

“Can’t tell you happy I was today with your service. What a pleasure!!!”

-Gale E (11/18/14)

“Thank you once again. So grateful have your service. MCW was very fast and solved my problem.”

-Claudia S (11/18/14)

“Am totatly satisfyed with the service check from my competer works they were very cordial and very polite when assesing my problem.”

-Lawrence A (11/19/14)

“With frozen web, email and printer, really, really needed help and got it with recommendation about hard disk. Person on your end was patient and informative. Programs now run faster as well. The service was excellent. I will recommend your firm”

-Macolm M (11/19/14)

“MCW helped me with my questions about ripping CD’s on to my Computer. He was very professional & Knowledgeable, plus he was very patient with me. Thank You!”

-Bob W (11/19/14)

“I was having trouble with a slow computer and a great Tech helped me with it. He signed on remotely and found all the malware and got rid of it !! He worked very hard on some very bad viruses, but now I have a clean and once again fast computer ! He is great”

-Bonnie S (11/19/14)

“MCW did a wonderful job on my computer, He did answer all my question and fix the things that needed to be fix. It was a pleasure working with him. You are a very good company,”

-Don L (11/19/14)

“I just talked to MCW….. and she was very helpful. She solved my problem and showed me how to do it. Very patient.”

-Mary M (11/20/14)

“Have been a 10+ year customer and I think the service is first class. Whether big or small, nothing seems to get by the techies at MCW.”

-Lou K (11/21/14)

“MCW is tremendous. I could not have been able to update my hard drive without them. my tech was very knowledgeable, patient, and courteous. Using Computer Works was the best decision I made for service on my computer.”

-Randy G (11/13/14)

“MCW did a very good job; he was quick and efficient.”

-Yuji T (11/14/14)

“Just wanted to pass on my thanks and well done to MCW who did an excellent job recognizing and sorting out a recurring problem. He dug in and took the responsibility to research and get the job done. It certainly wasn’t a quick fix and he put in a great deal to time speaking with me until he understood the history of the problem and attempts made by others. In short he listened. If the problem ends up not being solved, it wouldn’t be for the lack of trying. Well done.”

-Dennis J (11/6/14)

“Friendly, patient, knew exactly how to fix the problems. Highly recommend”

-Susie B (11/6/14)

“I can’t say enough good things about the service you provide to people like myself – thanks again”

-AL H (11/6/14)

“As always, Ryan was extremely professional, helpful, knowledgeable and kind. It is always a pleasure for me to have MCW’s expertise in solving my issues. Thanks again for your amazing support team.”

-Sherri B (11/8/14)

“I just want to thank you-all for the wonderful help you have given this elderly lady who knows less and less about the computer. Here is the wonderful part: My Computer Works and its technicians who help me with such patience, helpful attitudes, and even a sense of humor about my seeming cluelessness. I am telling all my friends about this amazing help, but most of my friends are elderly too! My children and grandchildren are “aces” at modern technology, but way too busy to take my need for help seriously!”

-Emigra M (11/12/14)

“Kudos to my techs. Their patience with this senior citizen was amazing and I REALLY appreciate it! – – Best regards to all of you! – -“

-Pat O (11/4/14)

“your company has helped me in so many ways, I can’t say enough about my computer works, I want to thank you for all that you do for your customers.”

-Larry P (11/4/14)

“I am a new customer and the service I received the first day I called was quick and solved my computer problems in an hour. I received a call back from a tech in 15 minutes, which I was shocked on how soon the response time was. He cleaned my computer and had it running great in no time at all. The last company I had took my computer over for three days before I was able to use it again. I was so mad that I looked in the yellow pages and came across My Computer Works and within an hour they had my computer up and running great. So far my experience with them has been great. Thank you, My Computer Works.”

-Linda T (11/2/14)

“I truly appreciated the long distance repair on my computer. I’m not very computer savvy so I appreciate all the help I can get.”

-Caroline S (11/2/14)

“Thank you . Your service is impeccable. MCW was fast , very competent and very polite. Your service is very much appreciated.”

-Victoria P (11/2/14)

“The service today was the, best to-date. The technician was polite and got the job done quickly. Good job.”

-Steve M (11/1/14)

“MCW is personable and really knows what they are doing. My tech asked questions to help zero in on one of my problems. He was patient and did not make me feel stupid for having another problem that was embarrassingly easy to fix.”

- ()

“A+ went beyond the scope to other problems to solve a problem.”

-Jaci J (10/31/14)

“Thanks to your people for getting a competent repair man to come out in a timely fashion and repair my computer to where it is working better than before.The man was polite and knowledgeable. He was a pleasure to work with,”

-John P (10/30/14)

“I am very satisfied with all aspects of this work session, from initial call to ending call. To my knowledge at this point the issues have been resolved. The communication and explanations were far above average.”

-Bill F (10/30/14)

“This is the third time I have needed your service in three weeks Very glad I signed up for the membership Well worth it”

-Dorthy G (10/17/14)

“As always, I am amazed and incredibly grateful for the support I received from MCW yesterday afternoon. They were professional, knowledgeable, thorough, kind, caring and funny. and went way, way above and beyond to help me with what I needed to further support my laptop.”

-Sherri B (10/19/14)

“My experience with mcw was super! The call was timely and the technician did a great job in switching me from a desktop computer to a laptop.”

-Nancy R (10/21/14)

“As usual MY COMPUTER WORKS did it for me AGAIN. They took over and cleaned up the mess I had made. ALL of the Technicians have been unbelievably wonderful, patient and knowledgeable.”

-Nancy K (10/21/14)

“Just a word of thank you to your company. My computer hasn’t worked this good in a long time. Thanks again.”

-Pat Miller (10/22/14)

“MCW worked long and hard to fix the numerous problems that had wormed themselves into my system and were making my life miserable.
They were polite, clearly knowledgeable and so patient. I will not hesitate to call again.”

-Nancy W (10/24/14)

“MCW was so helpful, polite, to the point and repaired my computer with great speed and skill.
I am very pleased with the assistance”

-Eugene R (10/24/14)

“Thanks again for being there again to bail me out of a mess with my computer. I am very grateful to Lee today for fixing my computer.”

-Jeanne R (10/25/14)

“MCW was excellent today. He cleaned up my computer and taught me some new short cuts too.”

-Ron R (10/27/14)

“My thanks to MCW for help in getting my printer to respond. They kept me updated during the process. It is so nice to have it working the way it should again.”

-Marge T (10/28/1414)

“FAST and instantly resolved the internet problem.”

-Aurelia H (10/28/14)

“MCW is great! It’s amazing that a company can have so many nice-great employees.”

-Jaci J (10/13/4)

“I have found that your technicians are very knowledgeable and treat me with courtesy and respect. In that respect, you are far better than anyone else and you do provide house calls.”

-Hazel B (10/15/14)

“I want to really appreciate you for all you helped me with. I think it is great that you take time with your customers. Thank you so much.”

-Martha D (10/15/14)

“My p.c. was hacked- your crew got it up and running for me with no problems.
I have been in business for 40 years and have never had such great service. I greatly appreciate all the work you have done for me.”

-Jeannie M (10/1/14)

“My Computer works helped me with my computer this morning and resolved many problems and answered many questions. Very helpful, it was a pleasure.”

-Ferdinand B (10/2/14)

“I worked with MCW and it was a seamless easy process Very glad that I signed up with the service and would be happy to refer new business if anyone is looking”

-Dorthy M (10/2/14)

“Thank you for drawing to my attention the need for a backup program because I’d never given it a thought. I do appreciate your service!”

-Pat V (10/3/14)

“Thank you once again for saving the day for me……made me change from :( to :) in just a few minutes.! Love your company….soooo glad we found you!”

-Barbi B (9/28/14)

“MCW was so patient and so knowledgeable and helpful in his work with me today (tireless and resource for). I so appreciate your service!”

-Leone A (9/28/14)

“I had a very good experience with your tech. He was very knowledgeable in a variety of areas. Very patient and professional.”

-Pat C (9/28/14)

“MCW was awesome with my concerns, and was very happy to please by making sure the job was done right.”

-Jaci J (9/27/14)

“MCW worked with me today and was extremely helpful and unusually inventive in the way he solved some of my problems. As usual, excellent support.”

-Pat C (9/27/14)

“I had mycomputerworks clean up my overly compromised computer. It took less time than I thought and the results were significant. Any readers of these comments, I for one highly recommend mycomputerworks”

-Pat O (9/27/14)

“My technician was very courteous, he found that there was some antispyware running in the background that was using up a lot of our data which was important because we have a limited amoun”

-Jeanette K (9/26/14)

“My technician was very courteous, he found that there was some antispyware running in the background that was using up a lot of our data which was important because we have a limited amount on our Verizon hot spot. He is a Very Knowledgeable asset to your company”

-Greg C (9/26/14)

“Once again, yesterday I received excellent customer service and lightning speed problem resolution from your friendly technical support staff. I am so please with the level of service I have received from you. I can’t imagine not having you as a resource when I get stuck.”

-Lori M (9/24/14)

“This is a message of positivity about my last experience. My techs were both exceptionally well meaning professionals in the way they helped me restore files. They were both clearly expert and communicated themselves very pleasantly and helpfully. I now have faith in the value of being your customer.”

-Sharon J (9/25/14)

“I am a fairly new subscriber to your service and extremely happy with everything: the prompt service, experienced people who can communicate well, both fix the problem and teach me what to do in the future; find better ways for me to do what I need to do and are extremely reliable and efficient.”

-Sheila C (9/23/14 )

“Good representative for your company. My tech was very pleasant and knew how to fix the

-Shirley J (9/22/14)

“As is true every time I use your service, I was very satisfied. Your people are friendly on the phone. So many times these days customer service folks act like they are doing the customer a favor. Refreshing to hear people that don’t feel disdain for the troubled souls like me on the other end!”

-Monica W (9/21/14)

“MCW was of the greatest help to me today – very knowledgable and resourceful and taught me much that I needed to know despite the fact that this was partially a hardware connection problem which he had to handle verbally. He is truly in the tradition of your excellent workers.”

-Pat C (9/18/14)

“I had some computer issues that MCW not only cleared up, but he also took an extra step and figured out how to speed up my computer with an idea that others had not thought of. I was unaware he was going to do this and it was a very nice surprise. I appreciate him taking an extra step, thinking outside the box.”

-Joanie C (9/17/14)

“I wanted to tell you that my tech did a terrific job transferring everything from my old computer to the new on Saturday AND (this is very important) he called right about my appointment time, which was wonderful! I appreciate that so much! I am just now trying to figure out my new computer, so it will probably be a couple of weeks before I am up and running well, and may need to call you guys a couple more times for this transition. But I want to make it clear that he was very thorough and helpful with my questions and his explanations were in lay-person’s terms, so that I could understand.”

-Stephanie S (9/14/14)

“I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with the services I received today.my tech was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job getting my computer fixed. He explained things very well and he let me know what the process was and the steps that needed to be taken. he took the time to explain some options and recommendations for Internet security. He also took a lot of time explaining what he was going to do with my file back-up, we discussed what I want and didn’t want backed up and came to the right mix.”

-Robert R (9/14/14)

“I continue to find your company’s employees very competent and courteous. Their friendly demeanor is contagious and patience allowed me to feel confident that I am not looked down upon because of my lack of computer knowledge. I am older, having never used a computer at work on a regular basis, I am glad to have a source to provide what I don’t understand. I wish you great success in your endeavors”

-Samantha B (9/14/14)

“I wish to commend your tech for his excellent help in solving some of my Mac problems. As a new Mac user, his patience was most appreciated. My frustratration level level has been dramatically lowered and my MacBook no longer looks like a brain destroying monster.

Again, your company as saved y sanity,”

-Louise F (9/13/14)

“Excellent service, as usual. Problem solved in about 4 minutes :). Your techs are very knowledgeable and a true blessing to us “Mature” people who are computer illiterate and always clicking on the wrong key”

-Nadine H (9/12/14)

“I am so excited, I have a brand new computer, thanks to MCW. I found your add in a small phonebook, from Bellevue, NE. I have to admit, I was on the fence, apprehensive, worried I would talk to someone from another country. The sales rep. I talked to initially helped calm my nerves. Next step, after getting my card #, someone would call me back in 2 hours, PANIC! I soon received a call from my new friend. He has absolutely, kind, considerate, patient, resourceful, and should get a raise for putting up with me. I have already told 8 of my friends about your company. I made the right decision. Once again, thank-you for taking the time to listen to my needs, and was very complimentary regarding his job and your Company.”

-Annie L (9/10/14)

“Our experience with your tech on Friday, 8/30, was wonderful. We are very “Low Tech” senior citizens, and he was able to understand our needs and tend to them immediately and efficiently.”

-Rob Bell (8/31/14)

“Your team is just wonderful. So dedicated. my tech was great today and so patient and resourceful, and many of the others have been real gems. Thanks so much for creating an exceptional helpful service for us all.”

-Pat C (8/28/14)

“the receptionist at tech services excellent. I have worked with many technicians and all have been exceptional. The last one, I think he walks on water. He did not do anything technical but supported me in problem solving Laid back approach I have referred people. Thank you for keeping my Blood Pressure within normal limits”

-Monica C (9/5/14)

“As usual the service was wonderful and all my questions and requests were completed quickly and efficiently. Thank you for your great service and technicians that never make me feel inept.”

-Pam E (9/5/14)

“I truly appreciate all of the techs who help me continuously with the daily issues caused by my heavy email use. Couldn’t manage without them.!”

-Patricia B (9/5/14)

“I called MCW due to a problem in my computer. The technician called me regarding this matter and he worked with my computer until problem was solved. I am very happy with my computer and I will recommend you very highly for your excellent services. Your technician was very helpful !!!!!”

-Aura B (9/6/14)

“that worked on my PC did an outstanding job. Rest a sure that I will recommend your company to my friends.”

-Luis A (9/7/14)

“saved the day! I was having horrendous issues with my printer and worked on it myself for about an hour and a half and then broke down and called MCW. He was very patient and knowledgeable. I had wished I had called earlier and saved myself some aggravation. But at any rate he did a great job!”

-Suzie (9/8/14)

“I must extend my thanks for all the wonderful service I have received from all your technicians. All have been way awesome.”

-SFN (9/8/14)

“worked on my computer this morning and he did an awesome/great job…. My computer has never ran this good ;)
I am very excited about this service!
Kudos to your staff!
Plus, his customer skills were great!”

-Freddie T (9/9/14)

“MCW was awesome to help me with getting my first service done. I am buying another computer and will be getting that set up with y’all as well. THANK YOU for the five star service. I’ll tell my friends.”

-Deanna P (8/27/14)

“MCW worked on my computer. She was great and very pleasant on the phone. Really appreciate it.
Thanks and keep up the good work,”

-Pam C (8/26/14)

“Thank you!! such peace of mind knowing I can call My Computer Works and my questions and any issues with the computer are taken care of. You are the best!”

-Jo M (8/26/14)

“Very thorough and efficient. Thank you!”

-Bruno B (8/25/14)

“Thank you MCW for the excellent work you did on our three computers. You are a breath of fresh air. The work that you performed was not only excellent, but your friendlessness was above reproach. The receptionist who answered our call was also very friendly and professional as well. Thank you for being cheerful and concerned to get a tech to us in rapid time.

We purchased the malware program to keep unwanted adware from entering our computer at a reasonable price for three computers based on our tech’s recommendation and we just love the way “My Computer Works” employees treats us. We recommend your service to anyone who has a computer and want them to stay safe and productive either for personal use or business.

Keep up the great work!”

-Mel T (8/24/14)

“I had a very good experience today getting all the help I needed from a very pleasant person .Thank you”

-Richard O (8/22/14)

“I want to thank you for the very fine work done on my laptop computer.
The technician did a very complete job of removing the things not needed.
You have a very good group of people working for you.
Again I thank for the work done for me.”

-Merry S (8/22/14)

“I want to tell you that I just experienced 2 hours with MCW. The tech was so kind and patient with me. I would say that he is extraordinary. I was so lucky to get him and hope I get him again.
Thank you so much for this wonderful service. I have been a customer for many years.”

-Kathy M (8/22/14)

“Had some more complications with my mail program but MCW took alot of time and had great patience. I was very satisfied with them.”

-Susan E (8/24/14)

“I can’t tell you how pleased I am with, mycomputerworks. Every time I need help, I get the nicest techs. They make a stressful situation, go away”

-Chris C (8/18/1/4)

“I have yet to encounter one of your techs who was not exceedingly patient, knowledgeable and expert at their jobs”

-Dale M (8/21/14)

“MCW cared for my computer and my tech spent extra time showing me how to use the function he had placed on my desktop for me, Your guys do great work and I am recommending your company to everyone I know!”

-Samantha L (8/21/14)

“It was excellent efficient and finally things were corrected that I had been dealing with for months ( no fault of your company )

For some reason my computer and monitor decided not to communicate with each other using the same DVI connection for over two years! My internet service provider advised I change to a VGA cord. I had consulted your company and it was suggested, that after the connection problem was corrected, that a checkup be performed to make sure no other problems were affecting my computer/internet performance.

Thank you very much and I do tell people about your services.”

-Carene M (8/19/14)

“MCW just repaired my issue with my printer not printing wirelessly. He did NOT give up when I wanted to! So glad I have your service, staff!”

-Debbie G (8/19/14)

“Excellent service as always!!”

-Nancy Z (8/18/14)

“I learned a valuable lesson yesterday-never accidentally delete Microsoft Outlook. MCW spent nearly an hour repairing my mistake. I’ve learned a lesson and wish to convey my ‘thank you’ for a job well done.”

-Ken E (8/18/14)

“your tech, was great. He solved my problem in about one minute. Then, he called me back a few minutes later and said that, as he was closing down from my site, he spotted something that needed fixing and, then, he took care of that. I could not be more pleased. By the way, my e-mail server spent 30 minutes on the phone with me earlier and didn’t have a clue what was wrong with it. They told me to call Microsoft.”

-mike g (8/18/14)

“I’ve had several problems lately and mcw had done a fabulous job of fixing them. Thank you MCW for offering this service to us old ladies who are “computer illiterate”.”

-Nadine H (8/18/14)

“Great support. Thank you so much”

-Nancy F (8/18/14)

“Thank you again, My Computer Works, did an exceptional good job cleaning out the garbage in my computer today.
As I have said previous, I could not do without you guys and recommend your work to anyone who asks me.”

-Jeanne R (8/12/14)

“Thank You so much for taking care of my computer and the Updates.”

-Sandy M (8/13/14)

“mcw did a great job in solving a problem that has been stopping my mail from loading properly.you found the trouble and fixed it. I am happy with that.you are the best and a big thank you”

-Carl G (8/13/14)

“It is because of the tech’s at MCW who worked on my computer today that makes it easy to be a customer of MCW. It is obvious that the phrase “customer comes first” is something MCW practices. I worked for 30 years for IBM and this was something that we lived by as employees, and is something I try and do in my own business. During the past month I looked at various options to take my current website and find a different company to maintain, run and do what needs to be done etc. I narrowed it down to two businesses, in the end knowing how you have treated me in the past as a client I started the process of turning over my website to MCW.”

-Colette A (8/13/14)

“Thank you for your prompt assistance. Your technicians are always excellent at figuring out the problem and efficiently correcting it. It is definitely peace of mind having MCW to rely on.”

-Bobbi P (8/14/14)

“all I know is my computer/internet performs perfectly and all those annoying problems are gone! Thank you, thank you and use me as a reference anytime….best money I’ve spent In a long time!!!!!!”

-Sandy M (8/14/14)

“Thanks to MCW for SAVING MY COMPUTER. My Windows Operating System crashed (unknown reason) and they reinstalled the entire operating system and SAVED all my files, desktop icons, internet “favorites” and most important my real estate programs. My annual contract with MCW is one of the BEST INVESTMENTS I have ever made for my career success and peace of mind!”

-Jana V (8/15/14)

“MCW assisted me today and did an excellent job. She cleaned up all programs and took away all Malware. She was also helped me with my HP printer problem and downloaded new software to correct the problem

My Computer Works is always there to help me with my problems”

-Diane S (8/15/14)

“Once again, Computer Works came through for me! This service is worth every cent for the peace of mind I receive knowing my computer is in top notch condition.

Every person with whom I’ve talked to on the phone has been most friendly and polite.”

-Pat V (8/16/14)

“just wanted to say that your tech staff helped me by spending the necessary time it took to go through all the comp. issues with me. he was very patient and knowledgable and represented your company well…”

-Bruce C (8/18/14)

“I would like to express my satisfaction with your company.
First of all while this should not matter I am a senior citizen not very well versed in computer technology and certainly could not refer to myself as computer literate. My son jokingly refers to me as the dinosaur which refers to me being behind the times. My Computer Works has brought me up to speed and I say that it is the best investment I have ever made. I feel confident that I and My Computer Works will be able to handle any situation that will arise in regards to my computer.
It is refreshing to speak to someone I can understand and relate to. This refers to work being farmed out to foreigners where there is a language barrier.”

-Roy H (8/8/14)

“Excellent service!! Very knowledgeable!”

-Bob W (8/8/14)

“Another Super Job from the folks at Computer Works! Thank You!”

-Bob W (8/9/14)

“I had a very good experience with MCW. He was friendly, patient, and knowledgeable.”

-Dianne F (8/9/14)

“MCW worked with me on the phone today. very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and solved my problems. you guys are great!”

-Dianne F (8/9/14)

“MCW helped me Sunday Morning with my Computer Issue. The tech was very pleasant to talk to, and very knowledgeable in helping me with my problem. Thank You Again!!”

-Bob W (8/10/14)

“one of your technicians, did a marvelous job in helping me install my new computer and installing all my files and programs. I would recommend your company and him to any of my collegues.”

-Bob D (8/7/14)

“Thank you for taking care of my printing problem with email and MLS. Your technician did a great job.”

-Bobbi P (8/7/14)

“I have never gotten such quick responses to a call for help before I ran into this company that I came upon in our local section of Rockford, Illinois Phone’s Yellow pages. Even the young woman who answers and places me into a que (pardon the spelling) and even places me further to the front if she possibly can. No-one else has given this kind of support when needed the most!!!

This company deserves much commendation at a time when help is so needed. All three of my tech support persons were honest, skilled and polite to an old woman who loves her computer, but has lame technical skills.”

-Emigra M (8/7/14)

“my tech was patient and got me unstuck with converting pdf documents; was a whiz! thanks you for having such good people for tech support.”

-John T (8/8/14)

“Your service is the very best. My tech listened to my problems and was very patient with me. He solved my issues and answered my questions.”

-Carl H (8/6/14)

“The technician that helped me today was very helpful & very knowledgeable.

It is a pleasure to do business with a company like yours.”

-Rob F (8/4/14)


-Anthony F (8/4/14)

“Kudos! Both times I have needed your assistance you came through with flying colors. Both of the gentlemen who provided answers were very pleasant to deal with and were very patient with a very novice user. Answers to my questions were clear and understandable. I am not on any social media but I have been spreading the word about the positive experiences with MCW. Keep up the great service and service providers.”

-Diane B (8/4/14)

“Kudos! Your tech was brilliant as usual.”

-Dale M (8/3/14)

“MCW did a clean-up/ tune-up on my PC today, and I think it is fantastic that you do that service when you have fewer service calls. I am completely satisfied with the service and security you provide, and everyone has been pleasant when I have used MCW service. I have recommended MCWs to my sister-in-law and a couple of friends. Maybe they will get wise too!”

-Millie T (7/31/14)

“MCW was great. Answered all my questions and got my computer set up and safer and fixed the problem I called about.”

-Sue B (7/31/14)

“The technician that solved my Outlook problem was great as always. Overall, the tech’s are fantastic.”

-Joe G (7/31/14)

“I’m still “a little wet behind the ears” when it comes to operating a PC, so that’s why I depend on the professional staff at MCW. It’s very reassuring to know that my computer problems are only a call away. I would like to thank each and every one of your team. Y’all provide a well needed service each time I foul up something. I hope more and more people will benefit from your service. Again, good job!!!”

-Reg S (7/31/14)

“All I can say is that your company is awesome. Your one investment that was worth making.”

-PC Design (7/30/14)

“Good Day ! Earlier today I sent a request for service as my computer had a couple issues I thought should be addressed and it was due for a general clean up, scan, and look over. As I have been a customer of MCW for some time now I like to periodically have this done. Today I spoke with a tech and found him to be knowledgeable, polite, and professional. He patiently listened to what I thought was important and addressed all the issues with confidence. At the close of the session he had all the facts I needed to know ready for me. Thank you to MCW for continuing to provide me with a reliable and comfortable source towards computer issues. I will continue to mention MCW to friends.”

-Joe P (7/30/14)

“your guys have worked diligently on my computer and it is good to know its well taken care of.”

-Samantha B (7/29/14)


-Dorthy D (7/29/14)

“Thank you to the “My Computer Works” technicians who helped me purchase and install my new computer. I am pleased with the expert service you provided and I will recommend your company to friends and family!”

-Karen M (7/21/14)

“Everyone who helped me was great! They were very professional and did the best they could with the time they had to work in. Thank you I’m up and running now”

-Dorthy H (7/21/14)

“Thank you every much for your help you help my computer , my computer is doing great thank computer works”

-Ramon C (7/22/14)

“Great job! I will recommend your service to others!”

-Jimmie R (7/23/14)

“U guys are the coolest !”

-John H (7/24/14)

“My tech was very knowledgeable, did a thorough check of my computer to make sure my problem wasn’t being caused by some virus. Found 4 small items and fixed them. My computer is working fine now. Thank you I signed up when you first got your company running. I love MCW and I wish I could convince my whining friends to sign up.”

-Nadine H (7/25/14)

“It is wonderful to come into contact with a company that lives customer service as your staff!!

Recently, I acquired a laptop PC. The original owner know nothing about PCs and so did all sorts of WHATEVER to the PC. The computer was given to me as a thank you for helping my neighbor/friend.
I had to do a thorough cleaning and overhaul to do this.
My search for a tech support company led me to you all! (Yellow Pages).
Anyway, I subscribed to a monthly charge to have routine tech support. AND AM I REAL GLAD I DID!!!
I have made several requests for support, and EVERY TIME, your people came through with amazing satisfaction from me. The level of care, along with the level of service and response time and clarity of instructions from the tech people at My Computert Works.”

-Richard N (7/25/14)

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to my tech support person. She worked on my computer yesterday, 7/25/14. Regardless of the hour (Eastern time), she work tirelessly until 11PM! She did not stop until every last one of my problems were fixed. When a problem emerged, I was anxious and ready to have a meltdown, as I was getting frustrated and was ready to panic. Not only did she make me feel calm, but she remained calm herself, which lessened my anxiety. She doggedly fixed every problem on my computer and did it with aplomb. I freaked out at one point and she took the time to tell me everything will be alright, quote, “it’s ok, I’m going to fix this pup for you, no need to worry”. And she did. She went above and beyond the call of duty, whereas some techs would have given up. I’m suggesting a meritorious raise for her. This is one tech you should do everything in your power to keep.
There is nothing more I can say, except she is an excellent tech and I would not hesitate to request her services again.”

-Susan H (7/26/14)

“Just wanted too say ,MCW did a great job on my computer today.”THANKS”

-Daryl M (7/26/14)

“Thanks for straightening out the problem with my mouse! A quick response and quickly solved.”

-David K (7/27/14)

“I would like to again thank Sam for his outstandingly excellent work in getting my computer functioning fully again.”

-Raoul (7/27/14)

“As usual your guys are the best. Fantastic service as always.”

-Dale M (7/16/14)

“One of the best sessions I’ve had to date.”

-Bob H (7/17/14)

“My tech called before the one hour ran out and was very knowledgeable and fixed what this “Old Ape” must have hit the wrong button, (Pilot Error ME) .Thanks for being there and calling me.
Make it a great day.”

-Larry C (7/17/14)

“Thank you for resolving my printer issues – very much appreciated the efficient professional service.”

-Sandra F (7/17/14)

“I am very pleased with the help I received this evening & I trust MCW very much. My tech was very professional & very helpful. I would recommend MCW to anyone who owns a computer.”

-Chris D (7/17/14)

“I wanted to give positive feedback for my tec. She did an incredible job of in helping me with 2 excel files I had and merging cells and getting the columns matched up
MCW I can not thank you enough.
Satisfied Mycomputerworks Customer”

-Eric M (7/18/14)

“You are the best, I’ve been a customer for many years and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else! Thanks for your continued first rate service.”

-Leone (7/18/14)

“What a great group you have at MyComputerWorks! You can count on me to recommend you to everyone I know.”

-Katherine R (7/18/14)

“We have always been satisfied with your service. This was the first time I (wife of Ralph) was involved, due to an Excel program I was trying to use. I know absolutely nothing about Excel. With my husband’s help, I did the editing I was to do and forwarded. Turned out to be “garbage”. Therefore, my call for help. I never asked her name but I was told it was Crystall, as she was the only female tech.

I will say that she was incredibly helpful, pleasant….cleaned up things that were needed … then walked me thru with simple instructions I could follow. Did my assignment, saved twice as was told and everything looked great. Had to call back because we were having a problem getting the Excel file transferred to E-mail. For some reason, the file we saved twice did not transfer over into our general complete files.

Eventually, this assignment went thru. I have future assignments coming up and will wait and see if transfers can happen. Will no doubt call again, if needed.”

-Ralph M (7/20/14)

“MCW was efficient and understanding. He got me back on line very quickly.”

-Donna V (7/20/14)

“I had to have a virus removal and I am very satisfied with your service. It’s a little pricey but well worth it. Thanks!”

-Rich B (7/15/14)

“First and foremost, you are to be commended for your fast response to my request for a service call. MCW responded to my panicked call for service. My tech not only did an amazing job in cleaning out all the mal ware in my computer but, she answered all my questions and gave me some welcome advice in the prevention of further malware problems. You have added another valuable tech to your ‘best available’ family of techs.”

-Louise F (7/14/14)

“After debating on who to use, we finally decided on ya’ll. OMG, we couldn’t have chosen better. Superbly knowledgeable, PATIENT, and kind souls. Kudos to this company/service, especially Mark. 5 stars to you all!”

-Blyth B (7/14/14)

“MCW did a really exceptional job. My tech was knowledgeable about a product which most techs want nothing to do, patient and thorough in her approach. Kudos!”

-Phil A (7/12/14)

“As usual my tech was courteous in returning my call, asking what my issues were. He offered to ‘clean it up’ . Did so promptly and fixed the issue, as well as answering my question.
One of the better techs I have dealt with.”

-Joyce H (7/12/14)

“Hello, Technician wo helped me was exceptional. He restored my computer by taking control of my computer, & making necessary changes.”

-Rob R (7/11/14)

“As usual, your tech did a rescue job on my computer. I am always grateful for your help and I do tell people about you all the time. Whenever they mention problems with their computers.”

-Jeanne R (7/10/14)


-Gerald H (7/10/14)

“As usual, I was not disappointed by MCW! I logged a call for one quick item and added another when my tech asked if there was anything else. He took it in stride and continued his patience with me and the job was completed!”

-Patty F (7/10/14)

“Great Job.-Y’all have my upmost respect and thanks for the fine work that you have performed on my computer! Especially to my tech for her untiring diligence to repair this PC. I’m not PC savvy and it’s reassuring to know y’all “have my back”. Outstanding service and knowlegable personnel!”

-Reg S (7/10/14)

“I took a few hours to get it done ,but like always you did a great job and were very professional!”

-Melissa L (7/8/14)

“MCW was very patient and answered my questions, She explained the process clearly.”

-Julia A (7/8/14)

“Great job – Appreciate the good work by MCW. Thanks again for making my computer work. I have told my friends about you.”

-Paul M (7/9/14)

“MCW did an Outstanding/Thorough job on my security problems. Thank You Very Much!!!”

-RJ W (7/9/14)

“I was really impressed how quickly my problems were resolved & executed by my tech. And, it was so easy to communicate with him. I felt like he was really listening to the list of my concerns. I plan to request him in the future, and realize I won’t get my call back within 30 minutes, because the request for a tech puts me in the “queue”, but will feel at ease knowing it will be worth the wait because of how fast my issue will be resolved. I will continue to use other techs when emergencies are needed. Thank you!”

-Jaci J (7/9/14)

“I’m just super grateful you folks are there every time I get lost or mess things up and can’t get it right.

Also grateful you don’t ever write me off as impossible!!”

-Pat R (7/2/14)


-Debra E (7/2/14)

“I feel that my experience could not have been better. What a relief it is to be able to use my computer again without all of the annoying popups!!! I will definitely refer anyone who’s having computer problems to you. Thanks so much!”

-Cecilanne (7/3/14)

“MCW really helped me today – most important he listened to my issues and resolved them quickly. Many thanks,”

-Jana V (7/3/14)

“Another pleasant transaction with your rep. He listened, and then fixed our printing problem. Thank you.”

-Terre M (7/3/14)

“I was a first time customer. I purchased the membership not only because of the pricing but due to my utmost concern of the care of my computer. I worry a great deal about my computer. I was so impressed with my tech. today during the repair of my computer. His communication was beyond excellent! In all the years I’ve dealt with techs, none have even measured to the quality of MCW and I’ve had many that were good and some that were impressive. His work was impeccable and explained in easy to understand language when needed and when he needed information from me, communication was easy for me to understand and obtained to his satisfaction I believe. You have a quality tech and I hope you have surrounded your company with others like him.”

-Wes W (7/3/14)

“MCW did a super job on cleaning up my computer yesterday and it seems
to be responding much quicker. I’m very happy with MCW – response time
is manageable and I don’t have to sit by the laptop while you do your thing.”

-Brenda T (7/4/14)

“again thank you – fixed my problem with no trouble at all – thank you again”

-Klissa S (7/7/14)

“MCW Did a outstanding job on my computer .As always I enjoy knowing there is someone too call for your computer needs..He help me with ? I had about wireless .products and how too use them.THANK YOU”

-Daryl M (7/7/14)

“MCW was fantastic and explained what he did and duplicate programs that could have been battling each other”

-Jay K (7/7/14)

“Very pleased with the assistance I received from my tech this evening. She took care of my problems in a professional, courteous, expedient manner.”

-Lois G (7/1/14)

“the MCW people that I have dealt with are so informed and helpful. It’s been a great experience for me and I’m glad I had become a member. I’m very satisfied”

-Stephen D (7/1/14)

“I am very pleased with the service i have gotten each time I have needed your help. Thank you for the wonderful service & quick attention to me & my computer problem.”

-Linda K (6/27/14)

“We are very pleased with the service provided by several technicians over the two day period when we were dealing with hard drive and back up issues with our Dell PC.

Your technicians were professional and kind, perfectly patient over the somewhat tense undertaking for us.

We are very delighted with the quality of service provided.

Thank you.”

-Steven T (6/27/14)

“Am just thrilled with your service. Tech is Magnificent with her skills & also, found an old hard drive on my Comp. less then 6 mos old from Dell. She told me how to back up my files before sending Comp. to DELL. The special test, she ran found the demise of my comp.
NO ONE but NO ONE has ever been as efficient as she. Your prices R fair & your service is excellent. Will B sharing this info on my FB reaching out to 1000 people. Hope U get many calls from them:)”

-Sheila S (6/28/17)

“You Guys are the Best….Every agent needs this kind of support!!!”

-Jill G (6/28/14)

“Excellent as usual.”

-Carol W (6/30/14)

“As usual, your tech person was polite and thorough and fixed my problem quickly. Thank you.”

-Terre M (6/26/14)

“I am completely amazed at the patience and professionalism of all your personnel and the last two technicians were especially outstanding. I will and have recommended your service to my writing brethren. Many thanks”

-Patrick O (6/26/14)

“problem fixed no problem – very nice gentleman – thank you”

-K.L. (6/27/14)

“As usual, your tech person was polite and thorough and fixed my problem quickly. Thank you.”

-Terre M (6/26/14)

“MCW was fast & very courteous!”

-Jaci J (6/25/14)

“Excellent as usual”

-Carolyn W (6/24/14)

“Excellent service!”

-Penny U (6/24/14)

“Very satisfied as always”

-AL H (6/24/14)

“TERRIFIC tech got my gmail issues fixed thank you”

-Joe W (6/24/14)

“MCW did a real fine job with fixing my computer! Thank you for your great Help.”

-Heinz M (6/23/14)

“the reason I have your service is that I have no interest on knowing how everything works together- only using my unit as a tool for my ideas.
thank you for making things work well a few days ago… you showed knowledge and concern and fixed the issues and your efforts are appreciated.

-Bruce C (6/20/14)

“I Can’t tell you how much I have appreciated all your technicians over the past several months and they have been such nice people as well. Never once have them made me feel stupid either as I am very non computer savvy and they have been very understanding.

I would recommend your company to everyone that I know that uses technicians which is a really, really lot of people. I will share your company name with all my e-mail buddies as well.

Thank you all for your help, assistance, patience and support!”

-Monica T (6/20/14)

“my tech was great! Very friendly and yet very professional. It was enjoyable having that contact with her. All your techs are fantastic! :)”

-Ruth W (6/20/14)

“My sales rep was very professional and put me at ease about using my computer works. He then turned me over to a very helpful computer tech that really knew what he was doing and cleared up my viruses and email. I am very glad that I decided to use my computer works.”

-Elmer M (6/21/14)

“Good morning!
Just wanted to provide some feedback and appreciation for billing and tech support.billing has been both patient and helpful. I considered dropping your service to save money, but the extremely supportive attitudes have convinced me to continue on with MCW. They took the time to answer all of my questions, and gave great and useful advice that I had not gotten elsewhere. My computer was badly infected (useless)and everyone really went out of their way to get me tech help anyway, and as a result, MCW have my gratitude and loyalty. Everyone there has always been great, but this last experience was particularly stressful, and they made it all okay.
Thank you”

-Mark C (6/21/14)

“my tech today is RAZOR SHARP!!! If you mention a problem he just fixes it immediately and knows exactly the what,why,how etc…

I am genuinely impressed!!!

Thank you My Computer Works!”

-Dan M (6/21/14)

“I have been with you from you’re beginning & have never been disappointed with your help, including the professionalism of your staff. Thank you for all your service.”

-Terry T (6/21/14)

“Hi Both times I have used your service, I have been impressed by your technicians.”

-Tom M (6/21/14)

“They were wonderful. They worked over several days and got it running better than new. Thank you My Computer Works.”

-Jackie C (6/21/14)

“Excellent Service!”

-Carolyn W (6/22/14)

“I thank you for the expertice the computer is much faster and exhibits less glitches”

-robert i (6/19/14)


-Joanie (6/19/14)

“I have always had very good and prompt service from your technicians and am pleased with how the service was given.”

-Gene R (6/19/14)

“was terrific so helpful smart and nice thank you”

-Joel H (6/17/14)


-Debra E (6/17/14)

“grateful to have MCW to handle my computer challenges so I can focus on making a difference in other peoples’ lives and our planet. Together we are partnering in making this a better world.”

-Wilma W (6/18/14)

“Such peace of mind to have My Computer Works on hand when I need them!!! They are GREAT!!”

-Jo M. (6/19/14)

“did my service this morning and he was quick and efficient as well as very friendly!”

-Dana (6/19/14)

“Today you fixed my computer and it seems to be working as it should. Thank you for doing a good job.”

-Erna K (6/9/14)

“Just wanted to let you guys know that my husband and I are completely satisfied with your services! It’s so nice to be able to put in a call and get our lap top taken care of!!!! Plus we never have to leave our home! Thanks for your promptness and courteous manner!!!!”

-Sue M (6/10/14)

“You guys are great! Best computer tech support around!”

-Roberts (6/10/14)

“My tech got my computer back in order after I had unintentionally downloaded some bad software I appreciated not only his help but his way of dealing with me — not making me feel like an idiot! .”

-Shannon C (6/11/14)

“Thank your technicians Everything’s working all right now.”

-Karen (6/12/14)

“To MCW, Thank You eery very much. For keeping me with a GOOD Peace of Mind. When it comes to my Computer. Thanks Again”

-Gene C (6/13/14)

“I have had good experiences with Mycomputerworks to date. I don’t know what I would’ve done without them.”

-Olen S (6/13/14)

“You did a wonderful job, thank you so much.”

-Patricia B (6/13/14)

“Your tech was the best. Thank you again for all you do.”

-Richard (6/13/14)

“Another hassle-free excellent customer experience today!

I am grateful for the exceptional customer service and have made a referral”

-Lori M (6/13/14)

“My computer is faster than when it was new! The tech who worked on it was quite good at what he does, and I am happy that I came to you for help. My pages load like lightning, no more redirects, no bugs, no viruses. It was everything I hoped for and more. With the new scanners he installed my computer should be good for a long time.”

-Greg S (6/14/14)

“excellent help.”

-E.P. (6/6)

“You guys Rock, always efficient and friendly and patient! You put my mind at ease whenever I have a problem with my computer. Thanks”

-Karen B (6/7)

“Tech was very informative about procedure, and what steps would occur. My computer appears to be working much better since the “fix”.”

-Rob (6/7)

“Techs have been exemplary friendly ,courteous and thorough.Keep up the good work MCW.”

-Robert M (6/7)

“Service was GREAT “THANK”YOU”

-Daryl M (6/8)

“MCW keeps my computer humming and I am always happy with the attitude and the skill of the techs that work on my set. Thanks for this service.”

-Jeanette (6/5/14)

“Your agent spent much time to resolve my problem and I appreciate the service”

-Richard H (6/5/14)

“The lady that I worked with was very knowledgeable and kind; I wish all customer service was as pleasant.”

-Dennis M (6/4/14)

“Your technician called me at precisely the time that had been scheduled. He connected to my computer, resolved the problem totally, and was finished in about 25 minutes. I could not be more positive about his help, his cooperation, and his final result.
Thank you very much.”

-James K (6/5/14)

“Thank you for getting my email working again. You’re Awesome!”

-Susan S (6/2/14)

“Your tech was very helpful and patient with me. He resolved all of the issues I called about.”

-Judy L (6/2/14)

“Excellent customer service!”

-H.F. (6/2/14)

“I am very pleased with your service. Fantastic repairs for me. Thanks very much.”

-Bev B (6/3/14)

“I was completely satisfied with the help I received from you this evening regarding my computer/printer problem. Thanks again for doing a great job!”

-Donna P (6/3/14)

“I always seem to have bizarre issues – Even questionable as to whether they are truly computer related – In all cases the tech focuses with determination and resolve along with the a lovely attitude and mind set — Five stars for MCW !”

-Annabel M (5/21)

“Eager to help, and very good at it.”

-Philip A (5/21)

“Thanks you so much for responding promptly and patiently.
I appreciated my techs manner, skill, and helpful attitude.He was able to relieve me of a great deal of stress.
Thank you again. I am one happy customer.”

-Yolanda P (5/22)

“I remain with your company because all your workers do a fine job of fixing problems and interacting with clients. My tech was very smart and professional and really calmed my nerves. She checked my computer for viruses and malware and cleaned everything up. Excellent job. I hope you reward her well. You have a fine company Patricia Flinn from NJ.”

-Gene F (5/22)

“I just wanted to thank your company for helping me with the 53 viruses on my computer. I called about 15 agencies and chose My computer Works.
I chose you company due to budget constraints. I am on SSI disability and with only a few dollars down and a few monthly payments you took care of the viruses
all 6 hrs worth of work.I must really thank you for being is so professional, courteous and most importantly respectful. I have never dealt with a true professional, dealt with problems at hand in such a manner I could not be happier. Due to Vincent S. I will never cancel this contract. To know no matter what what problems or viruses lay ahead it is worth the piece of mind knowing the problem will be taking of.”

-Jim C (5/22)

“I’m sending this feedback because of the outstanding service that your technician performed on my computer on Thursday 5-22-14. He was very thorough in diagnosing and fixing my computer issues. Over the many years that I have been a subscriber to your service I feel that the work performed by Michael was exemplary.

Thank you again for being there when I need you.”

-Craig C (5/23)

“superb and what a nice guy!”

-Gerald F (5/20)

“The technician was very helpful and solved several problems for me.”

-Esta (5/19/14)

“Your techs are very kind and have a lot of patience with elderly clients. I thank each of them for this quality.”

-Shirley G (5/20/14)

“First is all – thank you you for allowing me to reschedule my appointment. I received very good service as usual.
My tech was very knowledgeable and courteous. He was able to help with all my issues. He went over and above his usual expertise with a special issue . I appreciated his patience .”

-Joyce H (5/20/14)

“My tech not only resolved my problem at hand but made a few other fixes along the way. Great job!”

-Suzie E (5/20/14)

“my tech solved my problem in less than 5 minutes!”

-Linda H (5/13/14)

“Thank you for your excellent customer service. I always feel de-stressed after MCW helps with my computer issues, from tech support to sales, to billing; all are very helpful. I will recommend, as I have before, your services to others who need great computer service. Your help is much appreciated.”

-Susan H (5/14/14)

“I want to applaud my technician. He got right to business and checked both of my machines to make sure I was safe and secure and everything is in good working order. It provides me with great relief and peace of mind.”

-Greg B (5/15/14)

“Thank you for fixing my computer. Everyone was helpful and got me back to work. I like the remote service.”

-Judy (5/16/14)

“my tech was very nice and I would love to have her again as my teck…. Wonderful person and very knowledgeable.”

-Ricardo L (5/16/14)

“Just wanted to say my tech went above and beyond and corrected my problem and my computer is running great!!

Thank you!!”

-Kathy A (5/16/14)

“My tech did a great job with the issue at hand and was very patient as this issue was very challenging and took alot of time.”

-Suzie G (5/17/14)

“My tech was great, thank you!”

-Susan S (5/13/14)

“The young man who fixed the computer on Friday night explained what the situation is and how I need to correct it. He provided outstanding service.”

-Paula C (5/12/14)

“I am pleased with your service and updating my files. I am sure I will continue to need your assistance, and appreciate you helpfulness.”

-LaRue C (5/12/14)

“My tech did a fine job of clearing up my computer mess and explaining what happened and provided an alternative icon should the problem return.
What great professionalism!”

LB (5/12/14)

“My tech was great! what an improvement”

-Joel W (5/13/14)

“Nick did a fine job of clearing up my computer mess and explaining what happened and provided an alternative icon should the problem return.
What great professionalism!”

-Joel L.B. (5/12/14)

“David, did a great job and I was contacted within the hour!


-Arnold S. (5/12/14)


So far I am pleased with your service and updating my files. I am sure I will continue to need your assistance, and appreciate you helpfulness. I hope I can get my business started by selling some products. Thanks again!”

-LaRue C. (5/12/14)

“Triple A’s as always”

-Anonymous (5/8/14)

“Spoke with Justin today regarding problems with my printer and outlook express. Justin fixed both problems expeditiously.

He was very courteous and polite, it was a pleasure working with him”

-Lynn A. (5/6/14)

“I wanted to thank you the service you provided on my computer yesterday, I was impressed in how the technician didn’t give up when he tried to link to my computer, It really gave him a hard time, But he fixed my problems I had and gave me good advice on what to use on web sites, Again Thank You.
Allen P”

-Allen P (5/5/14)

“Computer fix!! Thank you mcw for dealing with an old lady! You were great and I hope I never have to talk to you again!!! (but then you wouldn’t have a job??)”

-Barbara B (5/8/14)

“You guys are great. Response time is great. Results are superb. I tell everyone I know about you guys.”

-Penny K (5/8/14)

“Triple A’s as always”

-AL H (5/8/14)

“My tech did a great job in resolving my issue which took quite a bit of time.  But he was very knowledgeable as well as patient and had a positive attitude throughout.
If I had to grade him he’d get an A+.”

-Suzie (5/6/14)

“My tech was very courteous and polite, it was a pleasure working with him”

-Lynn A (5/6/14)

“So far so good! The man that helped me was very good AAA+”

-Kenny H (5/1/14)

“My tech is to be commended for his knowledge and expertise, not to mention his positive attitude.
He seems very skilled with Outlook and the archival processes related to Outlook.”

-Ted B (5/1/14)

“My Computer Works did a great job resolving my issue and made me laugh as well. :)”

-Suzie (5/1/14)

“Your rep was extremely helpful and quick. Thanks for great service!”

-Terre M (5/2/4)

“I wanted to thank you the service you provided on my computer yesterday, I was impressed in how the technician didn’t give up when he tried to link to my computer, It really gave him a hard time, But he fixed my problems I had and gave me good advice on what to use on web sites, Again Thank You.”

-Allen P (5/3/14)

“My service was excellent. When the technician was done my computer was running GREAT !!!”

-Karen S (5/3/14)

“The Tech who repaired my computer problem today was knowledgeable and courteous. THANK YOU !!”

-Arthur C (5/5/4)

“Again, your Tech’s solved all my problems. I’ve always been happy with My Computer Works, and I’ve had it for several years.”

-Susan & Jerry (5/5/4)

“Please extend our warm regards to Brian and the other members of your staff who so kindly helped two well seasoned , California Legal Document Assistants (LDA)/Paralegals take what we consider to be a giant step forward in the world of computer technology.

Thank you for the kindness and the assistance.”

-Marilyn B. (5/5/4)

“As usual, your tech was patient, expert and couldn’t be nicer. His name was Chris and he was brilliant.”

-Dale M. (3/18/14)

“David did a great job – thanks”

-Michael F. (3/19/14)

“Brian solved problem immediately – thanks”

-Michael F. (3/19/14)

“Sam took care of my problem within 10 minutes the issue was resolved and my computer is working fine.
Thank you for your support.”

-Joe R. (3/16/14)

“Great job! He resolved all my issues and then some. :)”

-Susan E. (3/21/14)

“Just a note to let you know how appreciative I am for the expert and very thorough service I received from your representative Mike O. yesterday. Not only did he rid my laptop of the multiple viruses that had infacted it, but he took the extra time to install those software packages that will help ward off similar issues in the future. Best of all , since I am not a technically-oriented person, Mike took the time to communicate effectively what he was doing, why he was doing it, and what steps I could take in the future to ensure a smooth-running laptop.

Overall great experience…keep up the great work!”

-George G. (3/23/14)

“Thanks for your help today. Your Techy cleared up the problems made by ATT/Bell. You guys are always on the ball.
You keep my computer tuned for me. I am not a Techy, so I need your service.”

-Ken S. (3/24/14)

“A hearty ‘well done’ goes to Josh for his help today with my HP P6720f desktop. I recently purchased a WD My Book 4TB external hard drive(my 320GB was dying) and he configured Cobian backup for me and provided enough instruction such that I feel comfortable using it. Keep up the good work !
A satisfied customer”

-Ken E. (3/24/14)

“Your IT technician, KENNY, was of greaVery t assistance in transferring all my data from my XP system to my Windows 7 laptop. He explained everything he was doing, made recommendations for certain software and answered each and every question I asked. Very customer service oriented and a valuable asset to your organization. Kudos for a great job.”

-Terry P. (3/26/14)

“Nate was able to accommodate my schedule and immediately solve my ‘missing files’ problem!
Thanks once again for coming thru for me!”

-Brenda H. (3/26/14)

“Brilliant help as usual!”

-Dale M. (3/26/14)

“Kudos to Chris. He cleaned up my mess and whatever I got from “Back Flow”.
I’m up and running again.”

-Roy G. (3/27/14)

“I have been using your service successfully for years and tonight was no exception.

Nik J. did a great job for me and my computer is running much faster. He went above and beyond expectations putting up with a hard of hearing septuagenarian making his instructions for sign in understood.”

-Larry S. (3/27/14)

“As always, my experience with MCW was fantastic! Mike did a great job at tracking down and getting rid of a virus that I picked up and then explaining some very important information to me.”

-Ruth W. (3/28/14)

“I had the best tech ever. Kenny was so nice and knowledgeable. He made sure I knew exactly what he did and he explained everything to me.”

-Anonymous (3/30/14)

I would like to thank you for the assistance you have provided, last week with Joe, then again today with
a cheerful fellow – your record will reveal his name. Please note my gratitude to both of them.
My computer vocabulary is very limited, but they were patient, kind, and helpful. The problem is resolved
and I am very grateful.”

-Dian W.M. (3/31/14)

“Nik J was totally awesome. He was extremely helpful & very knowledgeable.”

-Sandy L. (3/31/14)

“Thanks so much to Joe who was your technician that worked on my computer vitually. He was extremely knowledgable and persistant to get the job completed. Your customer service person was SOOO GREAT. I am so appreciative for her help and personal concern too my issues. I wish I new her name to thank her.”

-Neal R. (4/4/14)

“I want to thank you so much for todays service and other times too. YAH!!!!!”

-Sylvia T. (4/4/14)

“Jason took care of my computer problems today. He spent many hours to bring me back up to speed and I appreciate his work and the service you provide.”

-Gerald C. (4/4/14)

“I want to Thank Jacob for excellent service on fixing my new folder file ,Now to get organized.
Thank you once again”

-Jean B. (4/5/14)

“The technician was kind and very helpful, he fixed my computer issues quickly so that I could get back to work.

My experiences with My Computer Works are always handled quickly and to my complete satisfaction.

Thank you to all at My Computer Works”

-Mike B. (4/6/14)

“Your service and staff are awesome!
I tell every colleague about your service.
My technician today was the best, Josh. Please commend him for his professionalism and integrity.
Thank you”

-Jennifer C. (4/8/14)

“I want to share with you that the last tech, Fedencio, did an excellent job on my computer.

You posted information yesterday on Facebook and I not only commented I shared your post.”

-Kelli H. (4/9/14)

“Sam was awesome in getting me back in the game.
You have some of the BEST guys in the business!”

-Sharri W. (4/9/14)

“youll be designing my new belize website also. your TOPS!!!”

-Molly K. (4/17/14)

“Hi Luke,

I hope you are well. Justin helped me yesterday (4/17). He was incredibly knowledgeable, professional and kind.

Thank you for having such amazing people in your company.”

-Sherri B. (4/18/14)

“I join mcw last year under $34.95 plan, I have great service every time from all of the techs”

-Don W. (4/18/14)

“Feedback is 5 stars! So glad I signed up with you.”

-Jennifer C. (4/20/14)

“I appreciated the quick response and the helpfulness of the technician. She was patient and addressed all of my concerns.”

-Kay S. (4/20/14)

“Just a short note to commend Fidencio! I needed to make some music copies from my computer to some discs, and he walked me through the entire process, with the utmost of patience…Both my husband and I are so pleased with your services that we have recommended our friends.”

-Barbie B. (4/22/14)

“I was very pleased with my tutor.”

-Mary S. (4/23/14)

“As always, your service has been outstanding. Michael was the technician who assisted me today. He was able to take care of my problems quickly and we shared our interests in our pets (dogs).

If anyone needs your services, I will not hesitate to recommend Computerwork.”

-Mary K. (4/23/14)

“I appreciate the expertise Nathan brought to the unresolved issues remaining from the conversion from an old computer with Windows XP to a new computer with Windows 7 in late January. Nothing earth stopping just about a half dozen things just not quite working correctly. He got it all correctly handled/fixed and I very much appreciate the elimination of the work arounds I developed.”

-John G. (4/23/14)

“As always – great job. Appreciate patience since I am not proficient with the computer.”

-Shirley F. (4/23/14)

“Good morning, I want to thank Cameron for his efforts this morning for fixing my software issue with my photos, it was VERY confusing. Thanks Cameron for being patient with me….us ‘older folks’ just get so bent when things just don’t work properly….

All your staff has been wonderful…Luke Ford has been an angel assisting me through this ‘new venture’ as my XP system had to be retired. Thanks so much Luke for being a *5* star company…and for your personal attention…

Thanks so much everyone for all your help, MCW is a wonderful company, my business with you all has been 4+ years…I appreciate you all…and I always refer your company to many of my associates.”

-Michelle W. (5/5/14)

“As always I am very satisfied with the results and your service”

-Anonymous (4/26/14)

“So far so good! The man that helped me was very good AAA+”

-Ken H. (5/1/14)

“To whom it may concern:
Nathan McDaniel is to be commended for his knowledge and expertise, not to mention his positive attitude.
He seems very skilled with Outlook and the archival processes related to Outlook.
Nathan is a true credit to the My Computer Works team. He is a “keeper”, for sure!”

-Ted B. (5/1/14)

“Eric did a great job resolving my issue and made me laugh as well. :)”

-Suzie (5/1/14)

“Ryan was wonderful, thank you for him and to him! he was great. i learned a lot.”

-Judy D. (5/5/14)

“Chrystal did an excellent job of setting up my new computer.”

-Ernie J. (5/2/14)

“Your rep was extremely helpful and quick.
Thanks for great service!”

-Terre M. (5/2/14)

“Your help tonight was greatly appreciated! You guided me just what to do next”

-Jeanne R. (5/3/14)

“I wanted to thank you the service you provided on my computer yesterday, I was impressed in how the technician didn’t give up when he tried to link to my computer, It really gave him a hard time, But he fixed my problems I had and gave me good advice on what to use on web sites, Again Thank You.”

-Allen P. (5/3/14)

“My service was excellent. .When the technician was done my computer was running GREAT !!!”

-Karen S. (5/3/14)

“The Tech who repaired my computer problem today was knowledgeable and courteous.”

-Arthur C (5/4/14)

“Again, your Tech’s solved all my problems. I’ve always been happy with My Computer Works, and I’ve had it for several years.”

-Susan C. (5/5/14)

“Please extend our warm regards to Brian and the other members of your staff who so kindly helped two well seasoned , California Legal Document Assistants (LDA)/Paralegals take what we consider to be a giant step forward in the world of computer technology.

Thank you for the kindness and the assistance.”

-Marilyn B. (5/5/14)

“We really appreciate the service that you offer, and we tell everyone we know how helpful your technicians have been for us.   I know several of our referrals have signed up for your service, and with these new technicians we feel confident to again refer our clients, friends and family to your company.”

-Joyce S. (5/1/14)

“The agent who worked on my computer today was patient and pleasant throughout the process, being sure I understood her explanations and asking if I had all my questions answered. I am happy to recommend her!”

-Pat S (4/26/14)

“The service is great as was your computer repair person. Great representative of your company.”

-John D (4/28/14)

“My problem was fixed efficiently and promptly.”

-Pat S (4/30/14)

“Thanks so much for taking the time to call me back and helping me out of the AOL issue.”

-Rene G (4/30/14)

“Yesterday, Nathan, provided excellent IT service. Being not particularly ” IT literate” I get frustrated rather easily. He was able to patiently talk me through resolving the problem. Your company and technical support will continue to be a great resource for me in the future when necessary. Thank you.”

-Greg D (4/30/14)

“The technician was very helpful and solved the issue.”

-Kay S. (4/30/14)

“Thank you. Nathan was exceptionally diligent and resolved some Windows system file errors and Malware issues that have been creating many problems with my new computer. He also was able to install a driver that was necessary for the installation of my Bernina software.

Brian also helped out by getting rid of some of the Malware and fixing some Quickbook errors.

We really appreciate the service that you offer, and we tell everyone we know how helpful your technicians have been for us. There seemed to be some real challenges for your firm for a while, and we debated whether you were going to be able to offer the level of service that we have come to expect. I know several of our referrals have signed up for your service, and with these new technicians we feel confident to again refer our clients, friends and family to your company.

Keep up the good work,”

-Joyce S. (4/30/14)

“I hope you are well. Justin helped me yesterday (4/17). He was incredibly knowledgeable, professional and kind.

Thank you for having such amazing people in your company”

-Sherri B (4/18/14)

“I would like to thank Nick for helping me with my computer this afternoon. He was great!!! Nick cleaned up my desktop and ran a quick check on my laptop to make sure all was well. Thanks you Nick!!”

-Jan W. (4/14/14)

“Without you guys my life would be so much more stressful. Thank you once again for your assistance.”

-Jeanne R (4/15/14)

“your service was excellent. problem was solved quickly. would gladly refer you to any possible client.”

-John P (4/14/14)

“I really think mycomputerworks is a good value. Since I’ve signed on to this service, most if not all of the computer headaches I’ve been experiencing have been rectified and are no longer a source of stress for me. I’m no computer guru, so trying to figure out the ins and outs of all the ever-changing software and technology has been a nightmare for me. Since joining about 8 months ago, I’ve contacted the service 4 times, I believe. 3 times with problems, and once with general questions. Every time I got friendly and professional help that whipped my computer into shape. Although sometimes I had to wait longer than I would have liked, each time the problems were solved and I was back on my way. Kudos to you guys and ladies & keep up the good work! If the cost remains reasonable, I’ll be a customer for life!”

-Steven C (4/14/14)


-Barbi B (4/11/14)

“Thank you again for your help – for getting me out of my messes. Don’t know what I would do without you.”

-Jeanne R (4/11/14)

“Your service and staff are awesome!
I tell every colleague about your service.
My technician today was the best, Josh. Please commend him for his professionalism and integrity.
Thank you”

-Jennifer C (4/8/14)

“I was unable to scan document using my HP printer. I called yesterday MY COMPUTER WORKS set up an appointment for today at 1:00PM.
Mike called me at 1:00PM connected to my computer and fixed my problem quickly & efficiently. I could not ask for a better & prompt service. I enjoy working with your organization, when I need help I can rely on your professional & trustworthy service.
Thank you,”

-Joe R (4/10/14)

“Your mac tech, Joe worked thru a very difficult request I had two days ago.

Joe, worked 3 hours on my computer and resolved a very difficult networking problem. One which I believe could not have been done by just anyone.

Please thank Joe for his work. I will be contacting your service again, and would recommend it to anyone needing computer tech help.”

-Bill R (4/11/14)

“I worked with George and Kenny today…both were excellent and professional. Took care of my issues with excellence.”

-Rick S (3/20/14)

“Sam was extremely helpful, patient, and understanding today. I’m glad he could work out my challenges and I can get back to my normal work.”

-Renee W (4/8/14)

“Jacob was my guy. He was a good bit beyond the one hour , but no worries. My problem was annoying not urgent. Jacob ID’d and fixed the problem. Busy day at MCW! Glad business is good!! ”

-Tom S (3/16/14)

“I appreciate Eric’s comments having to do with an equipment update! Thanks to his help I am more confident about the direction I am needing to take my parents as they move out of Win XP. As soon as I get their new equipment, they too will become clients of My Computer Works!”

-Brenda H (3/16/14)

“Thank you for your excellent service !”

-Paul C (3/16/14)

“Joe has done an excellent job. He was to the point, he understood what I wanted and he executed his assignment quickly & efficiently. Joe was polite & courteous & I enjoyed working with him.
Thank you Joe for a job well done.”

-Josef R (3/15/14)

“Just want to let you know that the service I received on Thus 3/13 by Sam was excellent. I look forward to referring your services to others.”

-wilma W (3/15/14)


A + on today’s service call, your tech was great to work with….As usual.

I don’t know what I would do without MCW!”

-Steve Y (3/13/14)

“Thanks for your service to us. We always appreciate it”

-Ken S (3/13/14)

“I have said many times this is the best $30 I spend each month. Thanks for having this service available and for having the best techs available.

In the past 2 weeks I have worked with 3 different techs and all were knowledgeable”

-Jean G (3/13/14)

“Sam was very nice and did a great job in fixing my computer. All the people of mycomputerworks are great..”

-Sue M (3/13/14)

“I don’t usually write fan letters, but My Computer Works has earned one!
I’ve needed your services numerous times over the past few years. Your service has always been prompt, polite and professional. You guys have been absolutely great!
I have and will continue to recommend My Computer Works to my friends.”

-Greg M (3/9/14)

“Many thanks!! Your service is exceptional. I couldn’t be more pleased. All my issues were resolved .”

-Victoria P (3/9/14)

“THANKS SO MUCH!!! I was treated with respect, and Jacob was very professional, and got the job DONE!”

-Michael R (3/9/14)

“Tech was professional and computer works great. Thanks for repair and help. 5 star rating.”

- 69barracuda (3/8/14)

“Josh provided excellent service!”

-Janetta F (3/8/14)

“Nathan was very professional, patient, efficient and successful in restoring my data in Outlook.”

-Sherri B (3/8/14)

“Thank you for the speedy response and getting my photos downsized. Yahoo!!!!”

-Susan S (3/6/14)

“Thanks again for delivering service within the 1 hour window. I learned how to use another function of my computer through the great service and instruction of Brian.

Thanks to everyone. I tell everyone I can about your great service.”

-Marion M (3/5/14)

“Very helpful and professional!”

-Bob S (3/5/14)

“Great great work wish there was someway you could send me 5 or 6 business cards so I could pass them on to friends. If you could my address is”

-Robert L (35/14)

“I can’t say enough good things about your people or the service – thanks again”

-Bruce R (3/4/14)

“The service was excellent! Rylie took care of my problems without any issues. Thanks, Rylie!!”

-Woody R (3/4/14)

“The service was excellent! Rylie took care of my problems without any issues. Thanks, Rylie!!”

-oody R ()

“My remote session with Nick this morning was great . What a pleasure to have such a nice experience ! I love your service .”

-Pam E (3/4/14)

“Thank you for the call backs the staff is knowledgeable and very helpful with my computer issues.”

-Pam S (3/2/14)

“Used My computer works again today and my computer is running so fast-like I have a new one. I have always had excellent assistance provided by you. Everyone I have been in contact with has been helpful and friendly. So glad I have this service!”

-Claudia S (3/2/14)

“Josh is a terrific technician! I called because we couldn’t update our router and a unwanted application that appeared for downloading that we weren’t familiar with. Josh stated that the download was an advertisement and took it off our computer. He also was able to update our router to work on all our systems within the house. Great Work Josh!”

-Mel T (3/1/14-)


Thanks so much to Nathan! who helped clean up my internet yesterday. I was plagued with ads and pop-ups and he cleared my malware and installed Adblock Plus.

Such a relief!

Thanks again for your prompt response and great work!”

-Katherine R (3/1/14)

“The crew, technicians, customer service and management are to be commended you guys are awesome. I am very pleased with the type of service provided, once again thanks”

-manuel v (2/28/14)

“Since joining My Computer Works I have used your services four times and the service has been EXCELLENT each time!”

-Dale M. (1/25/14)

“Thank you for your service today. As always I am 100% satisfied with you work.”

-Victoria P (1/26/14)

“Thank-you for your assistance and patience with my computer problem!”

-Marjorie M (1/3/14)

“Just wanted to thank you for always making sure I am up and running with my computer. Chris in particular helped me very effectively in this past week.

Happy New Year!”

-Margie W (1/2/14)

“Thank you for your excellent service”

-Paul C (1/1/14)

“Excellent service”

-Monica C. (1/1/14)

“Great job as always!”

-Ginger A (12/31/13)

“Thank you so much for such a great service. David today was fantastic and quick and very professional as all the techs have been.
Keep up the fantastic job…..Happy New Year to each and everyone of you”

-Margaret M (12/30/13)

“Thank you for your excellent service !”

-Paul C (12/28/13)

“I am at loss for new words of praise for Brian B – Tech #30 – who did not want to give up on correcting the mess Comcast had created – One only Comcast could and should have solved ! As consequence I canceled service with the company to join A.T&T – Then it was Christopher who followed up diligently to workout the kinks of the new service –
This message is to draw attention to MCW’S Brian and Christopher – They bring the kind of focus and determination that solve computer problems awarding MCW five stars !”

-Annabel M (12/27/13)

“I greatly appreciated the time and effort spent trying to help me save my wonderful HP printer. Jason and Eric both worked hard and with a great sense of humor and thoughtfulness.

Wish you all a very Happy New Year,”

-janet P (12/27/13)

“On Christmas morning Sam took care of my problems with my computer. I do believe that Sam and the rest of your techs are guilty of minor magic. Watching what he was doing on the screen showed me just how much I did not know or understand about the internal workings of a computer system and he did it on Christmas day! I cannot say thank you enough!”

-Dennis C

“Dale did a great job in resolving my issue…..but who doesn’t from MCW? :)”

-Susan E (12/26/13)

“I would like to let you know how knowledgeable and helpful Brian was in helping me to deal with mailing lists and using a thumb drive. I had struggled for several days and thought I had it all figured out…but to no avail. I spoke to Brian and he took me through everything step by step and even let me take the time to write it down step by step. Often times I get help with my problem, but am not given the time to make notes as well as follow what the tech is telling me or having me do. As a consequence, I still don’t know how to do it the next time I come up with the same scenario.
Brian was very patient and helpful with me even though it was Xmax eve and I was pushing to meet a time line and very frustrated. Many thanks to Brian!!!!! (Brian L tech # 9 )”

-Jill A (12/26/13)

“It took a while but we got rid of that virus and some other stuff that was on my computer.. the guys that helped were Bryan, Dale, Joe, and David. They really helped me out.. Merry Christmas to all at your work.. And have a happy new year..”

-Gerald H (12/24/13)

“Brian (not sure of his number or if you have more than one Brian??) helped with some issues and questions I had from when I changed from Windows Live Mail to Outlook a couple weeks ago. It was Christmas Eve afternoon and Brian was extremely helpful, patient and answered all my questions easily. I was very impressed and thankful to get the items resolved. I am computer challenged, yet Brian was so nice and helpful! Brian is great!!!!”

-Joanie C (12/24/13)

“Signed up this week and got everything working again with the greatest and most polite techs ever!”

-Dale M. (12/28/13)

“You guys were a huge help in getting my Surface Pro set up in place of my old Dell. I have spoken to a couple of colleagues and they are interested in your service. Do you have any referral programs?”

-Carol G (12/23/13)

“Thank you once again for your good help on issues we have had with our two computers.

Merry Christmas and successful New Year.”

-Dave and Sandra H (12/23/13)

“I was very pleased with the excellent service that I received today from Jesse! My thanks to you for having a great staff! Merry Christmas to all!”

-Kitty P (12/22/13)

“I have used your co 3 times and, though it took some time to eleviate the virus, which I didn’t mind, I was very impressed on the tech,s patience with me since I was a novice, and his professionalism, coolness, and politeness. THANKS. had a virus, pc, not me. dealt with a couple of techs, and they were so patient with me and very curtious. though it took a couple of hours, I was very pleased. THANK YOU”

-Stephen A (12/20/13)

“Thank you, tonight was the type of service I was use to from you. Maybe there is hope of your proving the type of service I became accustom to from your beginning of business. Thanks again”

-Janice. S (12/21/13)

“Sam was quick and resolved the problem in minutes. Sam gave me some suggestions for my printer where I had asked his thoughts and I tried them with success. I have been happy with every tech I have dealt with. these guys know computers!!!!!!”

-Alledar (12/20/13)

“I am pleased with the work that was done. The ads are not showing up at this time.”

-Linda B. (12/20/13)

“The gentleman that did my computer number 19 was very curtious and helpful thank you.”

-Newman (12/18/13)

“I am quite remiss in sending you this email, and for that I am sorry.

I could not be more pleased with the immediate response from My Computer Works! You were quick to contact me to determine an appropriate time to sign onto my computer and begin the diagnostics. After some rescheduling, due to my schedule demands, Graylin(g?) (your BEST tech guy) contacted me and the work began! Thank goodness you put your BEST tech guy on my problem, because ultimately it was determined that THE PROBLEM was an obscure non-connection. Graylin was patient, thorough and demonstrated a ‘never give up’ attitude …. That I expected when I enrolled with My Computer Works! I was not disappointed in any way and am comforted to know that you are only a phone call away!”

-Brenda H. (12/17/13)

“Chris was fantastic! Thanks”

-Rich S. (12/16/13)

“I just want to personally thank Jesse, the tech that helped me get my computer up and running again. I was having multiple issues with things that were effecting my productivity with my business. Jesse is was able to get everything cleaned up, go through it with me to make sure each concern was up and working again, and also explain to me what he had done. Job well done!!!”

-Kerri S. (12/16/13)

“Chris #30 did a wonderful job taking care of my computer today.

Merry Christmas”

-Tom C. (12/16/13)

“Thank you so much. Your techs have been patient and friendly and soooooo helpful over the last week. My snarled up, hot mess is now working again and I can get on with my life.

Can’t say enough good things!”

-Katherine R. (12/15/13)

“Always pleased with MCW……can’t say enough about the service! Great, polite and knowledgeable techs and just what a non-tekkie like me depends on.”

-Jeanette K. (12/13/13)

“Computer is operating great!”

-RJ B. (12/13/13)

“Our person was EXCLLENT In every way”

-Susan K. (12/12/13)

“Mark was very professional and took care of my problems in a very timely manner.”

-Chuck C. (12/11/13)

“Brian was great as usual. You folks are the best.”

-Rob M. (12/11/13)

“Joe was one of the very best techs I have ever worked with at My Computer Works. He was not only patient but very, very knowledgeable about so many subjects and provided additional information and advice beyond my original inquires.

Thanks again for a great job.”

-Deborah G. (12/10/13)

“The gentleman was very professional,and did a good job I am now able to usemy computer thanks to Joe Hammann thank you”

-Newman (12/10/13)

“I recommend MCW to whoever will listen!!!

Happy Holidays!”

-Joanie C. (12/10/13)

“A friend of mine set up the account with MCW for me, a few months back. Today he asked me how my computer had been working? I told him OK but it froze a lot. He had MCW contact me to see if they could fix the problem. When all the things were first installed, I explain to the techs that I was not really good with a computer. They were nice to that fact, they did their work and said I was ready to go. Back today, the tech Paul F. went through the computer fixed what needed to be done, but then explained to me why I was having some problems. Old computer. But he did not tell me go buy a new one, but how I could up grade the one I had without spending a lot of money. He went through everything with me, even set up a video to help me with the up grade. He said for my needs this would be all I needed to do.No big bucks for a new computer. Just want to say to MCW, and Paul F. thank you, and especially to Paul for the tips. I`m a senior and it is nice to have someone explain things, and be patient with us old folks.”

-Judge S. (12/09/13)

“Excellent service this weekend. Good job, all!”

-Kirby K. (12/09/13)

“Very patient, spent a lot of time with me & I wanted to let him go, but he felt it was important to show me more. And, it was important!
Thank you!”

-Jaci J. (12/08/13)


-Hewitt (12/07/13)

“Such patience. Your tech spent almost 4 hours with me. When it comes to computers, I am not the brightest bulb in the lamp, also I am 93 years old, but we got it done.”

-Mae L. (12/06/13)

“Jacob did a wonderful job of cleaning up my computer and I am so thankful that I have your service. I never have to worry about my computer because I know you will take care of it, no matter how long it takes. Thanks so much for your work.”

-Gail T. (12/06/13)

“Hi: just a note about your service: On 12/04/2013 I reguested Tec. service for I got a New HP Computer with Windows 8. It sure was a chore. This was a task that in no way that I could do. I was very pleased with your Tec’s service it took a long time, almost all day to transfer my data, and all the other stuff they had to do to get me up and running. It means a lot to us that we can make a call for Tec. Service. We don’t use it to often but it is good to know your there.”

-John & Bev H. (12/05/13)

“Paul was incredibly helpful and full of knowledge that helped me understand my computer better. He was pleasant and quick and was able to get my computer up and running and it took some time after the 10 pm deadline- but he finished it ! thank you so much”

-Mary D. (12/05/13)

“Following Tyler’s impressive installation of a new hp Envy printer – Yesterday morning – Gerry M did a masterful job – last evening – discovering a road block in printing – He checked al l Tools “ then before leaving me – in the loveliest manner – walked me through all the options –
Gerry is a treasure ! The Tech I hope always responds to My Computer 91 emergencies !!”

-Annabel M. (12/05/13)

“Your tech was very knowledgeable and pleasant. This is the best $30 I spend each month.”

-Norma G. (12/03/13)

“josh did a great job.”

-Don W. (12/01/13)

“Excellent as always and would recommend MCW to anyone.”

-Satisfied Client (12/01/13)

“Mark did a very swift and good job correcting the file problem I had. It was within the hour, so that was good too.”

-Janna M. (11/30/13)

“Great service , on time, and very courteous!”

-Dee B. (11/29/13)

“Wonderful service! Computer fixed in the comfort of my home and well done at that!”

-Satisfied Client (11/29/13)

“David, your tech, was very courteous and pleasant when he worked on our computer on Wed., Nov. 27. I am glad that you have such people on your staff. He was also very thorough and fixed my computer problem.”

-Terre M. (11/28/13)

“Thanks to all the techs and staff @ MCW,
I want to wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving.

Your service throughout 2013 was very good
as usual….straight “A’s”.

I thank you …(and so does my computer.)”

-Peter D. (11/27/13)

“David S is wonderful and is always a delight to work with and he solves my computer problems.


-Jo-Ann M. (11/26/13)


I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your service! Everyone has been exceptional with me being the home user. Thank goodness I found MCW.

Happy Thanksgiving!”

-Patty F. (11/26/13)

“Dear Sirs:
Excellent and honest are the only two terms that can describe your service.”

-Arnold H. (11/26/13)

“I wish to commend both the receptionist who initially responded the second time I called, and also the technician. Both were very personable, caring, and competent.

I feel good about having signed up with Computer Works and know that should any problems occur with my computer, the technician will perform the needed steps to resolve the issue(s).

Thanks so much for your great service!”

-Pat V. (11/25/13)

“he did a wonderful job and was very courteous and took care of my problem and thoroughly checked it out and no virus’. he also explained what he did and very easy to understand.”

-Diane F. (11/24/13)

“I want to give a big thanks to the technicians who provided support to me recently!”

-Janetta F. (11/23/13)

“i have used you guys several times, I do not have 1 negative thing to say, you guys are great. Thank you.”

-Janetta G. (11/22/13)

“No complaints –”

-Satisfied Client (11/22/13)

“Terrific service today, as always. Thank you.”

-Renee W. (11/21/13)

“I really appreciate this service. Even thought I pay monthly – for my business and peace of mind and the thoughtful techs you have on staff, it is truly worth every penny.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving,”

-Janet P. (11/21/13)

“Job well done. thank you.”

-Edgar P. (11/20/13)

“I was pleased with the quick and efficient help form Mark W.”

-Jerry S. (11/20/13)

“I just had my computer worked on by one of your service reps. He was courteous and professional.Thank you”

-Thomas C. (11/20/13)

“Chris C. did a super job on my computer. To begin, I was ICED and locked, but we found a crevice to get past the lock.

From there, Chris C. “My Computer Works” is a reputable, valuable service which I would use again”

-Tom G. (11/19/13)

“You are lucky to have a great staff! Brian was awesome!”

-Jaci J. (11/18/13)

“The Service I received this evening was excellent. The Tech knew what he was doing, he was polite, and very professional. Thank you for being here when I need you.”

-Susan S. (11/15/13)

“Brian did a great job. He was very patient, easy to understand and most importantly fixed my problems. Great Job!”

-Arnold S. (11/15/13)

“He’s awesome, patient to listen when I’m babbling with worry!”

-Jaci J. (11/14/13)

“I wanted to let you know that I received Outstanding service with my computer from David today.
Thank you so very much.”

-Minnie B. (11/14/13)

“Just to let you know Lee is patient, knowledge, professional.
He was everything and more a tech support expert is supposed to be.

I’m sure I probably seemed a bit ….dense… on several issues. He was patient with me as I fumbled my way through.

Bravo Lee, and Bravo My Computer Works!”

-Sandra T. (11/14/13)

“Excellent service, Thank you!”

-David J. (11/12/13)


Wanted to let you know that David did a great job. I especially enjoyed that he called back and gave me an outline of what was happening and what may have contributed to my problems.

Job well done! ;)”

-Jeannine C. (11/12/13)

“You guys are the BOMB! I’ve never had a problem with my computer that MCW couldn’t fix. Best money I spend every month.”

-Janice S. (11/11/13)

“Fantastic service from David. All I was trying to do was find a clock that had Japanese time on it and you wouldn’t believe all the pop-ups and crap that got into my computer. It took us almost a half hour just to get him remotely connected as the screens kept changing and pop-ups were everywhere. David found 958 infections I kid you not. He spent quite awhile cleaning up my computer and now it’s good as new WITH a clock that has Japanese time on it that he installed for me.
Thanks David and MCW.”

-Suzie (11/11/13)

“I had a problem that David R helped me with. He did a great job and renewed my belief in my comp wrks.”

-Scott (11/11/13)

“Pleased with the cordial and able assistance received from the technician. Sorry I don’t recall his name.”

-Mickey A. (11/11/13)

“Service was excellent as usual. You have the best techs ever for both service and PR.”

-Carol D. (11/10/13)

“I’m always quite happy with your assistance and last nite was no exception.
I believe my tech’s name was Doug …. Nice job! Just thought I’d send along a compliment!”

-Nikki C. (11/09/13)

“Jeffee helped me with my computer problem and was very diligent and VERY patient with me as I have very few technical skills. He clearly explained everything for me and let me take notes while he was explaining. He did a great job for me!”

-Jill A. (11/08/13)

“I rely on MCW and they always come through for me. Thanks!”

-Gail M. (11/08/13)

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your prompt service on my computer yesterday. I believe your technicians did a very good job of cleaning,speeding up & removing a nasty virus on my old worn out computer.JOB WELL DONE!!! I also wanted to thank your billing department for being honest in their billing, & for taking the exact amount from our checking account that we agreed upon. Again JOB WELL DONE!!! Thank you kindly for your help. Ken Dalton Grafton, Ohio PS. I will keep your name & number handy in case I ever need more help, or if someone I know ever needs computer help.”

-Satisfied Client (11/08/13)


I have been a client of MCW for at least 5 years now. I LOVE the service and have recommended it to my colleagues since I first became familiar with your service. I live in Park City, Ut and work in Salt Lake City, Ut. I have been in sales for nearly 20 years and am so glad to have MCW when I need them. I am still surprised that people here in Utah have never heard of you. (I wouldn’t be as successful as I am without MCW!) I work for the leading media company in the state, KSL Broadcasting House. We cover TV, Radio, and digital. I would like to get in touch with someone in your marketing dept. to discuss future business partnering opportunities with MCW. Having been a loyal consumer of MCW for so long, I would be appreciative of a response.

Thank you,”

-Sara P. (11/07/13)

“Chris Cooke did a great job today in setting up our new computer. Answered all our questions, asked some that we didn’t think to ask and did an awesome job getting all the files we needed from the old PC. His timeliness was greatly appreciated as we are a small business and of course rely heavily on our equipment working flawlessly.
Now it does!
Thank you all for a tremendous service.”

-Bob F. (11/06/13)


Joe just helped me with my initial problem and additional problems. He is great!”

-Rhonda S. (11/06/13)

“Chris C. was very good to work with and I would highly recommend him.

Best Regards”

-Tom C. (11/06/13)

“My computer works! this time thanks to Doug who spent a lot of time on getting rid of a bunch of junk.
Thanks again. you folks do a great job!”

-Paul M. (11/06/13)

“To whom it may concern:
Simply wanted to give Tyler, your tech support person kudos. He’s assisted me twice now on two separate issues a few weeks apart. He’s excellent, efficient, professional, and obviously dedicated.
You’re lucky to have him work at My Computer Works ….and so was I!”

-Sandra T. (11/6/13)

“I am so thankful for the services provided by “My Computer Works”. My first nightmare virus was a nasty one and Chris handled it perfectly,”

-Gail M. (11/5/13)

“I don’t know if you remember me, but I was in your fist commercial shoot many years ago.
Anyhow, I wanted you to know that JACOB is a fabulous tech support man. He is so knowledgeable AND knows how to impart this to customers. Bring 70 and having mini strokes, my brain is not functioning like it used to function. He was extremely patient with me.”

-Andrea K. (11/5/13)

“Both David & Jessie helped me solve problems this week after upgrading my AOL account. They got me out of my mess and back to normal. Oh how I appreciate my investment in My Computer Works! Thank you, Mr. Ford!”

-Kitty P. (11/02/13)

“Thank you very much for your help with my computer with morning. Even though my computer wasn’t able to be fixed, I appreciate the speed and courtesy with which my call was handled, even when there were phone issues, the tech was very professional, polite and patient. Thanks again!”

-Rhonda H. (10/30/13)

“Keep up the very good and professional service

Satisfied customer”

-Bruce R. (10/30/13)

“Great job! It took quite some time to clean my computer and put everything back where it belonged on the desktop, but it was a first class job and I’m very happy with it this morning. Thanks to the special technician who did such a good job.”

-Brenda T. (10/29/13)

“The personnel from My Computer Works were very professional in fixing my computer. They were easy to talk to and technician explained to me what he was going to do before hand. When he was finished, my computer worked as good as new.”

-ED S. (10/28/13)

Joe did a good job for me and was able to solve my problems. He was a good ambassador for you.”

-Janna M. (10/28/13)

“Jacob was wonderfully helpful and efficient. I rely heavily on computer access, and having it all taken care of so quickly and painlessly was a real treat. Thank you so much!”

-Diana T. (10/27/13)

“Ed was very helpful and friendly in answering all my questions before I decided to use your company to fix my pc. The 1st person that worked on my computer may have removed all the junk from it but, I could not use my pc after as all the pages were huge and I could not see have of what was on there. I sent an email to you with my complaint. The next day Jacob called me and we talked about the problems I was having and within 30 minutes he had my pc back to normal and working better than ever. I want to thank Ed for his patience and kindness to me and I would like to thank Jacob for a job well done. Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!”

-Susan B. (10/27/13)

“This is a complement to your team,especially Mark who did a great job on my computer. He is very professional and knowledgeable and patient!

Thank you.”

-William L. (10/25/13)

“Billy D was fabulous. solved my problem in record time, And took care of a the backup problem I had.
Excellent service”

-Bonnie D. (10/23/13)

“Service provided Tuesday by Mark W. was superb; he confirmed with his computer diagnosis skills the laser within the D-drive was unable to read a disc. Following that there was an excellent discussion regarding PC tower replacement with Windows 7. Mark was very helpful and that is much appreciated.”

-John G. (10/23/13)

“This is the best money I spend every month…..great service, quick response time and quick resolution of my computer issues.”

-Jana V. (10/22/13)

“very please with your service. billy D was a very good repair person. he is an asset to your company. please let him know he was greatly appreciate.”

-William H. (10/18/13)


-Dale F. (10/16/13)

“My thanks to Sam for his quick, good service on putting Java back in for me!”

-Kitty P. (10/16/13)

“Just to let you know that Joe was fantastic. He was very bright, prompt, and friendly. Please make sure he sees this message.”

-Roger S. (10/16/13)

“Luke, Had my Computer fixed yesterday by Nick. Another Job well done by MCW. Thank You!”

-RJ W. (10/05/13)

“Thank you so much for once again coming to my rescue. My husband showed me how to switch our devices from the old network using the old Links router to the new network using the new Netgear router and the issue still remained. I called Cox Communication for the third time and this time I worked with a helpful and knowledgeable tech. He was able to fix my email problem finally. The issue had nothing to do with our two good routers.”

-Clara F. (10/04/13)

“Knowledgeable, friendly, willing to teach.
One of your best!”

-Debbie O. (09/18/13)

“You took a big load off my back!”

-Clara N. (09/16/13)

“Thank you for your excellent staff, thank you for Ryley Overman and thank you for your excellence in keeping me worry free and helped when I face computer challenges.”

-Forrest W. (09/16/13)

“He’s always polite, listens & really takes care of the problem!”

-Jaci J. (09/15/13)

“Great service once again!!

So appreciate you guys”

-Debbie Y. (09/15/13)

“Well, I just called you a few days ago, you had a long que (only 17, but based on the hour I knew I wouldn’t get a call back by 10pm EST, so I set
up a call for the next day at 10am & got the call, so I sent you a thank you & you sent me a thank you back!

BUT today, you really outdid yourself & I thought I would AGAIN let you know.

SO once again, within the same week, I am thanking you for: The foresight, to know when you were so backed up to set up a system to call in people,
on their day off to clear up the back-log faster( I was prepared to wait until tomorrow am)”

-Karen R. (09/14/13)

“The technique you use is truly amazing. I am very pleased with all the technicians that worked on my computer. The results of their
work resulted in my computer working like it was new.”

-Charles G. (09/14/13)

“Once again, you came to my rescue. Professional, confident, trustworthy, pleasant. You are a wonderful safety net and sooo worth the price! Special thanks to Nik J…”

-Judith H. (09/14/13)

“I think it was Jessie who dealt with my issue today. Pleasant fellow and good work.”

-Ernie J. (09/13/13)

“Just wanted to put in a good word for Joe, your tech; He was very patient with me and set me up with a new way
to do my email that is going to make it easier for me. He went to great lengths to get it done and to explain the process.
I used to be more tech saavy when I was working but now that is what I have you guys for.”

-Kathy V. (09/13/13)

“I would like to give “applause & kudos” to one of your tech reps. Tech #30- Chris, is absolutely, not only knowledgeable,but a delight to speak with. I am, by no means, a computer whiz, and he took care of everything my computer and I needed, with the greatest of patience and ease.
My husband and myself love your service, and Chris is the “topping on the cake”!

Thank you so much, and we definitely are recommending your company to our friends.”

-Barbi B. (11/16/2013)

“One of the best phone calls I ever made!!! John who took my call was friendly, knowledgable and explained everything very well to this frustrated, very unsavvy computer user! When tech Josh called I was prepared for all finds of questions that I wouldn’t un derstand & would frustrate me even more. NOT EVEN CLOSE!! Josh was so friendly ..patient & a real problem solver…he listened & answered all my “silly” questions, & explained things so I could understand. I am VERY HAPPY with your service. I will certainly recommend My Computer Works to all family & friends!!!! Thank you again!!”

-Pamela S. (11/13/2013)

“Chris Cooke did a great job today in setting up our new computer. Answered all our questions, asked some that we didn’t think to ask and did an awesome job getting all the files we needed from the old PC. His timeliness was greatly appreciated as we are a small business and of course rely heavily on our equipment working flawlessly.
Now it does!
Thank you all for a tremendous service.”

-Bob F. (11/6/2013)

“I am so thankful for the services provided by “My Computer Works”. My first nightmare virus was a nasty one and Chris handled it perfectly,”

-Gail M. (11/5/2013)

“Thanks again for fixing my computer. David was very patient with this old man. I’m so glad I opted for the monthly fee. It is really great!! If you need a testimonial on customer satisfaction consider this to be one.
It’s a comfort to know that English speaking support is only a phone call away.”

-Paul M. (11/4/2013)

“I arranged with your agency to set up my computer and after some discussion Mark was selected to do the work. I needed a Mac and Cox mail box set up along with being connected to the internet.
I hasten to say Mark is a man of even temperament and infinite patience. I am a veteran of three wars with over 800 hours of aerial combat. Too many heavy caliber machine guns and other assorted weapons ruined my hearing. That requires me to have comments or questions to be repeated. Not once did Mark indicate any sign of annoyance. I would be pleased to recommend your agency for computer repair.”

-Hugh C. (10/30/2013)

“This is the best money I spend every month…..great service, quick response time and quick resolution of my computer issues. Thanks, Jana”

-Jana V (10/22/2013)

“I would just like to say that Sam was great, so patient, nice and polite, and not to mention my computer is running fantastic. I will highly recommend your company. Thanks again ,”

-Aleta. C (10/21/2013)

“Many thanks for your excellent service.”

-Victoria P. (10/20/2013)

“A great job as always, your company is the greatest. I tell everyone they should give MCW a call.”

-Charlotte R. (10/14/13)


Last evening I had a problem in that many of my files had disappeared. They were the most important files I had for my business. I called My Computer Works at around 5 PM and at 9 PM I received a call from (?) Jeremy. It took about an hour but the files were retrieved. He also fixed a couple of other problems I had.
Thank you for your help.”

-Cindy K. (10/14/13)

“Dear My Computer Work Team,

Thank you for a speedy and an excellent job today.

Thank you again.”

-Marianna H. (10/13/13)

“Your company is awesome. Jason was extremely knowledgeable and worked as fast as he could so that I got the most for my 1 hour that I purchased from you on 10-11-13. He answered every one of my questions and also informed when I asked. I was just so happy with everything and yes you can post this on face book if you wish. I know I saw some negativity but it was mostly with your one year contract. Lots of issues. But I am positive you will get all the kinks worked out. I had to run to radio shack and get an Ethernet cable and he ended the session and we picked back up where we left off when I got back. My computer is old and quirky so we had to say goodbye at a certain point but Jason said I should do this and if that didn’t work then do the next thing. Ok the next my computer stopped being nasty however It didn’t do what Jason said it should do. I called tech support and just about ½ hour Jason called. He got my printer up and running and did not charge me for additional time. I will definitely call My Computer Works again should I have the need.”

-Gary L. (10/13/13)

“every thing went great thank you”

-James G. (10/14/13)

“A great job as always, your company is the greatest. I tell everyone they should give MCW a call.”

-Charlotte R (10/14/13)

“Thank you for a speedy and an excellent job today.”

-Marianna H. (10/14/13)

“Your company is awesome. Jason was extremely knowledgeable and worked as fast as he could so that I got the most for my 1 hour that I purchased from you on 10-11-13. He answered every one of my questions and also informed when I asked. I was just so happy with everything and yes you can post this on face book if you wish. I know I saw some negativity but it was mostly with your one year contract. Lots of issues. But I am positive you will get all the kinks worked out. I had to run to radio shack and get an Ethernet cable and he ended the session and we picked back up where we left off when I got back. My computer is old and quirky so we had to say goodbye at a certain point but Jason said I should do this and if that didn’t work then do the next thing. Ok the next my computer stopped being nasty however It didn’t do what Jason said it should do. I called tech support and just about ½ hour Jason called. He got my printer up and running and did not charge me for additional time. I will definitely call My Computer Works again should I have the need.”

-Kathleen L (10/14/13)

“will tell more people about your service.”

-Reatha K. (10/10/13)

“Your service is so helpful. I recently was working on a huge project for work when my computer stopped working. Your team saved my project when I was sure everything was gone for good. I wouldn’t have known what to do without your help.

My name is Craig Hammond I work at a small Creative Firm here in Chicago called Matte Black Studios. I typically don’t get involved with prospective clients but I really see you guys benefitting from connecting with one of our Senior level mangers about bringing your online presence up to par. I’d happily introduce you to the right people over here to get things rolling for you. Below are a few quick links to help fill in a few blanks in the meantime.”

-Craig H. (10/10/13)

“Josh was wonderful, polite, knowledgeable, professional and very, very patient and nice!!! You are lucky to have someone like him in your employ!”

-Margaret C. (10/7/13)

“Best thing that ever happened was when I found your company. You are the best. My old computer has new life and I’m so happy I have found a great service co that can keep it going. THANK YOU SO MUCH AND YOUR TECH’S ARE THE NICEST, MOST PATIENT, EXPERIENCED PEOPLE I’VE EVER SEEN.

-Laura H. (10/7/13)

“I used your voicemail to get in the call back line. A few minutes later a nice person let me know I would be called within an hour and about 20 minutes later I had Jason on the line and he took over the computer, checked it all out and answered my questions reqarding storage capacity and ideas on how to remedy my the issue.
Worked perfectly.
Thanks very much,”

-Chas C. (10/7/13)

“I am replying to my recent request for service from Computer works.

I recently had to purchase a new computer, and I moved up from XP operating system to Windows 8.

Enough said.

Sadly none of my printers would work. They are old printers, but used infrequently, so they are still in good condition, and they work fine.

The gentleman who helped me was very friendly, helpful and understanding. He was able to get all my printers working, and I no longer waste checks trying to print a spreadsheet or letter. I still don’t have all the bugs worked out, but with your help I’m getting there.

I have been with MyComputer works since almost the beginning, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made and I recommend your service whenever the opportunity arises.”

-Lynn A. (10/7/13)

“Thanks Jesse and Lee!

For the assistance you gave us concerning replacement of a router and reconnecting our shared files. This is the reason we joined My Computer Works. We always get excellent and service no matter how long it takes!

Thanks for being such knowledgeable and helpful technician. We always recommend “My Computer Works” to everyone.”

-Melvin T. (10/6/13)

“Luke, Had my Computer fixed yesterday by Nick. Another Job well done by MCW. Thank You!”

-Bob. (10/5/13)


I have been needing a little extra support lately as my computer was hacked. Every tech has been prompt, polite and extremely proficient.

Even though I just Googled tech support for Vista back in February, I am so grateful I found MCW!

Have a good weekend.”

-Patty F. (10/04/13)

“Doug gave me great service. Thank you very much.”

-Suzie E. (10/02/13)

“Just a note to let you know how very much we appreciate you, your time, and your energy.

Thank you soooo much for making ” (Y) Our Computer(s) Work(s)”!!!”

-Barbi B. (9/27/13)

“My computer crashed in the middle of my mid terms week. After refreshing the computer Jacob was able to restore everything from my back up. Most importantly he was able to recover my lecture notes and study guides. You guys saved my life.”

-Scott S. (9/28/13)

“I’ve been back and fourth with Microsoft Store getting my new computer replaced for mal hardware problems for the past 3 weeks. Jesse has been extremely helpful and patient through out the entire process. He was able to restore all the files from the back up he had set up for me. As well as getting each new replacement set up and online. Being without a computer is a death sentence for any college student but Jesse definitely came through for me each and every time. I can’t think you enough!”

-Scott S. (9/29/13)

“I want to let you know that my experience with MCW was the best. It took a while but your techs were so gracious, patient, and helpful. I feel like I have a new computer. I’m glad I went to your site to fix my problem. I will certainly recommend you to my friends. Sam, Doug and Michael were great.”

-Leah W. (9/29/13)

“I have had Jacob, Jesie, Ray andJoe work on my computer this week. They ALL did a fantastic job,
which took many hours (about 17 hours total) BUT the outcome was well worth it.
They did it all-from re-installing Windows and more. Thank you very much, don’t
know what I would of done without My Computer Works!”

-Melissa W. (9/26/13)

“Want to thank you for the hard work of your technicians. We are very pleased with MCW services.”

-David H. (9/24/13)

“Dear MCW: Last week I signed-up for the one year service with MCW. Today, Jason F, phoned me and he connected to my computer and FIXED EVERYTHING!!!! Not only did he fix all my issues – he also figured out why my Blackberry does not “sync” with my Outlook – it’s a hardware issue.

I work from a home office with absolutely NO technology support from my corporate office – in one morning Jason fixed all the issues that have “slowed me down” and “compromised service to my clients”. This annual service is not a “frills” purchase this is a MUST HAVE program for an efficient and productive home office. Many thanks, Jana”

-Jana V. (9/24/13)

“great job removing the virus! thanks I am completely satisfied with mycomputerworks.”

-Mark (9/24/13)

“Just want to thank David, Tyler and Josh for working almost all day/night on trying to restore my internet. I took Josh’s advice and went and bought a new wireless USB adapter and have a good signal for internet. I am using my pc now sending this message so hope you get it! Thank you for cleaning everything up on my computer too, it seems to be working pretty fast now. Have a great afternoon!”

-Kelly O. (9/24/13)

“Just wanted to let you know that Lee was very helpful, took care of our problem, and explained everything in an understandable way. Thanks.”

-Sheldon S. (9/24/13)

“Had a very good experience with Billy tonight. Excellent tech recommend very highly.”

-Jim H. (9/23/13)

“Kudos for Billy, a great job and much appreciated. Very professional and amiable. Cheers. Dennis.”

-Dennis J. (9/23/13)

“thank you soooo much for fixing my computer. you guys are wonderful.”

-Trevor S. (9/23/13)

“I don’t call often and I should. I tough it out too often. Jeremy’s assistance was efficient, professional, and friendly. I am very pleased.”

-Janice M. (9/22/13)

“Just wanted to let you know that I am happy and grateful for the help that Jacob gave this afternoon to tune up my computer. He was very patient with this 85 yr. old woman who didn’t grow up with a computer any where near her.

I would and will recommend your service to friends and relatives who need the expertise that your business provides.

Thanks again for making my day.”

-Arline P. (9/22/13)

“Dear MCW,
Your service was excellent.
Thank-you to Sam for being a helpful and patient technician.
I am most appreciative.”

-Midge M. (9/22/13)

“as always great service will give it a test run”

-G. R (9/22/13)

“Thank You Paul & David. We appreciate your work!”

-John T. (9/21/13)

“Nick was great. My wife loves him because her computer doesn’t give her fits every morning. Thanks Computer Works. You guys are the best.”

-Rob M. (9/20/13)

“The Tech that I worked with today was fantastic. He spoke to me in terms that I could understand & he fixed several issues for me.

I would recommend him & My Computer Works to anyone needing computer service.”

-Mick B. (9/19/13)

“Brian helped me get my new Windows 8 computer set up and was so pleasant, knowledgeable and experienced. He also has patience.

-Dolores G. (9/19/13)

“Gerry was great today…….really tried to fix problem…..hoping he has….worked hard on it.”

-Joanie C. (9/18/13)

“Knowledgeable, friendly, willing to teach.
One of your best!”

-Debbie O. (9/18/13)

“My Computer Works,

Just want t tell you that Jessie worked on my computer today and fixed the problems that I thought I had. Thank you Jessie and My Computer Works.”

-Barbara D. (09/13/13)

“Great service from David.”

-Ernie J. (09/13/13)

“The service was GREAT! Quick, efficient and friendly! My daughters laptop hasn’t run this smoothly since we first bought it. I would recommend your service to anyone.”

-Denise W. (09/12/13)

Just thought I would let you know. When I called yesterday you had 17 people in que (not counting the people that signed up for your one hour call back).
Since my problem was not urgent, I requested a call back at 10am today, or however soon they could call. I got a call at 10am! Thankyou.
I also would like to tell you that Brian, tech#9, was extremely helpful, knowledgeable & courteous. So again Thankyou.
After hanging in their with you for past few years(during your extreme growth spurts, where your service was getting worse, not better, I have noticed a difference over
the past 3-4 month. I don’t call you that often, maybe once a month , occasionaly it could be as long as 2 months.
I am a regular customer, who has been with you for many years. If I had been running a business from home, I don’t know if I could have afforded to stick with you during your extreme growth spurts, where your service (return calls) was rapidly deteriorating).
It’s always nice to hear compliments, not complaints.”

-Karen R. (09/12/13)

“Luke, Nick took care of my Computer yesterday. He was very nice & very professional. He did an OUTSTANDING Job!! Thank You! Everybody at MCW are SUPER!!!!”

-Bob (09/11/13)

“Once again one of your techs has done such a fantastic job that I have been convinced I should renew my two annual contracts once more. The tech this time was Brian B. He did such a good job and complete job on my PC that I decided, again, to stay with you once more in spite of another time after very bad response time asking for service. I asked at 10 AM. I never did get a call back that day. The next morning I called your customer service and she had Brian B. call me back right away.

I signed my first service contract with you in December of 2008. I can not praise your techs highly enough in all that time. The time I have had to wait for service on more than a few occasions should have made me find other providers many times over. It is your techs that keep me with your company. I do think that it is a shame you are so busy looking for new business, especially business companies, that you forget your early customers…especially the ones who are still loyal to you or at least your techs.”

-Louise F. (09/10/13)

“WANT YOUR PC TO RUN AT IT’s BEST? Call My Computer Works. At 877-511-9805. My Computer was really trashed, unable to use. I Thought about tossing it out but I needed one for school. I found My computer Works. They were great! My computer has been restored like New! Their pricing is very reasonable. I am a student and I was able to afford their pricing!”

-Sandi C. (09/10/13)

“To Whom It May Concern,

Brian was very friendly and helpful this morning on my computer.”

-Bonnie B. (09/10/13)

“Thank you Joe Tech#38 for your professional and amazing service this morning! I called in for some assistance in a certain area and RIGHT AWAY he caught what could have been a potential devastating situation with some negative issues on my computer! Thank goodness I have this team to assist me in my tech issues that I know nothing about :)
You guys are the best!!”

-Mary Ann C. (09/10/13)

“Thanks so much to Brian!! What a great help he was, very patient. thanks!”

-Cindy C. (09/09/13)

“My nitro PDF stopped being the default program and mike took did a great job resetting it”

-Greg (09/09/13)

“Tech Joe was Great…He knew exactly what I was trying to do and he knew how to fix it. I was able to bring up the doc in adobe and print within minutes. Thank you.”

-Susan S. (09/09/13)

“You probably get tired of hearing me rave about your service, but every Tech that I have had is so incredible! Joe helped me today and I learned so much from him in many areas of “computering”! He is very thorough in his explanations. He gave me a tutorial on the Neat machine which was greatly appreciated after he did what was necessary to make it work! Awesome!

What would I do without My Computer Works? Don’t even want to think about it!!!!”

-Ruth W. (09/09/13)

“Thank you so much for your help today!”

-Shirley W. (09/07/13)

“Just had 1 of the techs clean up and correct things on my computer, he, David, was very efficient. I am very satified with his help as I am with all other techs I have had work on my computer. Thanks MCW”

-Lorena (09/07/13)

“Was having some problems with zip forms and Docusign. Jesse worked on it for about 20 minutes and all is well. Great service!!”

-Shawn D. (09/06/13)

“I was very happy with the service I received. I have committed to a
monthly fee In order to keep utilizing My Computer Works Service. The
computer specialist, Brian, who helped me was very good along with the
initial contact with Lindsey. Thank you very much for the commitment of
the staff. I’m sorry it took me so long to find your Company.”

-Rosalyn W. (09/06/13)

“great technical support :)”

-Deanna A. (09/05/13)

“I am writing in regards to express my sincere gratitude, and deep appreciation for the timely professional repair to my computer; it was unknown to me, what was wrong with my desktop computer, a Hewlett Packard, HP Pavilion Slimline, with Windows 7, that just upon signing off, wasn’t able to sign back in, and I can’t say it strong enough as to how lost I sincerely felt, not being able to enter my computer and do my online banking and answer my emails, etc. It was very catastrophic for me, to say the least, was my first time to experience this problem, and looked into the Yellow Pages, for someone that I could trust to help me, seen the AD for your Company, and the computer tech support for Dummies, caught my eye, I immediately called, and was able to leave a message and to my complete surprise, almost immediately my phone rang and a Mr. Ed Curt, called me and listened to my problem, that I was experiencing and immediately empathized with me, and helped assure me that the problem could be taken care of, he was good to lay out in layman terms what I was to expect, for support from him and his technicians, explained to me the two types of service that was my options, for charges per hourly rate, either selecting non-member or member status and after he explained to me what this encompassed, I knew right away that I would prefer the member status, and after dealing with the Technician that serviced my computer, a Mr. Randal from Birmingham, Alabama, I knew right away without reservation, that I would need to be linked to your company as a full time member and keep my computer functioning at top level, and receive more of the very professional courtesy and service that I truly experienced from Mr. Ed Curt and also Mr. Randal! Both men, are very knowledgeable, experienced and knew their stuff, and customer relations was superb, without question, the very best that I can honestly say that I have experienced in my entire life, in dealing with IT Specialist, and computer repairs! Mr. Curt set me up with the head office to find me a Technician, and the wait was expeditious, and I was back fully online in a very reasonable time! I am totally satisfied in the service that I have received and look forward in doing more business with your company!”

-Michael P. (09/05/13)

“Today I asked for service and after a bit a fine young man called to help me. I followed his direction and solved my problem.
Many thanks,”

-Phil M. (09/05/13)

“Tech David did an awesome job helping me convert jpg photos into a pdf file so that I could share 20+ photos with my family without sending 20+ emails. Excellent Service!”

-Susan S. (09/05/13)

“Worked with Billy D last night………….excellent. Pleasant, knowledgeable and of course got the job done”

-Lou K. (09/05/13)

“Hi – Just wanted you to know that I am very pleased with my service at MCW! Life is stressful enough and to add computer issuers to deal with is the last straw!”

-Debbie G. (9/04/13)

“Very satisfied with the work and completed in a timely professional manner.
Thank you!”

-Darryl M. (9/03/13)

“I was very happy with the work that was done with me. When I first called Joshua worked until ten PM. He was always courteous and told me what notes he was leaving for the person who would be completing the work the next day. He even asked me what time would be convenient for that person to call.

The next day Jacob called and he was just as courteous. He worked on the problems for at least 5 hours.

I am happy with your service and your staff.”

-Garrett K. (9/03/13)

“I am once again pleased with the service. Michael called within one hour of my placing the service request, was linked onto my computer in no time and was able to diagnose the problem within seconds and had it fixed within the hour. HAPPY CUSTOMER!”

-Kathy R. (9/01/13)

“You are wonderful, always. This was my screw up! I had this problem before and didn’t write down the solution—this time I did!”

-Margaret P. (8/31/13)

“Tyler was great fixed it in 20 min.”

-Al S. (8/30/13)

“I believe my technician was Jesse. He was polite, helpful, and knowledgeable regarding solving my problem.
My experience with MY Computer Works has been very positive so far.”

-Nancy R. (8/30/13)

“I had a malware on the computer that popped up today. David A was the tech who helped me. He said it was the toughest one he had seen, but we finally got rid of it. I was very pleased with his persistence at working at it. It took about 6 hours.”

-Janna M. (8/29/13)

“Jeremy worked on my computer today. I am very pleased how much faster my computer is now. He was very professional, and through in his work. A very talented, knowledgeable person in the technical field. I was very grateful for the work he accomplished in getting my computer more proficient without the computer being down for a lengthy time. I highly recommend your skilled techs and your business for anyone who needs there computer running at its best.

Thanks so much for Jeremy and for “My Computer Works” in getting my computer running like new.”

-Mary Ann F. (8/29/13)

“Thank you very much for your quick response and specially for the Tech Help email that was set up so I can send directly to the tech department my request and be connected to a technician.”

-Marianna H. (8/29/13)

“Thank you so much for your hard work to set our minds at peace again! It was a pleasure to have your assistance and expertise help us out in a time of tremendous fear and stress.

I am very grateful,”

-Clara F. (8/28/13)

“thank you josh for helping me today. it was my costly mistake.
nick and sam our real good men, and wish to thank them also.
real professionals. your service is excellent, and the promise
you made was kept exactly as you said. I shall always use you,
when needed, and tell all my workers at advance auto parts
how excellent you are.”

-Mike J. (8/828/13)

“great service as always thank you computer works sooooo well now”

-Charlotte R. (8/28/13)

“Yesterday, I had two tech’s work on my computer to get rid of a virus that wouldn’t go away.

David started with the problem and Gerry finished (after over 3 1/2 hrs) of continued hard work trying to figure out just what was going on with my computer.

Thanks again for all the expertise your company provides.”

-Norma B. (8/28/13)

“I’ve written a number of times to compliment the tech who gave such great service! I will say that I’ve NEVER had a bad experience with MCW. However, I will have to say that Paul F – Tech 14 PF – was INCREDIBLE!!!! He not only got my computer all set up with changes that had to be made, but he went into detail to explain what he had done, why he had done it, and even demonstrated to me how the changes will affect me as the computer user. Also, he gave me additional information that I have needed on purchasing a lap top. He provided me with excellent education that I needed. So, once again, I am writing to sing the praises of your staff. When I thought your service could not possibly get better, today I was proven wrong! This was a fantastic experience and a lift for my day! And what a great way that we now have to access your service. That is wonderful!

Thank you again for My Computer Works! It has saved the day many times!”

-Ruth W. (8/28/13)

“This is to all of you.If I put down one Name I Would Leave Everyone Else out .That would not be Polite. So I will not mention no names .Mainly Because I forget who did the great job when I called. You all are outstanding employees .A great Company ,And should be pride of your job.Working for M C W .THANK YOU ALL. You have showed me a lot about the big black scary box with old IBM typewriter keys .Thanks Again D Martin. I hope next year is good for all of you and MCW”

-Daryl M. (8/28/13)

“Joe H. helped me yesterday. He gave me some great suggestions and fixed my problem (of course). He was knowledgeable, professional and courteous.

Thank you, as always, for the excellent service!!”

-Sherri B. (8/28/13)

“your he[p has always been the best thamk you again for my minor problem”

-George R. (8/28/13)

“In my recent dealings with your company, My Computer Works, the technician, Joe, was helpful, patient, and understanding. He seem to get the job done in a timely fashion. I have 30 days if I need additional help.”

-Jillienne B. (8/26/13)

“MCW: Very fast restructuring, couldn’t be more helpful, thank you MCW.”

-Alle D. (8/26/13)

“I don’t always give feedback because sometimes it is necessary to wait to see if the problem is really fixed. But I have five stars for Grayling’s service the evening of the 23rd. I have not been able to use my 32 bit scanner on anything but my obsolete XP computer which I have wanted to ditch! My desktop runs 64 bit Vista and my laptop runs 64 bit Windows 7. The last tech to attempt to find a proper driver to make it work on the desktop suggested I contact the manufacture Fujitsu about this problem. I did that on the 23rd and it turns out that they support the scanner on the 64 bit Windows 7 but not 64 bit Vista and support sent me links. At that point I requested service in case I would mess it up and got Grayling. It was a struggle at first because the Fujitsu had sent an incorrect link among the 3 he sent but Grayling was persistent and found everything he needed on their website and my Fujitsu scanner is now working on my laptop! Cheers to Grayling!

Because that took so long, we ran out of time to do updating on both my computers so Grayling requested an appointment for this morning and I got David R. He graciously did all my updating for both computers.”

-Linda H. (8/26/13)

“A wonderful young man by the name of Chris spent all day ridding my
computer of viruses and getting me back on track. I can’t thank him
enough for his great service.”

-Diane P. (8/23/13)

“Just wanted to let you know that your technician, named Gerry, did an outstanding job for me today.

Thank you for always being there when I need you – my business counts on it.”

-Lynne (8/23/13)

“Mark W resolved my issues. It took a long time but he persevered and got the problem(s) solved.
He was patient and kind;
Very appreciative of his abilities.
Thanks for being there for me.”

-Joyce (8/22/13)

“professional job. Took time to show me what i need to get my wireless working
Mark W and jacob started but ran out of time go me going in the right drection
working through the problem of my ext HD”

-U.S D (8/22/13)

“Jessie , was my tech, he was awesome and had me going in no time, I have been a customer for a while, and I will always use you guys
Thank you”

-Janetta G. (8/22/13)

“I am so fortunate to have gotten Paul, Tech #14 to fix my computer. He was totally awesome. He paid attention to detail that I could only imagine. He went through my computer with a fine tooth comb. He is an extraordinary asset to your company. I am so grateful to Paul. I feel like I have a new computer. I can only say raving, wonderful things about him. Give him a raise so you can keep him.”

-Sonia S. (8/22/13)

“I was very happy with my tech. He gave me some helpful hints and was cordial. I am technically challenged, so I appreciate someone calm.”

-Shirley F. (8/22/13)

“Nick was great; of course, he fixed my problem with Photoshop. He was incredibly friendly, polite, knowledgeable, thorough and professional. What a wonderful tech – as with all of them.”

-Sherri B. (8/22/13)

“Jacob, Did an OUTSTANDING Job! A Very nice person to talk to, and very knowleageable!!!! Everybody at MCW, are very nice and professional.”

-RJ W. (8/19/13)

“As always, I am very glad for the existence of your company and the incredible technicians. Brian L helped me yesterday and this morning. I was very glad to work with Brian again. He is an amazing, incredible, patient, competent, professional, knowledge, kind, caring and exceptional human being. Brian listened to my concerns, suggestions and ideas. He worked with me to find a solution to my situation.

He found other ways for me to operate within the confines of Outlook. I appreciate his willingness to go the distance.

Thanks so much from one very contented customer.”

-Sherri B. (8/16/13)

“I just sent a note about a bad experience I had with a call last week, it is only fair that I respond to the call I had on 08/14/13 too, without going into the previous note I want to say that Brian H (I Think it was an H) was responsible for restoring my faith in the quality of Tech’s you have working at MCW. He probably didn’t want to hear about my previous experience but he was patient and listened to my concerns about my Ultra Book which I felt was not working as it should after the previous call. He looked at both my Ultra Book and my Desk Top systems (I have both under contract) to make sure everything was good to go. He did an update and said “barring any issues” it should only take 30 minutes. I was on one system while he was updating the other, it was nice to see he actually clicked when appropriate, and granted it took 35 minutes but he did not let me hanging. Time is money and my home based business keeps me busy, his quick and concerned actions made me feel so much better about my MCW experience.”

-Colette A. (8/16/13)

“AAA as always – keep up the good work”

-Bar J. (8/14/13)

“I am not only impressed but astonished at the incredible tech and customer service rendered by EVERY person that touched my file in the last week. My computer issues were HUGE…and I was sweating out the end result. I knew that I was in a total mess with no vision of how I was going to get these technical issues resolved…until I joined My Computer Works as a Priority client. It took some time, but I walked away and let the techs worry about how they were going to get me back up and running…and THEY DID!
I LOVE this company and the stellar work they do! Thank you EVERYONE!”

-Mary Anne C. (8/16/13)

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. He did a wonderful job. He fixed all my problems, plus others I wasn’t aware of. He also figured how I should hook up to Face Book. Love this service. Y’all, be blessed”

-Pat M. (8/15/13)

“Thanks, I really appreciate the persistence of the tech, Jason, in trying to resolve my Outlook issue and in finding all the other problems.

“The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children.” Dietrick Bonhoeffer”

-Sue G. (8/15/13)

“Brian B really helped us with good advice on our monitors. No one else seemed to zero in on the problem and solution. We appreciate the good help. Thanks.”

-Sheldon S. (8/15/13)

“Jessie E did a great job for me today. I have always been very satisfied when I contact you for help.”

-Gerald C. (8/14/13)

“Thank You so much ., it,s so nice to have my compt back and to have it done without anyone coming to house or me having to take it somewhere.,

I will pass this on to friends if the problem com up and I will keep your # here.

Thank You”

-Mary Ann G. (8/14/13)

“Great service as always. Thx.”

Marcia B. (8/14/13)

“To Computer Works;
All of your techs who have helped me are fantastic-even when I was cussing and screaming on the phone(I am sorry).You provide such great service that I will recommend your service to anyone I know (or don’t know) who needs remote computer work done!You have been so incredible and patient.You found out each problem,and solved it-let me tell you;in this day and age,getting a reputable company of ANY kind is amazing and you guys are amazing!!!
I am a FAN.”

-Gordon W. (8/14/13)

“Thanks for your usual support. Your technician went beyond what was necessary.”

-Ken S (8/28/13)

“Thank You so much ., it,s so nice to have my compt back and to have it done without anyone coming to house or me having to take it somewhere.,

I will pass this on to friends if the problem com up and I will keep your # here.

Thank You”

-Mary Ann G. (8/13/13)

“I had 2 wonderful techs who helped me set up a new computer and move everything from the old computer so that I could give to a young man whose never had a computer before so thank you.”

-Kay K. (8/12/13)

“I had the BEST experience with Jesse this morning. He called right at 10AM and had me back up and running in a little over an hour. As a realtor, time is of essence!!!
He also answered questions regarding the router and different programs that are not compatible with Chrome
Tho, I don’t use you often, (even tho I have paid for the year and I hate the wait and do not want to upgrade) the experience was great”

-Dee Dee M. (8/12/13)

“Yesterday I have my computer fixed by Jacob. I was impressed with his enthusiasm and desire to fix the problem by thoroughly checking every program, application to make sure that everything is working properly.
I want to send a special “thank you” to Jacob and highly recommend him to any client who wants to have the computer fixed by a specialist who does it with a smile.”

-Marianna H. (8/12/13)

“Fidencio was my Tech on the 4th and he did a wonderful job. He’s very easy to talk with and he explains everything very well without talking “down to me”.
Thank you,”

-Susan D. (8/9/13)

“I am pleased to tell you that first thing this morning I was called by Ryley, and he worked for about 2 hours on a virus problem that I had, whereby he not only removed the virus, but also made sure that I now have the most updated protection available. I don’t use MCW very often, but it’s time like this that I am so glad that I didn’t close my account!! It’s an invaluable service!!!”

-Roger M. (8/9/13)

“This is the second time Jeremy has fielded my call. Again he did a quick accurate job and fixed the problem that I called in. THX!”

-Rick B. (8/8/13)

“Seriously the best money I spend each month. Quick service. Knowledgeable people that can explain what to do in easy to understand terms.
You guys are the best!!!!”

-Ann A. (8/8/13)

“As always, Brian’s was incredibly patient and thorough. He has tried every way he knows how to find a solution for my challenge. He has helped me a few times this week. I appreciate his dedication to his customers.

Thanks, as always, for the amazing service.”

-Sherri B. (8/7/13)

“Well again another two problems solved. Thank you Jacob!! I have had SO MANY problems since I had the new hard drive put in and you guys have been there for me all the time! I get so frustrated with computer problems. THANK YOU!!!!”

-Jo M. (8/7/13)

“I wanted to give feedback on the EXCELLENT service I got from Jeremy yesterday (Sunday, Aug. 4th) I had a huge, seemingly unresolvable problem, yet he tenaciously stayed with me until he solved it. He used his creativity, depth of knowledge and determination to get it done. All the while he was patient and professional with me. On a scale of 1 to 10 I’d give him a 12. So give that man a raise!”

-Lindsay K. (8/7/13)

“Thank you to Paul F,Jason and Amber for helping me out even though I was having a fit over my Dell Inspirion 300m.You folks are great. Sorry that I can be a jerk sometimes;It seems the ongoing theme of my life is “Everything is Broken” and when that happens-especially with my computer,I JUST LOOSE IT!!! Please try not to take it personally,I am working on it-really I am.

-Gordon W. (08/02/13)

“This one goes out to David. I don’t go on the internet talk sites due to lack of time, but I’m OK if you want to post this comment.
I admit I was leery about using a remote service, but my experience made me a complete believer. My tech was terrific and had my computer cleaned and restored in record time. I can’t tell you how good that made me feel. And how much I’ve been bragging it up to my friends.

I truly appreciate the work that was done and I give My Computer Works two thumbs up. And more if I had them.

Many thanks to David and all the other folks who made this possible.

Sincerely, A customer for life in Florida”

-Dicksie D (08/02/13)

“I’d like to thank MCW & in particular Brian L. for the prompt service provided me today. I was stupid enough to click a link on an email that infected my computer with a virus. Brian came to my aid and eradicated the virus. Thanks very much to Brian and the crew at MCW!

Best Regards”

-Blake W. (08/02/13)

“Thank you for all of the hard work you put into getting my computer back up and running like new and for all of the hard work you put into it. You don’t know how much I appreciate it. Thank you very much everyone.”

-Dennis S. (08/01/13)

“As always, I was amazed and grateful for the support of Brian L. He is professional, knowledgeable, caring and eager to help. He gave me excellent advice on how to prevent an ongoing challenge.

Thank you for the incredibly high quality people you have working at your company.”

-Sherri B. (08/01/13)

“I think Jeremy did a wonderful job, I am very pleased with my computer now. I have told both of my daughters about you all. Thanks again, you all do great work!!!!”

-Charlene C. (7/30/13)

“Ed was great, and with his help, my computer is working again. I am a past customer who was VERY unhappy with the service response, and left some time ago. Ed has convinced me to give it another try. I have paid for a year in advance.”

-Donna S. (7/30/13)

“Jason F. helped me today with an ongoing problem. He was incredibly supportive, knowledgeable, informative, thorough and patient. I greatly, greatly appreciate your company (Mr. Ford in particular) hiring such experienced people.

I am so glad that you are my source for computer problems.

Thank you for your continued attention to having extraordinary employees.”

-S. Bearman (7/29/13)

“Thank you for being there for us. (me) Nick did a great job and as always your people are helpful and polite.”

-Marjorie M. (07/29/13)

“I am very happy I called “mycomputer works”. The tech who worked on my computer had a job on his hands – but – he did the job my computer is up and running and I don’t (yet) have to buy a new computer. Great job, everyone!!!”

-M. weller (07/29/13)

“Another great experience with Billy D. Hope I got his name right. He is so kind and so helpful. He helped me set up my wireless device to my computer and was so patient with me. You have a great team.”

-D. Young (07/29/13)

“This is my 3rd call in so many weeks—all successful! I hadn’t called for about a year, then all these problems.”

-M. Phillips (07/29/13)

“we are very satisfied with all the things that they worked on in our computer. it is amazing what they can over the phone. our computer works like new.we are very happy what michael done. no one could do better.we appreciate the good company you have.”

-G. Slay (7/29/13)

“Great experience with both techs. Together they spent over 10 hrs working on my computer after i was “hacked” greatly appreciate what they both took time to do for me.”

-P. Palmer (07/24/2013)

“Having written a Christian book (Come Walk with Me to Glory”), I was horrified when the message “Your computer is about to crash!” flashed on the screen .It was on a Sunday, but “My Computer Works” was available, efficient, reassuring, and successful. They will back up everything daily from now on. That is very comforting, they were great, and I am grateful!”

-D. Matlock (07/24/2013)

“Just want to thank you for helping me with my computer problems today.

I hope I wrote down the suggestions you made so I don’t have problems with the same things.

Many thanks for all of you at My Computer works.”

-B. Davis (7/23/13)

I just wanted to say what a great job Brian did today in helping me solve a recurring problem. He created a work around until I can get a new printer/scanner/fax machine. Fantastic job and speedy too.
Kudos! Patricia”

-Patricia B. (7/23/13)

“I want to tell you how happy I have been with MCW, service dept. All the techs have been very polite & helpful, with my problems, which have many, in the last few days. Keep up with the good work”

-T. Tabback (7/8/13)

“I had upgraded my computer from Windows XP to Windows 7. B. Barron had initially started working with me several weeks ago, explaining in detail everything I had to do, what disks I needed to use, and what to purchase to back up my documents. This past week he began backing up everything on my computer. His shift had ended before it was done so Nik J. took over for the remainder of the day and then continued to work with me that first day. The next day Nik continued working with me to do the upgrade, and he stayed with me all day until it was done – late into the day. He was off July 4 but told me I could call him Friday (today) if I had any problems or questions. I did call him today and Nik called me back and worked with me until he resolved some of the problems I was having. He also explained with great patience whatever questions I asked.

I am a senior citizen who does not know anything about computers so this seemed like a week-long ordeal for me, but I would like to tell you that Bryan Barron and Nik J. have been so patient and kind in their way of explaining things and in fixing everything.

You should know that I would recommend anyone to My Computer Works, young or old. I intend to stay with you as a customer not only because you make all this computer “stuff” a little less painful, but most especially because of the two technicians I was “introduced” to in these past few weeks. You have two wonderful people working there in Bryan and Nik. Their knowledge, thoroughness, kindness, and patience does your company proud.

Thank you so very much from a happy and relieved customer!”

-A. Grandinetti (7/8/13)

“Telephone service was provided by Damon; he expertly guided me through the steps to fix a monitor display caused by an errant finger stroke. Superb service – much appreciated. Respectfully,”

-J. Guest (7/8/13)

“I would like to express my gratitude for your excellent customer service. Your service is the best I’ve encountered.
Again, thank you for your exceptional service.”

-S. Hauck (7/8/13)

“Thanks for being there for me. Jesse finally got my computer up and running with all my data restored. Keep up the good work!”

-V. Smith (7/8/13)

“Great Service, Very Knowledgeable, Would Referral To Anyone, Fast Call back time.”

-Darci T. (7/2/13)

“The service I received this evening was awesome. Tech was able to help me compress a huge file of photos down so that I could email them. He found smallpdf.com which is amazing.
Thank you MCW Tech. :)”

-Susan S. (7/2/13)

“I was totally satisfied with the work rendered on my computer. We as people of other professions are not so inclined to the PC, so we need your organization to make sure it all works.
Sometimes we ask questions that may be simple or mundane, but you have to remember where we come from.
I am sure if you come into my field, you would also be lost.

-Antonio B. (7/1/13)

“As usual the the work done was excellent and I hope you thank Chris for the work that he did and I’m not sure what could have caused the problems.
I thank you very much for the work that was done and I hope it does not come back again.
Thank You again!”

-Joseph W. (6/28/13)

“I really appreciated the fast callback to my request for a computer repair call. This was doubly appreciated.

Your techs have always been the best to be found. Now you seemed to have also solved the waiting for callback problem. I am very pleased. I am not even complaining about the increase in the yearly contract fee.”

-Louise F. (6/28/13)

“After a long session to remove many virus- Patrick H. was very successful in restoring the windows 7 on my H-P desk top .Thanks for all the dedicated hard work.”

-Robert (6/28/13)

“Very satisfied. Your technician, Mr. Grayling S. was fast, efficient, and friendly.”

-Roger S. (6/24/13)

“Thank you so much for helping my husband with his computer! He thinks you are amazing! He told me what a great job you did. Thank you again!”

-Billie & Rob L. (6/24/13)

“Having tried a number of times to open a file with high resolution
photos, I decided to ask for help from MCW. Your technician, Paul F.
was a life saver! This is the second time he has come to my rescue
during a real crisis. Not only is he knowledgeable and an expert in
his field, but he always tackles each problem with patience and
sensitivity to those of us that rely on MCW for assistance.
What a real asset you have MCW!”

-Christina M. (6/24/13)

“Your guys are so awesome. No matter what the problem, they try their best to find answers for me. Sometimes it is not possible, but they certainly give their best efforts.”

-Kathy P (6/21/13)

“David was the tech that worked on my computer today…i think he did an outstanding job and (SHOULD BE GIVE 5 DAYS OFF WITH PAY)…
well if not 5 days at least give him a great pat on the back…i feel he did a great job.”

-Judy J. (6/21/13)

“I am completely satisfied by the great support provided by Tyler on 6/18/13 PM. Also I have recommended “My Computer Works” to two friends.”

-Burt S. (6/19/13)

“BILLY D YOU DA MAN!!! Thanks for your help in straightening out my computer!

Happy Day!”

-Kitty P. (6/19/13)

“The sound had gone out on my computer, twice. Although this made little difference in my watching South Korean movies on Netflix, as the subtitles are pretty clear, it was a bit unnerving. I called MCW for help, being a person who went through a series of careers armed only with a variety of typewriters and carbon paper. A tech assistant from MCW named Joe responded with a call back. He was very patient with my obvious computer ignorance, and did not raise his voice. Instead, he must have considered that in some future time, even he might be considering that the latest ESP NET implant universal network system might just be a passing fancy, might one day consider making a similar call for help. In any event, he talked me through a series of on screen check boxes which turned my computer over to him for 45 minutes. During that time, in which I followed his instruction to busy myself in another part of the house, he went through my computer like the proverbial dose of salts, updating, adjusting, replacing and adding cookies and other electronic delectable. When I came back 45 minutes later, Joe’s signature numbers eighteen was on the screen along with an inside telephone number in the event I still had a problem.

I cannot stress enough, how satisfied I am with the results of Joe’s procedures, which I suspect were well beyond the call of duty, but made this customer very happy.

Thank you for your service, and for you excellent personnel screening that produces technical support people like Joe. It is easy to become exasperated with people who did not grow up with the computer and still hits the keys too hard on some occasions, or waves a left hand in the air, trying to move an invisible platen from left to right.

Perhaps a cryptic, “A-1 Svc. tks” would have been sufficient, but I wanted you to paint a picture of my experience, which made my day!

Thank you once again, for your excellent service, and for hiring Joe as your technical representative.”

-Tom M. (06/19/13)

“Nik J. straightened out my horrendous problems with, Internet. Explorer, Google, AOL. Amazon, HP printing and now everything works faster than I can remember. I was considering dumping my dual core Sony and I have now dismissed that thought. I did not have a strange technician in my home, I did not have to answer a thousand questions and my interaction was minimal and the result outstanding. I was concerned about on line repair and now I would not even consider
an in home visit. MY COMPUTER WORKS!!!!! I also had a positive
discussion with Roger in sales who was very helpful. I will recommend
My Computer Works.”

-Jack D. (6/17/13)

“Once again my computer is running like a charm! Thank you Jesse. I appreciate the advice.

Great service!”

-Martha C. (6/13/13)

“To the people connected to My Computer Works,

Whoever came up with the brilliant idea for the program, we the people with computers, thank you!

I can’t tell you how much I appreciated all the hours the techs put in finding the infection on my computer and getting rid of it.

The technicians are unbelievably knowledgeable, courtesy and helpful.

I have already started to spread the word about My Computer Works and I’ll share my good experience on Facebook.”

-Shirley H. (6/13/13)

“Brian B. did an especially nice job on this….I lost all my email addresses and only on this computer. Vista laptop stayed up.”

-John H. (6/12/13)

“Just wanted to send you a note thanking you for your excellent work. Techs were A1 in getting my PC back up and running. Also the techs were friendly and courteous throughout the repairs. Again thanks, Jim”

-Jimmy H. (6/10/13)

“I would like to tell you how pleased I am with the technician(Chris) and the time he took to
find the solution to my problem. I signed up for the service on a continuing basis and know
that if I have a problem or a question that it will be corrected or answered to my satisfaction.
Thank you, My Computer Works, cause MY COMPUTER WORKS!!!”

-Bob L. (6/10/13)

“Mark W. came onto my computer and downloaded the software and drivers to sync my desktop with my android smartphone. Things are working perfectly.

Your techs are always very friendly, knowledgeable and professional! Great team!”

-Kathy R. (6/10/13)

“My husband and I are definitely happy with “my computer works”. We are seniors and not very computer savvy so we like the convenience of doing our computer business over the phone and not leaving our home!!!
We would recommend this service to our friends.”

-G. & S. Miller (6/7/13)

“This is a thank you for all of the work that was done by you on my computer. It is working wonderful and the best it has ran for a long time. Chris 30 did a great job and gave me control of the computer and not the people who worked on it last. I am at loss for words but Thank You very much and I hope to speak to Cris at the end of the month to see if the computer has ran into any other problems.
Thank You Very Much and

May God bless you all.
J. Weber.”

-J. B. Weber (6/3/13)

“For the past year, My Computer Works has been taking care of computers in my office and home. Your services have been outstanding in every aspect. You can be extremely proud of your entire staff. For all, I am very grateful.

I have received your e-mail in which you stress that you live on referrals. If you will send me the e-mail or other addresses of the companies or others, I shall be pleased to let them know of your outstanding services.

I wish you continued success and the very best.

Thank you very much.”

-S. L. Pollock, DMD, JD (6/3/13)

“Joe H., technician helped me with my computer problem 5/30/2013 at 9 a.m. Joe is a terrific technician…..PATIENT, KNOWLEDGEABLE, AND THOROUGH. He’s SOOO POLITE. He deserves a raise and LOOOONG term employment!”

-D. Flug (6/3/13)

“Thank you for fixing my computer after it was corrupted. Ed, Billy and Chad were helpful, knowledgable and courteous in working with me.”

-R. Maiers (6/3/13)

“Michael R. worked on my computer today. He did a wonderful job at putting my mind at ease regarding malware issues and security questions. He was knowledgeable
professional and answered my questions courteously and completely.

Nice to know My Computer Works has such qualified people on the job.


-M. Marquez (6/3/13)

“Your the best!!!!! How do they do it!!!!
Michael was soooo polite while I was losing it!!!!thanks mike hope we chat again!!!”

-J. Hunsinger (6/2/13)

“Your technicians did a wonderful job of restoring my computer, explaining things so I clearly understood. They made me feel less stressed about being without my computer lifeline for a number of days. I knew I could put my trust in their expertise.

Thanks to all of you who participated in solving my problems.


-K. Reilly (6/3/13)

“Call back was right on time. Answered all my questions. Service was well worth the extra cost per month.”

-A. Hogue (6/4/13)

“Doug put in several hours of work on our system involving a new computer; transfer of backed up data; setting up new computer system for service by MCW.

He was knowledgeable, courteous, amiable at all times, and explained things to us plainly and clearly. A very pro!!!!
Thanks again Doug!!!!”

-Charles S. (6/4/13)

“I have a great experience with MCW again this morning. I’m traveling and my email was not working properly. I called MCW and everything is running smoothly just like I never left home. MCW…..Thank you.”

-S. Shreve (6/5/13)

“I am so happy, Nik did a great job… and it was a pleasure working with him. Ed was a great first person and intro to the company. Thank you to every one there.”

-Toni H. (05/29/13)

“Thank you so much to Paul. He spent hours updating our computer. He was patient and explained many things to us. Great Customer Service PAUL!!!!”

-Janis and Joe T. (05/28/13)

“Fidencio solved my problem quickly, and made sure that I was satisfied with the result. He also gave me a tip to help me maintain my computer better. Great customer service.”

-Suzanne W. (05/22/2013)

“Joe did an excellent job. He was very patient with me.”

-Peter B. (05/22/2013)

“Once again, My Computers Works did the Job and went Above & Beyond. My most recent technician, Jesse E, fixed my computer issue in less than an hour and install Microsoft Security Essentials. I agree to the Single Support Incident and am thoroughly SATISIFIED with the Outstanding service. The team of technicians are all highly trained, professional and personable.
Personally I feel MCW is the very best and would NEVER think of going elsewhere for any of my computer issues. Their body of work on my desktop & laptop is second to none.
Needless to say, I am a very satisified and happy customer. Thank you or the excellent service , simply put you guys are the BEST!!!”

-James N. (05/21/2013)

“As always MCW does it again, I had many issues with my computer, but tech jesse got it up and running like new, I give MCW 5***** for excellent service”

-Jesse G. (05/21/2013)

“David did a great job this afternoon getting my questions answered and bringing me up to date. It is a pleasure to work with such an expert!”

-Joel L. (05/15/13)

“As usual, very competent and professional service. David, your technician was excellent.”

-Patrick O. (05/15/13)

“I called MCW to fix my computer issues, Brian was the technician that solved the problems. He was professional, knowledgeable and was very understanding. I would definitely recommend MCW. I have used MCW for many years and am never disappointed.”

-Jennifer (05/14/13)

“As long as I have a PC or Mac I’ll have MCW. Love MCW”

-Manny (05/13/2013)

“Thank you for your exceptional service. I am most pleased and grateful.”

-Victoria P. (05/13/2013)

“Jason was great thanks so much for the help”

-Greg C. (05/10/2013)

“I wish to thank your technicians who recently helped me with a hard drive failure. Last Friday, I contacted MCW about what I though was a minor email problem. Unfortunately, your technician informed me my hard drive on my laptop was failing. I became totally distraught as I am a computer novice and rely on my computer for my home business. Your technician told me what to do. Over the weekend, I called your service several times for further guidance. Every technician was knowledgeable, understanding and courteous. I give your service five stars!! Hopefully, I will not need to bother you anymore on this issue.
Once again, thanks from a satisfied customer.”

-Bud H. (05/07/2013)

“Hi guys, your tech 30 fixed my computer today and I couldn’t be more happy. Your tech was very smart & courteous. Thanks for the great service.”

-Jerry P. (05/06/2013)

“Outstanding professionalism and technical help today by Jeremy L. Very much appreciated. Thank you.”

-Gene M. (05/04/13)

“Always a job well done and I’m so glad I found your company.
The techs are always so patient not to mention meticulous!!!”

-Ann M. (05/04/2013)

“We have had contact with four of your technicians this week. They are all helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. They not only have computer skills, they also have people skills. Thank you for the great service”

-Clarence and Shirley S. (05/04/2013)

“Tyler was great! Good work ya’ll”

-Rich S. (05/03/2013)

“Had an absolutely excellent experience with Computer Repair. My computer’s running like a charm; Jeremy was the best – very professional and friendly.”

-Donna N. (05/03/2013)

“I really appreciate your service. It is so easy to use, all I need to do is follow your instructions and when you are connected to my computer you take it from there. I don’t have to go through hundreds of instructions. My technician that helped me, Billy, was friendly and knowledgeable and fixed my computer while I was able to go and relax. Thank you for providing an easy way to keep my computer running at its best.”

-Becky W. (05/02/2013)

“[Jason and Jeremy] both did a very good job as this was a major problem & took them in many directions & most of the day to get it solved. The blue screen problem does not seem to be a problem now.”

-Georgia P. (05/02/2013)

“I would like to compliment your company for having such dedicated and efficient personnel. Greg Titus and your very professional Technician were both excellent in the way they handled the repair to my computer. I will recommend your company to my friends in the film industry.”

-Patrick O. (05/01/2013)

“[Ryley] did a great job. I am adding a Synology DS 413 to my system and I really don’t understand the whole technology thing even though i am doing a lot of reading to try and understand it. I did the basic installation then called My Computer Works. He explained things and broke them down so I added to my understanding and I watched as he did things then he explained them in a way that they made sense. Thank You for having patient caring Technicians at my computer Works.”

-Bob & Ginger F. (05/01/2013)

“Just wanted to give a quick shout out to remind you guys what a talented, efficient and pleasant person Chris C was to work with. Not only did he effectively accomplish cleaning up and restoring my laptop to a faster performance, but he also shared with me some ways to extend and protect my laptop. Chris is a valuable asset to the “My Computer Works” team and I hope the next time I need to call, he’s there to help me.”

-Shannon L (05/01/2013)

“Always friendly and helpful. Speaks to my level of competency and are always willing to configure to my specific needs.”

-Kathy P. (4/30/2013)

“The last Technician, whose name is “David”, was especially pleasant and competent. He completed my restoration, including combining some duplications I had created, with great efficiency and helpfulness.”

-Michael H. (4/30/2013)

“I am so happy with MCW I tell everybody I know, about you. I have received the best help from the most patient & professional people.
Thank you for your services. I am a member from the first day.”

-Theresa T. (4/26/2013)

“Your technicians are awesome. They are knowledgeable, patient, and persistent. I might get frustrated waiting for a call back, but once they are on my computer I get their complete attention for as long as it takes.”

-Barb F. (4/25/2013)

“You guys are great. Thanks for getting this computer working better and helping find the problem and getting me started on new ways to get things done”

-Charlotte C. (4/24/2013)

“The response time was almost immediate and the tech(Mark) was polite and very fast at taking care of my problem”

-Chuck R. (4/23/2013)

“Thanks for the great service I received by Jason B.
He helped me with VERY little time spent on my computer. Wonderful !”

-Sharon O. (4/23/2013)

“As always your techs call me back and answer all my questions and fix my computer. and give me food for thought when I ask about purchasing something new. And as always they speak the best English. Thank You Bob”

-Bob & Ginger F. (4/19/2013)

“Your employee was very helpful and professional. I felt like I certainly received excellent service”

-Gaye C. (4/18/2013)

“We have been fans of My Computer Works for years but today we received even more exceptional service from one of your tech’s…Nik J. My husband’s laptop got infected with a very ugly virus and we were so afraid it was going to be the demise of his computer and all of his work files. When Nik J. reached out to us, in response to our call for service, we instantly knew we were in competent hands. It wasn’t easy, but Nik J. was tenacious, and knowledgeable, and fixed the problem. He is our hero!!! I hope you know what a valuable employee you have in Nik J. He is awesome!!!

Thank you again for your consistently superior customer service.”

-Michele T. (4/17/2013)

“Thank you for ALWAYS fixing my computer when I call!
You are the best!!!”

-Missy E. (4/17/2013)

“I had my computer problems taken care of by Nic today and he did a great job . When he called me back my MagicJack phone didn’t work my computer was off so I didn’t get to talk with him. Nic did everything I asked of him plus more. He cleaned up my computer and removed many unnecessary programs.”

-Gary P. (4/16/2013)

“I’m not writing because the Tech did not do a good job! I’m writing because Chris C #30 did a phenomenal job! He explained some things so well that I needed to know due to things that happen quite often that I never understood! He is so professional and yet friendly and easy to talk with! He’s a definite keeper! :)

Thanks for having such a fantastic service. I’ve been with you all for several years and it has been so great to avoid the frustration that occurs when my computer does something strange and I can call MCW!”

-Ruth W. (4/16/2013)

“Yesterday, Monday, I sent a request on line for tech support.
The fellow that worked on my computer was Nik. Let me tell you,
You have a GEM there! Nik was very polite, professional and friendly!
… And fixed both of my computers!
Nik, asked me if I had any questions, when he was finished. I told him
That I did and he answered the questions in a very detailed manor…so
That I fully understood the answers.
Nik is VERY efficient and I felt relieved that all of the issues
I was having had been taken care of!
I was even told how to recognize and avoid certain issues that I had, had
Before he worked on my computer problems!
I am going to request him the next time I need any assistance!
I feel very confident in his knowledge about computers and he goes that extra mile to help
Eliminate and stress on my part!
I hope that you will recognize what a valuable employee you have there!”

-Darlene C. (4/16/2013)

“I just wanted to thank Ed, Chris, and Doug for all their help in resolving my situaton recently.

My computer was making a noise, and I mentioned it to some “techy” guys at work who said they would “look at it”. They had it for about 24 hours, when I got it back, I had the same noise, at this point I wondered if they even looked at it, and if they did, what could they have done? That’s when I called My Computer Works. Ed expalined how MCW works and how they take over your computer remotely without anyone coming out to your home. Then, Chris found all types of malware, spyware, and viruses, and from what he was seeing it looked like a 10th grader had worked on it (which didn’t surprise me, knowing these guys at work). Chris asked me if I had paid the guys at work to fix my computer and seemed very concerned telling me I should get my money back. Luckily, I hadn’t paid them anything. Chris then removed all of the issues my computer was having and found that the noise was one of my fans. After cleaning it out as he instructed, the noise was gone. I then had some more questions about things I was seeing in my recycle bin. I then spoke to Doug who answered all my questions and put my mind at ease. This situation really made me appreciate this type of service and would definitely recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in this type of situation.”

-Paul M. (4/14/2013)

“The service work with Billy, my tech person, today was very professional.

I would recommend him highly.”

-Sandi Borup (4/12/2013)

“Your Tech Billy D. did an awesome job !!!! Thanks Billy !!!”

-Mike M. (4/11/2013)

“Jessie was great! Very helpful, explained things so I could easily understand.”

-Joanie C. (4/9/2013)

“A huge “THANK YOU” to Ryley O. for his outstanding service in repairing my computer and also his educating me on some needed points.
Because I work on this computer 10 to 12 hours per day, it must be in top shape and operate at all times. I am thankful to have discovered your company and your topnotch personnel. I am your customer for life! Thank you so very much.”

-Forest W. (4/9/2013)

“Thanks. The service was excellent and complete. Yes I will
recommend My Computer to my friends and associates.”

-Pat T. (4/8/2013)

“As usual, you guys did a super job. It is so easy to keep my computer running smoothly.

-Jackie S. (4/8/2013)

“I appreciate the very good service that I received to clear all the bugs my computer had. Especially Doug was very patient with me because I am not computer swavey.”

-Catilda (4/6/2013)

“I just want to say that Doug really does a good job. The last couple of times I’ve had him he has always resolved current problems and then finds other issues and fixes them as well. He’s knowledgeable, polite and intelligent. Kudos to Doug!!!”

-Susan E. (4/4/2013)

“Once again MCW came to my aid. Don’t know what I’d do without you! Tech, Jessie, was very nice and easy to understand.Also very fast.”

-Susan C. (4/3/2013)

“Had some printer software issues that I was unable to figure out and Joe came to the rescue. You guys are worth every nickel when my computer or printers are down. Joe also took the time to explain a few things to me that he felt would help me in my business and make searches a bit easier. All greatly appreciated by me.”

-Shawn D. (3/28/2013)

“I was LONG overdue for computer maintenance. Brian B was very patient although he must have realized early on my computer needed extensive cleanup. Great job Brain!”

-Sharon M. (3/27/2013)

“You guys are something else…The service is excellent. Your help is so rewarding for peace of mind. If I have a problem, the latest was kind of trivial, your solution is right there for me. Thank you much.”

-Joe F. (3/25/2013)

“Just wanted to thank Lee for helping me with the mess I made on my computer!! So thankful you guys are there for me”

-Debbie Y. (3/24/2013)

“I would like to compliment Paul for the excellent work that he did on my computer tonight. Actually, all the guys that have worked on my computer recently. New computer and I keep getting myself messed up.
Thank you all again, couldn’t do without you.”

-Jeanne R. (3/22/2013)

“I want to compliment Tyler on the work he did today! The job was a big one, but he stayed on it until it was completed. I asked him a number of questions which he was kind enough to spend time with me so that I would be better informed! I am very pleased with him and all of the Techs that have helped me at various times!”

-Ruth W. (3/21/2013)

“The computer tech was pleasant, courteous and knowledgeable. Ryley explained what was going on and answered questions that I had.
Thank you.”

-Connie R. (3/21/2013)

“I’m very happy with the service I received. Glad I found you and will refer you to all I know. Josh was very helpful and polite. Chris was exceptionally nice, fast worker and courteous. I’m very impressed..
Thanks so much.”

-Laura H (3/21/2013)

“I just wanted to say that my tech Joe did an outstanding job…Thank you Joe and my computer works”

-Lynda W. (3/20/2013)

“Tyler was a great help to me today with my computer problems. I very much appreciate his ability to get my computer working again.”

-Joan L. (3/18/2013)

“Jeremy did a great job. He was very competent, nice, patient and most importantly fixed my problem. Every time I have called I get excellent service!”

-Arnold S (3/17/2013)

“I have been a customer of My Computer Works for several years now and appreciate having your services available whenever the need arises.

This week, during an especially stressful work situation when time was of the essence to get an offer in quickly or lose the property, it appears my system was compromised when my home network was taken over by another network. Luckily I didn’t lose information, however, I was unable to send emails and lost my wireless connection, which in-turn did not allow me to scan or print. It was very frustrating! When I called MCW the tech (Jessie E) was unable to view my computer remotely, which is the first time this has happened. He could get into the system but there was only a black screen. He suggested I contact Cox, my Internet provider, which I did. My wireless router and Internet cable box needed to be replaced (both purchased within one year) and Cox set up a new home network for me. My next service call was again answered by Jessie E.

Jessie was very patient and friendly to work with. He got my wireless printer and scanner reconnected, cleaned up my computer, ensured all my vital upgrades were completed and that all my antivirus software was current and ran a security scan. I ended up dealing with him three different times from this initial issue and each time he was great to deal with.

I am not tech savvy nor do I pretend to be. I know that can be frustrating to the person having to deal with me. Jessie was ever-patient and if it irritated him at any point, he never let me know.

Thank you once again for all you do for me and hiring great, professional people like Jessie to assist your clients.”

-Alene U. (3/13/2013)

“Shaun did an outstanding job cleaning up my computer today. Thank you.”

-Dolores R. (3/11/2013)

“Lee helped me today. He was great at explaining tech stuff in a way I could understand and was very patient with all of my questions.
Thanks for a job well done!”

-Sandy N. (3/9/2013)

“I couldn’t let this opportunity go by to Thank Jason for his calm and polite approach to his position. Jason was helpful and patient with me ( fairly uneducated in computer activity)

I appreciate his work and service mentality and will certainly turn to your firm for assistance.

Have a great week end and please thank Jason for me.”

-Mick T. (3/9/2013)

“Nick spent a tremendous time cleaning my PC and then spent some time explaining to me, clearly!, what I needed to do to help maintain the Security I am using. THANK YOU!!! Nick.

I asked Nick to set me up with an appointment for the next day so he could clean and install my wife’s computer. Nick called me at the exact appointed time and spent another tremendous amount of time cleaning then installing the Security needed. He also took time to explain the Security measures he implemented on this computer so that I clearly understood both computers I need to check and maintain. If and when I have another issue with one of my computers, I would request Nick to take care of it.

THANK YOU for have a great deal of technically talented workers!!!”

-James H. (3/9/2013)

“I have requested assistance about four or five times in the last 2 weeks (unusual for me). Everything was taken care of patiently and in a very professional and polite way. Especially courteous was Jesse E. yesterday. I am very pleased with my association with My Computer Works!”

-Nancy R. (3/8/2013)

“I am very pleased with the service I received from your technician. The problem seem to be corrected.”

-Brenda D. (3/5/2013)

“Called My Computer Works, computer was broken, and not working properly, called My Computer Works and did a great job fixing my computer. Nik J is the rep that helped me fix my computer, and did an excellent job. Nik fixed the problem of my computer + added spyware, antivirus, firewall protection, and went through files so my computer is saver and doesn’t have the trash that it had. He also provided me with great tips with keeping my computer up to date, and what I should do to keep it running better and safer. Next time I have problems with a computer device I will be it to Nik J.”

-Jonathan B. (3/5/2013)

“My comp was fixed within 30 mins of contacting me. It was done right and everything was fixed. They even ran a scan to make sure I was up to date on all my stuff. This is about the third time I have used your service and am really satisfied with the work.”

-Gerald H. (3/4/2013)

“Nik has worked with me to get my new computer all set up. He helped get everything off the old one and explained everything about the new one. He was AWESOME!!”

-Scott M. (3/4/2013)

“Thank you very much, Tyler. You said you could fix it when another tech told me there was no more that could be done. I appreciate the time you spent and the note to me about RAM. I will get on it. The java works now and that makes me very happy.”

-Lynn (3/4/2013)

“Jason was very helpful today. thank you.”

-Nancy W. (3/4/2013)

“As usual great service from My Computer Works. I called 3/2/2013 due to unidentified malware on one of my computers. Paul called and worked extensively cleaning off any malware and updating my security on my computer. Thanks, Pau,l for both your professionalism and technical know how. It’s great being a customer with My Computer Works – no hassles, no staying on the line during repair, and most of all knowing that you’re in great hands to solve all the issues. My wife and I are delighted to be customers of your great company.”

-Mel and Sharon T. (3/3/2013)

“I was helped today by Tech
Chris #030. He is one of the BEST techs I have ever worked with! He was VERY patient and knowledgeable. I am looking forward to working with him again.”

-Helen H. (2/28/2013)

“Service was great considering my computer was running at a snails pace.
They did a great job and very informative.
Thanks MCW!!”

-Larry R. (2/28/2013)

“Just had your Tech #20, Nik J. completely clean bugs from my computer. He was very thorough and with great patience of an 87 year young computer neophyte. His explanations as he wandered around thru the systems was greatly apprecieted, I look forward to our next encounter.”

-Bill B. (2/28/2013)

“Just wanted to thank Evan and Jason for getting my computer back and cleaned up and running faster than since new. I am very pleased.”

-Jerry H. (2/28/2013)

“Joe worked on my computer this morning, resolving the issues and taking time to explain some things to me that I didn’t quite understand before. Hopefully, now I can clean things up and organize things better so that these issues do not occur in the future.”

-Kathleen R. (2/28/2013)

“You did a great job eliminating my personal stuff by remote. The techs who worked with me were professional, respectful and patient. If I need some help again I will certainly give you a call.”

-Lynn H. (2/26/2013)

“Kevin did an excellent job on getting my computer running better.”

-Mary Lea B. (2/26/2013)

“I received help with my photo program from Joe H. today. He not only fixed the problem but explained the easiest way for me to transfer photos onto my computer. He discovered some ‘hijacking’ in my computer and explained how to avoid it in the future. Polite and knowledgeable. It really made my day – I highly recommend My Computer Works to anyone with a computer issue.”

-Jennifer J. (2/25/2013)

“Tyler did a great job fixing a number of things.”

-Georgia P. (2/22/2013)

“What I thought was an easy fix for your guys turned out to be an all day service call. It started with Tyler, went to Brian and ended with Paul. They were all fabulous and kept me up to date with what was going on with my computer. I’m very happy that I signed up for a one year contract.So, all in all, this was a wonderful experience. I took a chance calling your company and am very happy with the results.”

-Patty F. (2/20/2013)

“I was very impressed with the service you supplied to help me remove a serious virus from my laptop. My initial contact was with Josh who was very helpful and informative. Billy was the technician that did the actual removal, he was very friendly and thorough and did eventually clean up my computer which is now working fine. I have already given your company name to a couple a friends and intend to tell more. Thank you for the excellent service.”

-Barry S. (2/19/2013)

“My compliments to Tyler for helping me with my photo program. Appreciate his explanation and recommendation on various topics. Another pleasant experience from My Computer Works. The techs are always friendly, polite and very knowledgeable on all types of computer issues. Appreciate the help.”

-Jennifer J. (2/18/2013)

“I am once again pleased to say that your technicians were fantastic.

Ryley and Brian B both worked on my computer which apparently had MAJOR issues. Everything seems to be working fine now and much faster. It was a long day but they DID IT!”

-Kathy R. (2/18/2013)

“Tyler – To my aid once more –
Successful as always and always as persist ant with patience equal only to his professional knowledge –
I’m running out of superlatives for this MCW tech and it’s Feedback library !”

-Annabel M. (2/12/2013)

“Thanks for having a great guy to deal with Chris #030. Top quality all around!!!!!!”

-Cheri U. (2/12/2013)

“I have subscribed to My Computer Works for past 8 years and very satisfied with the service, friendly, and knowledgeable techs. They go above and beyond offering suggestions, recommendations and answering all my concerns it a non-intimidating manner.
I highly recommend My Computer Works for anyone wanting piece of mind when you encounter a computer issue and are ready to toss it out the window – they always come to the rescue.”

-Jennifer J. (2/9/2013)

“Than you Mark……you guys are the best!!!!!!and you saved all my pictures of my grandson!!!! Means so much!! Many hugs!!!”

-Joan H. (2/9/2013)

“Just to say thank you for the service your tech. did on my computer today.
He fixed problems plus helped me solve several that I personally was not equipped to figure out myself

I am extremely happy with your service thank you again”

-Charlotte C. (2/8/2013)

“I was very impressed with John’s persistence with our problem. Hopefully this will fix it…a little time will tell…but he never gave up.”

-Georgia P. (2/8/2013)

“Nick did a great job. Everything seems to be running much better. Thanks!!”

-Wayne B. (2/8/2013)

“Jessie was awesome. He was very friendly and my computer is now working much better!!

You guys ROCK!”

-Elizabeth K. (2/7/2013)

“This has been the least stressful problem solving time I have ever experienced. My technician’s name was Joe and he walked me through everything that we did. I realize you are a busy operation but he made me feel complete at ease and I ended up with a smile on my face, by computer running at mach speed, and all my questions answered. I also know if I have to wait two or more days to be able to have Joe as my tech I will wait until he is free to handle whatever arises in the future. Thank you so much for hiring a young man who takes time to put the “other” generation at ease.”

-Roz J. (2/7/2013)

“OK, guys – you ALL rock! But I gotta take a moment to send a special word of THANKS! to Mark! Yesterday AND today you soooooo kindly walked me through the task at hand – never made me feel stupid ‘cuz I know verrrrrrry little about the computer world – and all-in-all did a STELLAR job for me.
I applaud you and REMAIN DELIGHTED that I’ve been a long-time customer of My Computer Works.”

-Bonnie M. (2/6/2013)

“Excellent service from Jason today, as always with MCW. Thanks!”

-Sandy R. (2/6/2013)

“I just wanted to say how happy I am with your service. Jessie helped me last night and answered all my questions and made sure my computer was running correctly.”

-Debbie Y. (2/6/2013)

“Many thanks to Tyler G for fixing the problems with my computer. He spent almost three hours unraveling the mess I had apparently allowed to be created in the system over a period of months. Now my computer runs much faster and doesn’t fill my screen with warning notices! It must take a lot of patience to deal with these messes! Thanks again, Tyler G!”

-Harold M. (2/6/2013)

“As usual a polite, knowledgeable staff getting it done. Thank you Chris C. for this repair and a few tips. And as Arnold Schwarzenegger has said; “I’ll be back”.”

-Reg S. (2/5/2013)

“Last experience was ontime and excellent.”

-Tom S. (2/5/2013)

“I cannot “thank” Lee enough for saving me in this last disaster. He has helped me many times before w/all of the issues that were ongoing since the new computer was set up.

I do request him because he has been through a lot w/me in this year & the situation that was not getting any better through no fault of his but apparently to a corrupted Windows 7 operating system.

I started in the beginning of MCW when there were 6 technicians & I had my doubts at first but then I was thoroughly convinced after having gone through the problems I had. My son is an engineer at Intel & used to help me w/the ongoing things that would happen, but his knowledge was not in the field of trouble shooting, so MCW became a blessing for me.

I have recommended your service to many people, I don’t know if they ever sign up, but I understand your company has grown a lot over the years, that speaks for itself.

Again I just want to say I really appreciate Lee & his patience through all of the situations I have encountered in this year.”

-Michele R. (2/4/2013)

“Paul. He is very knowledgeable, competent, efficient and courteous with his customers which is why I’ll be requesting him when possible.

I teach full-time so when I work at home or the office and need computer help, my time is very valuable. Paul is able to fix/repair my computers in a reasonable amount of time and is able to explain to me what he is doing and why he is doing something to my computer.”

-Albert L. (2/2/2013)

“My laptop has been having problems with blue screen, display drivers, etc. on a monthly basis. Your techs get it going again, but I think I have a “lemon” notebook from day 1. This evening Lee G. worked on my computer. As usual did a great job. He got things going again. Thanks again for great service!”

-Karen S. (1/29/2013)

“Looks like you have done a excellent job. If I need anything else I will let you know. thanks for being so polite to an old man who is not as fast as I used to be.”

-Don (1/29/2013)

“I lost Aol and Google do to a mishap and was unable to restore them even with help. I searched repair services ,as I was unhappy with Nerds to Go ,I chose My Computer Works based upon the remote control concept, I previously turned over access and control to windows and recognized this was the ideal repair service without the hassle of home visits or driving to the shop.
David S. responded within 2 hours and with very little explanation of my requirements he guided me through the remote access process and said give me a few minutes and you will be able to see what I am doing and I will call you back when I am finished. My computer appeared exactly the same as it was before the
shut down only it was Faster. I would recommend and certainly use
My Computer Works again.”

-Jack D. (1/25/2013)

“The service was wonderful and the tech was great. All was done & I am very pleased with your service!”

-Jill G. (1/25/2013)

“I would like to send a commendation on two of your excellent techs.

1. Mark Woods
2. Jason Faulkner
Both of these gentlemen had the greatest of patience with me and knowledge of what we were trying to do. I have just upgraded to Windows 8 from XP and the problems I have encountered have been many. I know that trying to work our way through each of these has taken a lot of time and it still has not all been resolved, but each day I had finally reached a saturation point where I couldn’t do anymore. I commend each of them for helping me work through problems as we came across them. Your service has been a godsend and I am so glad that I have it.”

-Janna M (1/24/2013)

“Thank you for the excellent and fast service ! Great tech, knew exactly what he was doing. Looking forward to your service support now !”

-David T. (1/22/2013)

“As always we receive nothing but professionalism when we call MCW for computer assistance. Jessie was our technician tonight and he was friendly, polite, and what every customer wants when they have a problem. He was quick and answered all of our questions ad solve the problem we had. Thanks Jessie!”

-Melvin T. (1/23/2013)

“I recommend My Computer Works to everyone who has computer issues. You guys are so professional and knowledgeable. This morning Chad was my technician and he did a great job. He is friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Thank you!”

-J. Smith (12/31/2012)

“Here is an “atta boy” for my new best friend Paul who is a tech in your company.

I have been trying to get my computer to take email and have it go into my desk copy of outlook for 3 or 4 days. I talked to a couple people in your organization and they suggested i go back to my company where I got the email and make sure I had all the settings right. Well I finally got Paul -Tech #14 and he FIXED IT!! He found something that didn’t look right that lead to something else, to something else and it was a MIRACLE.

I want to make sure you know that Paul went the extra steps in helping me.”

-Marcia B. (12/18/2012)

“Your techs are a great help for me thank you have a safe and healthy holiday.”

-George R. (12/15/2012)

“Just wanted to send a quick note to let Paul know I felt he did a great job diagnosing my computer problems and that Evan did a great job on the customer service side.”

-John W. (12/12/2012)

“What a relief it is to be able to call and get competent help when I do something dumb and mess up my computer. Thanks so much for being there for me.”

-Virginia S. (12/6/2012)

“did a fantastic job fast. friendly and stress free”

-Rita C. (10/10/12)

“Tyler was great! Very competent, patient, thorough … and he fixed the problem! Please feel free to use this testimonial”

-Arnold S. (10/10/12)

“I wanted to give you some positive feedback about your technician, by the name of Brett. He was very cordial and friendly, and extremely fast and efficient. I know in this fast paced world you probably get more complaints than compliments, and I wanted to just take a few moments to give you a compliment on a job well done by Brett. I have been a customer of my computer works since you created the company, and Brett sincerely rates among the top technicians that have serviced my computer. Thanks again.”

-Jim W. (10/1/12)

“I must tell everyone how much help My Computer Works techs give me. Not being a techie myself, I would be completely lost and out of business if I didn’t have their help.
The day I signed on to MCW service, was one of my wisest decisions. I usually try to take care of problems myself but I discovered I can’t do what MCW techs can do, not even close. I’ve been struggling with two different problems for days so I finally called MCW today and tech Brett A took care of both issues in about 30 minutes. I am up and running and all is working well. Thanks guys!!”

-Dale P. (9/28/12)

“I like that when I have computer issues, I can call them, get a call back to handle the problem and not even leave my office. Love it and highly recommend it to my friends and clients that don’t like waiting for the computer tech to show up or have to drop off the computer to someone for help.”

-Gary G. (9/27/12)

“I want to express my appreciation for helping me out numerous times. I have always gotten good techs. This time in particular ; I thought my techs,Brett and Sam, went above and beyond to help me. I will and have reccommended you to numerous people. Thanks again from a long-time happy customer!”

-Scott M. (9/25/12)

“Just wanted to say thank you! David S set my computer up for the backup service and did some clean up so my computer runs more efficiently. As always you guys are wonderful!! By the way, David not only did a great job, he has an incredible positive upbeat attitude. Nice surprise to be able to laugh with a techie.”

-Elizabeth K. (9/20/12)

“My message is to draw attention to your- Tyler- who has just resolved a frustrating problem that has stymied many – And – for some time !
I was impressed by his focus – patience and determination – He was not to be defeated ! Tyler fulfills the signature My Computer Works carries and certainly proved to be a miracle worker for this very satisfied customer -“

-Annabel M. (9/20/12)

“I have been with MCW for a while now and used them tonight… They are great with helping me with my issues.. I would recomend them to anyone….”

-Ken L. (9/17/12)

“My Computer Works is a very user friendly, competent business. I need their services two or three times a year, and everytime, they solve my problem the FIRST time. The techs are very knowledgeabe, friendly, and efficient. I wouldn’t think of trying any other service. I am 100% satisfied.”

-Roger S. (9/16/12)

“Just wanted to thank you for helping me again, I have been a customer for many years and you have helped me on so many occasions. Shawn was my tech today and as usual he solved all my problems…I wouldn’t want to own a computer without you and your tech’s…thanks again for helping me…I was a Remax agent for 17 years just moved over to ROG, so i will tell my new office comrades about you!”

-Leone F (9/16/12)


-Sharon A. (9/10/12)

“Loved your service. Not only did my problems get fixed, issues I didn’t even know I had have been improved,,,faster responses, etc. My technician was fast, knowledgeable, and pleasant. Thanks to all of you.”

-Olive M. (8/31/12)

“The two technicians who worked on my computer were wonderful. I was very pleased with the result.”

-Jorene D. (8/29/12)

“This is a very good and a very valuable service. Their technicians are very knowledgeable and efficient. Chad helped me on the phone today and he resolved several critical issues I had with my computer. He was wonderful. I would greatly recommend this service.”

-Boaz R. (8/15/12)

“I have used their services several years and have always found them to be professional and prompt in solving my computer problem to my full satisfaction. When the real estate market first went in the tank Computer Works gave me several months free service.”

-Eva L. (8/10/12)

“Hello, after having issues that I was told could not be resolved ( and a bad experience overall), your tech, Paul called up, did a WONDERFUL job, knew EXACTLY what he was doing and how to do it and did it all with a great personality!!!! Thank you MCW for hiring techs like Paul who represent your company so well and are the reason we make MCW a “must have” in our home!
Thank you!”

-Maggie R. (8/9/12)

“good..i was so glad to find somebody on a saturday afternoon to see if they could fix the problem. and it can be done over the internet, amazing isnt. well, i am in for another round with this computer, but i believe the service to be great. that was my first visit yesterday. thank you, because my computer got back up i was able to stop a mess at the bank. i mean i was able to do an on line transacton, because my was on line. thanks again..smile.”

-Katherine H. (8/8/12)

“Thank You very much. I am very satisfied”

-Deborah L. (8/7/12)

“I’m a new customer and quite satified with your service”

-Doug S. (8/6/12)

“Sunday afternoon, computer crashes….who do you call? MCW!! Thanks for getting us back up and running. You are worth you weight in gold!
Thank you!”

-Judith F. (8/5/12)

“Paul F was my technician this evening. He was great! Knowledgably, helpful and took the
Time to answer questions.”

-Susan H. (8/4/12)

“Thanks so much for helping me with my new Internet company. I thought I would never get it straight! Thanks Jarod, for his fast work. I don’t understand how he handled it so quickly!”

-Alma P. (8/4/12)

“Thanks. Got it fixed . Appreciate it.”

-Ken S. (8/4/12)

“Nice job. Thank you.”

-Philip A. (8/3/12)

“Awesome service. He managed to fix the problem that was supposed to be fixed on call of 7/24/2012″

-Linda H. (8/3/12)

“I love this company. They are knowledgeable and stick with a problem until it is resolved. They help me keep my computer running efficiently and problem free.”

-Greg B. (7/31/12)


-Shari M (7/30/12)

“I purchased a new laptop for my birthday and started to move my files over from my old computer. Did what I could but I needed help and David persevered and got it completed for me. Thanks for a great job.”

-Greg B. (7/27/12)

“great company always helps me out”

-Don U (7/26/12)

“We called MCW and Marie put us in touch with Shawn R. He answered in a timely manner, was customer friendly, had excellent technical skills, fixed all of our problems, checked to be sure all of our questions were answered and was a great technician! Linda and Helen recommend Shawn R for many awards with an ‘atta boy in his portfolio! Marie also! Linda and Helen have been very satisfied MCW customers since the genius, Luke Ford, started his unique Company, My Computer Works! Thank YOU Luke and we recommend YOU and Team for many rewards and continued unique computer leadership! MCW=We Fix Computers! Thank YOU for being “Leader of the Pack”!”

-Helen H. (7/23/12)

“As always, your call back and service has been excellent and professional. I certainly recommend your service to all of my colleagues.”

-Brian G. (7/23/12)

“I had your tech Paul working on my computer for several hours yesterday. During the whole time he kept me advised when he needed to and helped me fix my computer and gave me advice on what NOT TO DO which was as good as what to do. I have my computer working again and not in the trash where it was going soon. Thank you very much for all your help and my best to Paul, he represents your company very well.”

-Lawrence C. (7/16/12)

“I so appreciate all your help over the years!

Not one of you has ever made me feel like,
“Why in the world doesn’t she know this?”.
Your patience is so appreciated!!

Each one of you will have stars in your
“halos” forever!!”

-Sharri W. (7/16/12)

“I want to say “thank you” for your help and especially your patience with me in solving my computer problems. I am a Sr. Citizen, not technical, and this is one reason I decided to use your service. The best part is that when I have a problem, I know that I will have help within the hour. Otherwise, it could take days for me to find someone to help me. Not a good idea for me, or for the person I would as to help.

I’m sure you will be hearing from me a lot. I am glad that I found your ad in the yellow pages of our local phone book.”

-Dee Dee H. (7/15/12)

“My name is Romanetta F. and I have 2 computers on my Computer Works accounts. Today, the computer that my husband uses (Vista) had a very bad virus on it due to going into YouTube and his entire screen was black and all of his icons disappeared! We didn’t know what to do, so I called My Company Works and instead of being placed on the list or within the queue, I asked if we could pay a one time fee to get service right away due to the urgently of this issue. Within 40 minutes a tech named Sam S called and work with my husband’s computer for several hours until he fixed “everything” and now the computer is working wonderfully!

Sam S, you are one in a MILLION!!!! We can not Thank You enough for the wonderful work you have completed for us! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You a thousand times Thank You!”

-Romanetta F. (7/14/12)

“We have been using My Computer Works for at least 5 years. Both my wife and I have an account with them. Though it may take a few hours for them to get to you, it is well worth the wait. Their technicians are great. Brian worked with us today on a Trojan Horse problem and I feel very secure now. Keep in mind that you do pay a monthly fee. But consider, if a computer tech came to your house to do work it would probably cost at least $80 per hr plus travel time. Brian worked with us for three hours today and $29.95. If it took 6 hours it would still be $29.95. If we do not have a problem in any month we have them come in and do a preventative maintenance check out. They make sure your security is up to date and all systems are working right. That all comes to $359.40 a year for unlimited service. At $80 per hour that gives you 4 1/2 hours of service.
Can’t beat that.”

-Dave & Sandra H. (7/12/12)

“Great job again by Jeremy. Thank you!”

-Philip A. (7/11/12)

“Paul helped me out tonight and did a great job not only on solving my computer problems and cleaning it up, but also shared knowledge to help me in my everyday computer needs. Thank you for your fine technicians!”

-Kitty P. (7/9/12)

“I have been a customer of My Computer Works for the past couple of years. I use their back-up service as well as tech assistance. My hard drive crashed and after installing new one, they put all my data back. Saves time and frustration to know they are only a phone call away. Tech are knowledgeable and make sense out of description of what the problem is. I am glad I found them.”

-M. W. (7/3/12)

“My Computer Works is a reliable and legitimate business that fixes your computer and its problems. I have been a customer for two years and have relied on this business for all of my computer’s repair needs. I have been virus free since then!”

-Jim C. (7/1/12)

“My tech today was very respectiveful and excellent in his skill level. Thanks to him!”

-Anita A. (7/5/12)

“I’ve had their service contract for about a year and have nothing to complain about. I haven’t needed help that often but they have been there when I did need it. Very patient and knowledgeable technicians.”

-Liz (7/3/12)

“Subscribing To My Computer Works has been one of the best moves I’ve ever made. I’ve used this service at least once or twice a month for computer problems large and small. Their knowledgeable and courteous technicians have helped me solve my difficulties every time. I use the company’s one-hour service, which saves me a lots of wait time. I guess they’ve spoiled me, because I can’t imagine how I’d get along without them anymore. For that reason I’ve recommended them to all the computer users I know as well as to my fellow club members, the Chicago Prime Timers. We are a bunch of senior citizens who can’t be lugging their machines to the shop for repairs and can’t afford to pay technicians for home service. MCW is perfect for us!”

-Joseph P (7/3/12)

“Been with you since 2007. Always been very satisfied with your service. Brian helped us with one of our PCs today which was causing issues. He hung in with us for 5 hours. Your techs are the best and service is fantastic.”

-Kenyon S. (7/2/12)

“Thank David for his excellence and superb work on my ailing computer. Always a pleasure and a secure feeling to know that you all are my best “wingman” to keep me writing.”

-Frosty W. (7/2/12)

“Once again I am jumping up and clicking my heels with happiness! My Computer Works keeps me comfy and confident that my computer is is good shape. Whenever I have a problem, I just make a quick phone call and with your knowledgeable, personable and friendly techs my troubles disappear. I’ve been with My Computer Works for several years now and every time I use them I say to myself how lucky I am to be with them. Thank you again and again and again and ………”

-Susan C. (6/28/12)

“a great experience was very happy with the work done on my computer, the tech shaun spent 4 hrs fixing it up it is great now”

-Dennis R. (6/25/12)

“Great Team!!! Professional,on time,Connected my printer in about 30 minutes,remotely”

-Mary M. (6/25/12)

“Roy has been a tremendous help, he’s sincere and shows concern for people like myself who are loyal to your service but am not very computer literate. Roy helped me keep my sanity.”

-Peter D. (6/25/12)

“Jeremy did a great job for me this am. Thank you for putting him on to me and getting me fixed up. Really appreciate it.”

-Pat H (6/22/12)

“The customer that we sent to mycomputerworks today called us and said she was thrilled with the service, so thanks for helping out!”

-Morgan D. (6/20/12)

“My tech yesterday analyzed a problem quickly that was driving me CRAZY. A DVD of an interview with my father, now dead, would not play. Turned out to be a bad disc! Thaks!”

-Tom S. (6/20/12)

“Jeremy did an excellent job. Thank you!”

-Philip A. (6/18/12)

“I don’t know who to contact, but I want to express my complete gratification to your tech Jeremy. I had a hard disc replaced and he worked diligently with me for the better part of 3 weeks. He is very knowledgeable and a great tech to work with. He is very understanding to a customers’ needs and is always very professional. I also would like to say the girl who directs the calls to the techs is also great. She is very nice and understanding and when I requested only Jeremy she took care of me. Thanks for the help.”

-James O. (6/18/12)

“Very happy with service”

-George R (6/18/12)

“Just wanted to commend Paul F., tech #14 for doing an awesome job yesterday. He diligently worked through my laptop to get me updated and now it’s running better than ever.

Once again, thanks for the great service!”

-Sandy L (6/16/12)

“Your techs are very helpful and knowledgeable.”

-Sheldon S. (6/14/12)

“My computer was fixed today. I’m not sure of the technican – either Kyle, Keith.
He was very good. Thank you for this wonderful service.”

-Tommie Lou B. (6/9/12)

“Mark W. was an awesome technician! Thank you”

-Jolene G. (6/9/12)

“Just a quick note after Shaun R. worked on my computer! He did a terrific job in addressing
several issues quickly and in a very professional manner!”

-Hal S. (6/8/12)

“on 6/5/2012 , I called My Computer Works, got professional service from Shane . he explain their services, price. the convenience of repairs online is great. my computer was a total mess, many virus. they clean it totally, loaded some free virus protection. the techs, Ronnie and David were super guys, knew their stuff , highly recommend! also received follow up telephone calls the next day 6/62012 to make sure I was pleased with service I received.”

-Richard T (6/7/12)

“I love MCW, and I want you to know how grateful I am to Shaun, Roy P, Michael, Tyler, and Mark who helped me order the new computer over the Internet. It’s finally up and running after their patient help in getting files transferred and compatible with Windows 7. I appreciate their patience in leading me through learning to use Windows 7…what a struggle that has been. Thanks guys, a Bunch!”

-Nadine H (6/5/12)

“Thanks for your help yesterday with Windows Live”

-Barbara D (6/5/12)

“Fred did a great job with my computer issues on Friday 6-1-12. Really appreciated his professional attitude and thorough work! Awesome!”

-Dee P (6/5/12)

“I am very happy with the service that you provide. I would recommend you to anyone.”

-Ruth B. (05/03/12)

“Thank-you for once again providing such a great service for those of us who have “computer troubles.”

I also want to thank the technician David A. for being so patient and helpful.”

-Marjorie M. (04/17/12)

“Thanks guys. Got turned on to you by my daughter. Taken care of last night. Great service and I talked to folks at work today about you guys.. Keep up the good work”

-Ken L (04/13/12)

“I had a nasty virus that was annoying. I called MCW and right away the techs new what was wrong and helped me. Now my computer runs like brand new Thank you.”

-Bill J. (4/10/12)

“Once again you save the day! I love you guys and I don’t know what I would do without you. I like the whole team from the girls answering my call to the techs helping me with my virus. THANK YOU!”

-Angie H. (04/05/12)

“Fidencio did a fine job correcting a problem and doing the tune up.”

-Candace T. (04/03/12)

“Great help and thank you.”

-Lois H. (04/02/12)

“Finding you guys was a great find for me. The peace of mind is wonderful. When I needed help you guys were there, did the job, and were pleasant to deal with. Thank you.”

-Beth R. (3/29/12)

“As always, I’m a big fan of MCW. Once again, your tech took a baffling situation and turned it into a successful one. What would I do without you?!!!!!!”

-Jerry C. (3/26/12)

“Again and again and again MCW comes to my rescue!! Lee G was VERY knowledgeable and helpful. So patient!! Thank you!!!!!”

-Susan C. (3/23/12)

“I recently got a nasty bug on my computer that wouldn’t let me do anything, including go online. Your tech took 3 hours to meticulously go through my system, find the problem and de-bug my main computer. Thank goodness I had you there to take care of this. I’m back in business now. Thanks!!!!”

-Carol G. (3/22/12)

“Kevin O was GREAT!
Good man, solved the problem I didn’t even know was happening, hidden trouble with corrupted Flash Player I would never have seen and he fixed it with no troubles at all.
I mean really who would have noticed a bad Flash player, that’s a good tech, talented and knows what to look for and knows how things should work.
You need to be pretty good to see that.
Good man – good service

-Jack J. (3/20/12)

“I applaud Brian’s work today! My computer was suffering from a somewhat stubborn problem and Brian did not stop until the problem was corrected. It took a while, but he accomplished it. Thanks for Brian and all of your wonderful staff!”

-Ruth W (3/19/12)

“Thank you for fixing my computer. Everything was great from getting things started to the technician who ultimately fixed my computer. I would really appreciate the fact that everyone was so patient with me and my lack of knowledge of what to do. My computer is really running like new. Thank you again.”

-Kris K. (03/16/12)

“Thank you for a good job fixing my computer. It now runs much better. I was very satisfied with your service. I will recommend you to others who need computer repairs.”

-Rober M. (3/14/12)

“Last week I was tormented with a terrible computer virus. As always, I immediately thought of my “life savers” at My Computer Works! Although it took several days to root out the problems and kill that horrible virus, your computer techs worked diligently to solve the problem – I mean diligently!!! They would not give up – thank God – and finally things are back to normal. I cannot stress highly enough how wonderful you are!!!!! People like me that depend on their computers for daily work and yet don’t know how to solve problems that occur are so grateful for your company and the hard work your techs do. I can’t remember everyone’s names but thanks to Bryan, Jared, Kyle, and one more (can’t remember the name) for all you do! You are truly the best!!!!”

-Bill A. (3/13/12 )

I just wanted to let you know that the service I received from Mark W. was excellent. He got rid of our virus in a very short time, fixed another video issue that we had been tolerating and offered wonderful advice on our next computer purchase and other potential problems.
Thank you so much!”

-Debbie N. (3/12/12)

“Thank you so much, for all your help and advice. It has been invaluable to me. It’s a good feeling to know, there is a company of professionals that are honest with you and know what they are doing. Thank you again and I will recommend your services to my friends, family and anyone that needs help with their computer problems. Thank you for your help, it enables me peace of mind.
Sincerely, :)”

-Donna S. (3/9/12)

“Was very happy with my outcome- thank you ROY!! Overall I am very happy with the service – obviously since I think I am going on a couple years now. :)”

-Toni W. (3/8/12)

“Thank you for today and always. Don’t know what I’d do without you!! I panic when there is a problem because I’m very naive when it comes to computers. The peace of mind is worth the cost even if I don’t have a problem.”

-Susan C (03/06/12)

“Shaun contacted me in a timely fashion and helped me with my computer issues. He was customer friendly, technically excellent, was a lot of fun and while we were waiting on corrections, he told me about all of the new You-tube offerings to watch. Shaun has been one of my excellent technical assistants ever since Luke started this unique, one-of-a-kind computer help Company! Please give him an attaboy for his portfolio! I was privileged to attend one of the early MCW seminars conducted by Luke. Luke, keep up the good work and congratulations to you and the MCW Team for keeping way ahead of all the Cyber Space opportunities out there!
Helen H a very happy camper and satisfied customer!”

-Helen H. (3/5/12)

“Very satisfied customer, Lee did an excellent job. Overall Lee did a great job, very personable,professional, and excellent at doing his job, glad my friend told me about you !”

-John C. (3/2/12)

“Don’t know how I lived without these guys… great…”

-Linda W. (2/29/12)

“Roy, did a great job of fixing my computer with very little down time, I give Roy an AWESOME for his service.”

-Mick B. (2/28/12)

“I would encourage you to contact My Computer Works if you are having any problems with you pc,…they rid my pc of several viruses that kept me from logging on. I plan on emailing all my contacts and telling them about how great the techs are and what a great job they do!!”

-Martha R. (2/24/12 )

“Love this company! Love the quick response. ALWAYS so courteous and helpful. I would recommend them to EVERYONE that has a computer and needs support even if it just happens that one time a year when you get a virus. You have the peace of mind to just call them and they take care of your problem, always, within an hour or less!! LOVE THIS COMPANY!”

-Jeannine H. (2/23/12)

“Fidencio did a superb with my Windows Live Email Program yesterday! My frustration level has escalated and I was ready to swear off email for the rest of my life! :) He not only fixed it but took the time to explain to me the pros and cons of the operation. It is now running smooth as silk! Thanks to Fidencio!”

-Ruth W. (2/22/12)

“Just wanted to acknowledge, Corey, Brian and David A. for doing a great job on my home computer…

Corey and Brian did yearly maintenance work, to insure computer productivity
and that everything is in fine working order.

David A. help re-establish our wireless print ….. all is great.

Thank you, so much for everyone’s assistance.”

-Darlene (2/21/12)

“Brian did a fantastic job yesterday helping me get my Email program running smoothly as well as doing some maintenance work! He was a GREAT help!”

-Ruth W. (2/20/12)

“A compliment and very thankful feedback for Michael who was my Tech today when I needed him for helping me to change from my worn out computer to the new one. He was so patient and had a great way of lessening my anxiety. He assured me that we could get through it. He is magic

Thank you.”

-Goldie W. (2/17/12)

“It was fantastic! My tech, Mark, was right on key. It took a little longer than I thought however I got much more than I thought!!! I will refer ANYONE to this service and of course I will be calling back when my next issue comes up!! Well worth the money!!

-Wayne F. (2/16/12)

“Shawn just worked on my computer and he’s worked on it before, he excels at it and I enjoy each time he does.
Shawn seams to find the little things that can happen and corrects the smaller details others could miss.
Every time he works on my machine it’s measurably better than it was before
Great job from that tech – always!
He’s one very good – exceptional tech and I am one tough son of gun to so if I’m saying this you know it’s true.
You need to do whatever is doable to keep him happy and on the team.

-Jack (02/13/12)

“I do love ALL your techs; they are wonderful human beings and I must admit, their calm demeanor gets me into a better space quickly.”

-Cie S. (2/10/2012)

“Hello My Computer Works,

I had a bad virus two weeks ago and called upon you folks for help. I got your name out of the yellow pages and chose you because you could help remotely. I first hesitated at your pricing, but needed a fix and my wife told me to go for it. I was assisted by Jeff, Mark, Corey, Shawn, and possibly one more.

It took 4 hours to eliminate the virus but then my computer took over 20 minutes to boot up. I again looked to you and you solved that problem. Then, my printer was going crazy, printing smudges and spitting out sheets of paper. Back to you and you solved that problem too. I tried to install new printer drivers myself to no avail, but Computer Works was able to make it work like new. I really thought the printer itself had died and there was no hope, but I was wrong. I called again with just some questions operating Firefox. You answered my questions and made me competent at running that program.

I just want to thank My Computer Works and those who assisted me for doing a fine job. Every problem I had, even the printer problem, was solved in a reasonable amount of time. Is there anything you can’t do???

To the people at My Computer Works, Again, MANY THANX”

-Dick L. (1/24/2012)

“Always have a good experience with the techs. They are informative and just keeping my old computer running well has been a blessing. Thanks for the friendly, helpful staff and technicians you use.”

-Jeanette K. (1/20/2012)

“Thank you. HP tech support wanted to charge me $60 to look at my problem that was solved by your staff in less than 1/2 hour.”

-Bruce C. (1/14/12)

“In the last few days, I have had to contact Tech Support several times to get help in setting up a new computer after the crash of my old one! The tech agents have done incredible work in helping me figure out things concerning some programs that presented some difficulty for me. However, I think I have come to the end of the problems, thanks for their untiring effort! I have now changed my back-up service to My Computer Works! Experience is the best teacher! Thanks to you all for your awesome service to us! It is worth every penny spent to have your service.”

-Ruth W. (1/10/2012)

“Thanks so much for all the help you guys have given me over the last few days fixing the issues with my desktop, laptop, and new wireless printer! Your technicians were friendly, polite, and very helpful. I can have peace of mind knowing if something goes wrong you guys are just a phone call away! Thanks again, Angela”

-Angela C. (1/9/2012)

“Thanks so much for all the help you guys have given me over the last few days fixing the issues with my desktop, laptop, and new wireless printer! Your technicians were friendly, polite, and very helpful. I can have peace of mind knowing if something goes wrong you guys are just a phone call away! Thanks again, Angela”

-Angela C. (1/9/2012)

“I used this business today for the first time and have been very pleased with the service, the cost, the technicians, the personal connection with the managers, etc. I really screwed up my Microsoft Word…and it was close to Christmas; I just didn’t want to wait till next week to get some help. I called several companies in the phone book and they all had to have you bring in the hard drive, the cost was between $120 to $150. and I just couldn’t do that. I live alone, couldn’t get the hard drive unhooked and out of the desk to begin with, and had to have someone either come to the house or help me remotely. This company was able to help me the same day I called, for much less cost, and the technician called when they said he would and he controlled my computer for an hour and the initial problem was fixed…and also a few other tasks that needed doing. I would recommend this company to anyone. I am older, on disability, and have little income, so it was important for me to watch the cost, but still get excellent knowledge and service. And I did.”

-Cheryl B. (01/02/2012)

“I have used MCW for a few years now and I have never had anything but great service. The techs are very polite and willing to listen to an old retiree who is not very savvy with computers. They answer my questions and tell me that you can’t learn if you don’t ask questions. My compliments to the techs and MCW.”

-Thomas M. (12/13/2011)

“Thank you Ronnie D. for your patience in getting my computer cleaned up today. How in the world I ended up with 11 bugs in beyond me. I love My Computer Works. I haven’t had my computer out of my house in over 4 years. before that I took it to Payson to two different repair places and was charged over $600 each time, and my computer STILL didn’t work. I could have bought two brand new Dells for that much money. Your tech logged on and spent 6 hours cleaning up the messes prior techs had left behind. I’m a very happy customer.”

-Nadine H. (12/9/2011)

“I am so glad to have you only a phone call away. I thought my computer had crashed big time today, but you guys saved the day & my sanity. Paul was great – got me checked out and running again. So glad I have your service.”

-Madge W. (12/8/2011)

“So far so good. This was my first day of using your service an hour or so after I signed up Brian G spent over two hours helping to make my computer respond much faster with all my programs and on the internet. He also helped me decide what new computer I need in order to run the very sophisticated and complex programs that I need to run and in addition should greatly improve the quality of making and receiving calls which we also do on our computers. The way I figure it the 2.5 hours Brian spent with me would have cost at least $200 for my local computer repair to take care of my problems not to mention the time it would have cost to drive there and back or, about half of what an entire year subscription to MCW is costing. In addition we are told that once we receive my new laptop MCW will help me load programs and make sure that everything is running the way it should which is a big load off my shoulders. It is nice to see a company these days offering real value to its customers.”

-Terry C. (12/5/2011)

“Again, your techs were able to help me – even with small problems that prevent me from using my computer effectively.

Thank you so much! Your company is one of the best investments my small business has made in productivity.”

-Gayla D. (11/30/2011)

“Good Morning;
My computer is working a lot better since your technician worked on it yesterday. Plus he told me things to do to keep it running faster and smoother, like re-booting it every few days, and completely deleting all my old files/emails..
Thank you..so nice to have this service!”

-Missy E. (11/29/2011)

“Shawn R. assisted me with fixing a high number of Registry Errors. First uninstalling a program not worth having on the computer system and second pointing me in the right direction where I can monitor and fix those errors. Thank you very much. John G.”

-John G. (11/28/2011)

“From the start experience using My Computer Works I found it has been a pretty darn good service to use for my home business and even for personal computing.
Even on Thanksgiving Day they / you were here to help an did so quickly and neatly
Thanks to everyone especially Shawn for helping out on Turkey Day – Thanks Shawn! And Paul too, thanks Paul!
You guys are the helping hand I need when you just need a friend to help along with the rough spots in computer stuff and right up to the Pro-Geek Super level of repairs, good to know you guys are here when I need you and it’s good to know I have someone to rely on for this stuff.
(And EVERYONE speaks English as there FIRST language, how nice is that, just like calling an old friend for help – it’s great.)
My Best to All – really.

-Jack B. (11/25/2011)

“Tyler, the tech rep who just helped me install a new Fujitsu ScanSnap color scanner, was great.

He was very knowledgeable, competent and patient.

Thanks for the great help.”

-Doug D. (11/22/2011)

“As a 52-year old retiree, I depend upon My Computer Works, Inc., to take care of computer maintenance, upgrades, & security in an efficient, expert way. Today I received excellent service from Mark W. at My Computer Works, Inc. He was friendly, informative, courteous, very efficient. In addition, I am grateful for the efforts that MCW took to keep in touch with me. After I phoned them a few days ago, I had to leave town unexpectedly. The MCW staff made repeated attempts to reach me in order to follow-through on my service appointment. Thank you, MCW.”

-Therese B. (11/21/2011)

“This is to let you know that Kyle is awesome! He spent an incredible amount of time on a very thorny problem with my computer. The firewall had gone belly-up, and he really jumped through hoops to restore protection to my computer.”

-Marilyn M. (11/18/2011)

“Your service is terrific, and I am delighted to be a subscriber.
Your technicians are wonderful, and in spite of multiple setbacks, my computer now appears to be running just fine, as well as my Juno.
Matt, Brett, Brian, Fidencio, all wizards!”

-David G. (11/16/2011)

“I love your service!!! I clicked on an unidentified picture this past Labor Day weekend and my computer crashed for the first time, ever. I called on Saturday and your staff worked on the problem without success but gave me options as to what additional choices I had to bring my computer back to life. When I turned it on the next day I had a “Computer Message” but chose to wait to ask advice before moving forward. As soon as your offices were open on Tuesday, I called and the technician ran a variety of additional tests and VOILA! I was back in business. Thank you so much. I have been a member for a very long time and love having easy access and exceptional results. You certainly deserve your NUMBER ONE designation!”

-Marilyn S. (11/15/2011)

“Jeff, like all the technicians I have had the opportunity to work with at MCW, was helpful, not for just the problem, but he took a look to see that my computer was running safely and had no malware.

Your folks are always the greatest, and are friendly and helpful.

Thanks for your great service.


-Leslie O. (11/14/2011)

“My computer had issues and I was afraid of it crashing. I turned it over to My Computer Works and I felt instant relief. My technician took care of all problems and I am very satisfied.”

-Diann C. (11/11/2011)

“Not do your job??? Don’t be ridiculous!!!! I’m so happy I found your company…your techs are great and you resolved the problems I had with my computer.
Great job Tyler!”

-Martha R. (11/10/2011)

“Thank you for all your help! You did a Fabulous job cleaning out my computer and getting my printer to work again!! And you fixed my i-tunes library.”

-Rhonde S. (11/9/2011)

“Each and every time I have needed your assistance, you were there, you were prompt, and you were helpful. Always a pleasure! Thank you!!!!”

-Maida W. (11/7/11)

“I am very pleased with all the service I have received since I first signed up with my Computer Works several years ago. Today a tech named Kyle solved all my computer problems and was very polite and professional. I have recommended you to all my friends. Thanks again. Patricia F”

-Patricia F (10-24-11)

“Michael was a huge help in getting my system re-setup after having a new hard drive installed and gave me lots of great tips, particularly on hooking up a wireless keyboard and mouse between 2 computers. All your techs are great – I’ve had a lot of hassles with my desktop this year and you’ve always been a great resource.
Thanks, Janie M”

- Janie M (10-23-11)

“I spent several days trying to connect my new cordless keyboard and mouse to my desktop computer. It was very frustrating. I called My Computer Works and the tech support had it working in less than ten minutes. I was extremely pleased with the service. Betty L”

- Betty L (10-16-11)

“Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your service. This evening I had a technician named Shaun who was just great! I have had other techs in the past who were super too. Your service saves me trips to have my computer fixed, so for me this is so much more convenient. I have already recommended your service and will continue to do so. That being said……..your service is the best!
Thanks again, Donna W”

-Donna W (10-9-11)

“Your Technician Matt, was very helpful in assisting me with my Web site as is all you techs when I call on them for help. Thank you, you run a great company with great Technicians.
Sally K”

-Sally K (10-4-11)

“The techs here are the ABSOLUTE BEST. Had used a couple of times for small things. Real test came when I had failed hard drive. They were great getting all my data back on the new one. It was a relief knowing there was someone there who knew what they were doing and how to do it – and they were so good with my questions and concerns. I do recommend using the back-up service as well.
Madge W”

- Madge W (10-3-11)

“Today Jeff helped me out of a dilemma. He did a great job! Kudos to all of MCW! Rich D”

-Rich D (10-2-11)

“Thank you for the prompt service and great analysis done by your tech, Tyler. He is patient and courteous and my question/problem was resolved in minutes. Many thanks, Carol P”

-Carol P (9-24-11)

“I would just like to take a moment to let you know how completely satisfied I am with the technical help recently provided by your technician Samuel (#30). Samuel was highly knowledgeable, thorough and professional in diagnosing and fixing a problem I was having regarding my computer’s sudden inability to access the Internet. His persistence in wanting to find a solution to the problem was commendable and he was extremely pleasant, polite and friendly in working with me to do so. I would not hesitate to utilize your company’s services again and my personal thanks to Samuel for a job extremely well done! Bill L”

-Bill L (9-22)

“Thank You guys for all your help in fixing my computer. I am not computer smart, you guys were very patient with me. Kuddos to all of you, Cindy F”

- Cindy F (9-20-11)

“Thank You guys for all your help in fixing my computer. I am not computer smart, you guys were very patient with me. Kuddos to all of you, Cindy F”

- Cindy F (9-20-11)

“Thank you so much, you all are real lifesavers for a ‘computer phobic’ person like me. Service is great, techs are very knowledgeable and polite, and it is so convenient having things fixed on-line! Thanks again, Dawn B”

-Dawn B (9-19-11)

“I am so glad to have you only a phone call away. I thought my computer had crashed big time today, but you guys saved the day & my sanity. Paul was great – got me checked out and running again. So glad I have your service. Thanks, Madge W”

-Madge W (9-17-11)

“I have to say, Walter is awesome. He spent a lot of time and patience helping me add a gmail account to an existing pop account. Very thorough and knowledgeable. Thanks for having a great team.
Reggie C”

-Reggie C (9-15-11)

“Yet again the guys at MCW quickly and professionally did what they do so WELL!!! With the Hazards of the Internet Growing Exponentially everyday it is “money well spent” to have this “Rescue Team” behin you. They always quickly “CleanUp” and “Optimize” my machine and have me JetSurfin’ the net as fast as my “TwoFinger” typing method allows. This time it was Brian L; but it does not matter which Tech responds, the “Results” are the same. I only wish that these guys
could take care of the Mess in Washington,DC!!!
Thanks again,
Your Loyal and Appreciative Customer, Gary L”

-Gary L (9-12-11)

“Thank you for your professional assistance in clearing up my computer problem. I really like the online assistance you provide which allows me to use my computer without having to take it to a repair shop for days of work, or more likely leave it sitting on a shelf until a tech can get to it. You guys are great. Again, thank you so much. Paul S”

-Paul S (9-7-11)

“Technician was extremely patient and stuck with the issue until it was resolved. Thank you, Jennifer R.”

- Jennifer R. (9-6-11)

“Just wanted to let you know that Paul did a great job on my computer today. He fixed several ongoing problems, even last minute requests.”

-Lindsay K (9-5-11)

“You all are great. Not only do your employees address my issues when they call but they are courteous and friendly at the same time. Thank you.”

-Troy G. (9-2-11)


-HELEN M (9-1-11)

“I wanted to thank JEROD W. for his professional service and for cleaning up some issues, your terrific. Thanks MCW! Michelle W”

-Michelle W (8-31-11)

“I want to thank you for your help today on my work computer. Michael was extremely knowledgeable and very focused on getting the job completed. Great asset to your company. Thanks, Jay M”

- Jay M (8-30-11)

“I love My Computer Works! I have had SUCH problems with my computer over the past three weeks, which MCW helped me with. I love the convenience of staying at home and having the techs fix everything, much more efficiently than if I had to take my computer elsewhere. Walter is the last technician who assisted me and he was so patient and great to work with. I really appreciate his diligence and determination to pinpoint the problem I had in accessing my MLS system.
Thanks again to all of you. Alene U.”

-Alene U. (8-29-11)

“Dave was the tech that helped. He was very professional and an awesome customer relations representative. I have not had any poor service from your company which is hard to come by.
Thanks for the excellent service.

- Rich K (8-28-11)

“Wow, am I impressed! I just spent the better part of the day with Brad getting my new laptop set up. Brad was very resourceful, patient and exceeded my expectations. His level of customer service is over the top! Thank you so much Brad for having such a high level of expertise! Linda K”

-Linda K (8-26-11)

“Shawn just completed work on my computer and he was great! He was fast and knew what he was doing to solve the issue and did some clean up for me too. I recommend him to work on other people’s computers. Thanks, Ross M”

-Ross M (8-24-11)

“Chad figured out why my backup was not running and got it running again.
Thanks! Linda H”

-Linda H (8-23-11)

“Matt was very helpful, as usual! I love you guys. Roxanne P”

-Roxanne P (8-22-11)

“Logan fixed my pc / e-mail issue today.
He did a great job resolving this problem.
Keep up the excellent service.
Thank you so much for having outstanding
employees available.
Jim H”

-Jim H (8-21-11)

“Very knowledgeable and helpful and quick! Reggie C”

-Reggie C (8-20-11)

“Great service!
Thank-you MCW!
Marjorie M”

-Marjorie M (8-18-11)

“David was wonderful. Probably the best tech I have worked with since I have been a subscriber. He was patient, attended to all of my computer problems and answered all of my questions. Very easy to work with and extremely responsive. Hope I always get him when I call, he is great!!!!”

-Marissa G (8-17-11)

“I’m sending this to say what a good experience I had with your techs people, Chad and Mark. They were very helpful in solving my problem. Will definitely use your service again.
Judy G”

-Judy G (8-16-11)

“Sean helped me both Sat. and Sun this weekend. He’s great and my problem got fixed. Sun was a real surprise I only waited 3 minutes from my call to his. YIPPPEEEE!! Keep it up please”

-Louise D (8-16-11)


-Valued Customer (8-15-11)

“Thanks for fixing my computer last Sun. Your techs are really great. Roy and Shawn. They took the time to try & teach me about different things on the computer. Thanks Again.”

-Ann (8-14-11)

“Very pleasant person who worked through my computer problems very carefully. I was glad I had used the My Computer Works service. And I would be glad to recommend.
Thank you. Mayme H”

-Mayme H (8-13-11)

“I back up and running at full speed, Thanks so much!!!!!”

-Valued Customer (8-11-11)

“Thank you for assisting me with my issues. David A handled everything. I very much appreciate your help with my PC tech needs.
Ken E”

-Ken E (8-11-11)

“I had a problem I couldn’t solve on my own and your rep was most excellent, efficient, polite and expeditious. I am extremely impressed with your rep’s and service they provide.
Many thanks, Carol P”

-Carol P (8-11-11)

“Today Joshua W worked on my machine.
I use terms rarely so understand this to be a firm comment, his work was OUTSTANDING!
Joshua is one tech you need to whatever it takes to KEEP HIM employed for you.
A re-install of the new Logitech Set Point 6.30.43 is one tricky sucker and he flew through it and got it right – hands down, this is no easy task if it goes wrong and had me stumped for two weeks. I learned a lot from him today and I’ll use the term again, he is “Outstanding!” No doubt one of thee best superior techs around and I do not hand out those terms to just anyone, you really need to do something at the Gold Level to get me to say that.


- Jack (8-2-11)

“Thanks to Chad B for the great service and patients with me…
Dee B”

-Dee B (8-2-11)

“GREAT JOB. Thanks for all of your help!”

-Barb L (8-2-11)

“Thanks again for your assistance. I learned how to set up sharing between my computers and learned a work around for another problem.”

-Linda H (8-2-11)

“Tyler did an outstanding job cleaning up my cluttered infected computer! I will turn to My Computer Works in the future for help!
Elizabeth T”

-Elizabeth T (8-1-11)

“Great job from Mel and Fred B!
I had a really urgent need for MCW to fix and update my computer. Mel answered my call and put me in the Que for a fast response. Fred B called me and he fixed all of my problems. Both Mel and Fred B were customer friendly and represented the fabulous and unique MCW company with great skills. Fred B is an outstanding technician and a great asset to MCW. Thank you, Fred B. I am a very happy customer of long standing and would recommend MCW to ALL computer users. Bravo to Luke Ford for creating such a unique and forward thinking company. Your services are “one of a kind”. Linda H. my daughter, enrolled me when Luke started this unique company. Thank YOU!
Helen H”

-Helen H (8-1-11)

“hello, I just what you to know that Brian did a outstanding job helping me. What I have to do is try and remember how Brian told me to use the Cd’s on the computer. Well once again Brian thanks for a job well done.”

-Tadd S (8-1-11)

“I had a problem and set up an appointment, and your tech man called right on the time I asked for. His professionalism and time spent to clarify my problem impressed me greatly. Thanks to MCW and Paul B.”

-Jack (8-1-11)

“Roy did a good job on a difficult problem. Thank you. Bianco Jr”

-Bianco Jr (8-1-11)

“Tyler was great help, if i have to use you again i hope i get Tyler. Thanks again. Ed W”

-Ed W (7-26-11)

“Thank you once again for great service. My needs were more than met by Brian L.. Again many thanks!

Jim L”

-Jim L (7-26-11)

“was very pleased with your service – your tech called me within my time parameters, worked diligently and intelligently to fix my problem. he got most of it and made suggestions for the one part he couldn’t resolve. will definitely use your service again.”

-Valued Customer (7-25-11)

“Great results today, as 2 longstanding problems (1 on each of my machines) were fixed. Great job!
Carol G”

-Carol G (7-26-11)

“Hi, Mark did a great job – and very quickly so I could get back to what I needed to do! Thanks, Jeannine C.”

-Jeannine C. (7-25-11)

“Great job ! So good to have the PC back and working again. In the 7 years of having a PC, have never had a virus of any kind until this week. Thank you for helping. Marcia”

-Marcia (7-24-11)

“This is the fourth time I have used the service since signing on last year and as always my problems were solved in a expedient and very satisfactory manner. Your tech reps are the best!!”

-Jim B. (7-24-11)

“I want to thank you for the fine service you provided me with fixing my desktop computer and getting rid of a virus that infected my computer. Both of your representatives were very helpful and very knowledgeable and professional. Tyler was exceptional in his detail as well as his friendliness. Please commend Tyler, he is a great asset to your team. Jack R.”

-Jack R.

“Just a note to say thanks for the great, personable service from Matt and David recently. Your response time was awesome, too!”

-Carolyn D. (7-23-11)

“MATT—You did an amazing job getting my computer running again. Thanks so much. Your service is beyond me trying to learn what you know to try and repair my own. Its good to have available people like you to help us “computer challenged” folks. Thanks again.

-Philip (7-21-11)

“I want to thank you for the fine service you provided me with fixing my desktop computer and getting rid of a virus that infected my computer. Both of your representatives were very helpful and very knowledgeable and professional. Tyler was exceptional in his detail as well as his friendliness. Please commend Tyler, he is a great asset to your team. Jack R.”

-Jack R.

“I received excellent help with my technical issue and importantly, great advice regarding switching to a newer lap top. Very glad I have this service!”

-Jan J. (7/20/11)

“Thank you, Luke Ford and complete staff, for providing our computer world with the most unique and inventive company on the planet Earth. You keep adding great services and are forward thinking in a very competitive cyber space world. This is my story. My computer had 13 viruses and I was locked out. I called MCW and Kolandra secured my slot in the email response. Brian CR called and fixed me up right away! They were both customer friendly, excellent in their skills, and a great asset to MCW. Thank you, Luke Ford and staff, for making me a very happy customer. All computer users should be connected to this awesome company!
Helen H A happy customer for many years”

-Helen H (7-19-11)

“Paul did a great job getting my printer back on-line. It took a total of 5 minutes, but I had some important documents to print and sign this evening. Thanks MCW and Paul for your usual great job!

John P”

-John P (7-19-11)

“You guys have been a life saver for an old coot. My issues have been complicated as well as simple (embarrassingly) and all were resolved. Chris, Sean (twice) and David A. were kind and patient with a most technologically challenged customer. Thank you again.”

-Robert (7-18-11)

“I REALLY appreciated that the techs did not expect me to know/understand what =hey were doing, explained it clearly to my level, and “walked” me through everything that I asked about.”

-Sheryl M (7-18-11)

“As usual, service was exceptional. I had a call back in a very short period of time and my small problem was resolved. Thank you for providing a valuable service!”

-Marilyn K (7-18-11)

“Matt F was EXCELLENT!!! Thank you”

-Anita A (7-18-11)

“I would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to Matt (technician) for taking the extra time to assist me with a huge problem with my computer and explaining the problem. Matt actually took extra time to look into the entire problem and stayed on the telephone with me and had me to operate my computer, allowing him to see if the problem was fixed or not.
My problem is a Java 6 issue, I installed the updated version of Java (6) around July 9th and I play computer games on Pogo through Internet Explorer. Every time I play a game on Pogo and exit out of it, a Java sheet note error appears on my desk top. With Matt’s outstanding help, as stated above, he took the time to look at the Java error messages, then researched Java and found that “several” other people that has Java 6 and Pogo were having the same problem. As Matt has informed me, the true problem is with Java, Pogo and the internet explorer, as I am able to play Pogo using Foxfire and I do not receive the Java error messages.
Matt, I just can’t “Thank You” enough for helping me! Beyond “Excellent” service is what you have provided for me!
Thank you again Matt”

-Romanetta F (7/18/2011)

“I usually don’t take the time to do the feedback, but this is the second time in a couple of weeks.
The last time I called Paul was the technician & today Jarod. I can only say it is always a pleasure to be able to call in & resolve my issues, I seem to have a few here & there. For some reason I can go quite awhile w/no problems, then all of a sudden there are many to deal with or I don’t know how to do something, sure is a 1000% improvement over my son the Intel engineer. I won’t go into that one!
I will never regret having joined MCW going on 4 yrs. I was in on the beginning & have watched this company blossom. My compliments to all of the technicians who make such difference with such patience & knowledge I experience every time I call. Thanks Again!”

-Michelle R (7/17/2011)

“I have been a customer for over a year now. I am so impressed and pleased with your company. Thank you for providing such excellent service.”

-Michael F. (7/10/2011)

“Very good service today, if I recall his name correctly it was Roy that worked on my machine, he was fast and effective with the repairs.
He checked other items to avoid any related troubles and was set, done and gone in nearly no time. Great job!”

-Jack B (7/6/2011)

“I am writing to tell you about an extraordinary tech that just helped me. His name is Jon Cu. He was remarkably fast in resolving my problem. Within 10 minutes he resolved it.

Even more he has wonderful Customer Service Skills. On a holiday, he couldn’t have been kinder and more pleasant to me. His patience was exceptional. I have always had great service from you, but this young man was outstanding. Thank you. Please compliment him.”

-Kathy M (7/4/2011)

“I have used MCW for a few years now and I have never had anything but great service. The techs are very polite and willing to listen to an old retiree who is not very savvy with computers. They answer my questions and tell me that you can’t learn if you don’t ask questions. My compliments to the techs and MCW.”

-Thomas M. (6/29/2011)

“The assistance I had on Sunday afternoon was amazing. I have a new Canon (multi uses) and I am now able to print, copy, and scan. Thank you Shawn your work was accurate, professional and charming.”

-Rosanna M (6/27/2011)

“The congenial support provided to me today by David A. was no less than brilliant –and now my printer is working! He stepped me through a complex process to reunite my PC with my printer (IP magic, I dunno) and I am very grateful.”

-Gayla D (6/22/2011)

“The technician that helped me, Jeremy, was very helpful in resolving all my issues and questions. He was nice, patient, and courteous.”

-Anita F (6/21/2011)

“Once again, MCW came to save the day. I have not had a lot of computer issues since I subscribed but, I have had enough do that it pays for itself! Thanks for the outstanding service and customer care.”

-Bill T (6/20/2011)

“I can’t tell you how glad we found you today. I really messed up my Granddaughter’s computer and thought I had lost all of her pictures of her Son and my Great-grandson…your Tech Chad walked me though and fix it . If ever i need to do any repairs on a computer you’ll be the first ones I’ll call from now on.!”

-Cecil A. (6/17/2011)

“This note expresses my satisfaction with the service that I received from your excellent technicians. I have now decided to take advantage of your offer to service my desktop computer. Thank you.”

-Pete M (6/15/2011)

“If I had ten thumbs they would all be pointing up right now along with the wearing my ear to ear grin. I had the pleasure of working with Michael R. ( Tech #31) today. His patience, kindness and listening ear was surpassed only by his skill and knowledge. I am recovering from a recent surgery on my eyes. Thus, the timing for the fake Trojan telling me that my computer was being attacked and that my passwords etc were about to be shared with the world was more than inconvenient..it was horrifying! I am not seeing very well yet so move slowly. No problem for Michael. He spoke to me calmly while waiting for me to do the manual tasks necessary to get online in safe mode. I am a happy camper. As a long time customer of MCW…Thank you once again for sending my knight in shining armor to save the day.”

-Mega M (6/12/2011)

“Thank you for the service. IT was very resourceful in the recovery/transfer phase of reloading my specific backup files. Professional and courteous in dealing with my inexperience. Computer running normal again.”

-Ronnie J (6/11/2011)

“I want you to know that I spent about 2 and one half hours with Dave and I could not have been in better hands. He was patient with me because I am not well versed in using the computer. I want you to know that he is very knowledgeable about how to correct the computer. And I was very happy to have him in my corner.”

-Cy F (6/8/2011)

“Today I spent nearly two hours with your tech and it was very productive and helpful! I appreciate your service and the competent people you have on your team. Thanks!”

-Jan J (6/7/2011)

“I liked what you have done for my laptop so much. I signed my sister up. Now her computer works great too!!! This is a must have for any computer.”

-Connie M (6/5/2011)

“I had to write to praise your techs work. He was so pleasant and patient as well as reassuring to me that I had to let his company know. I didn’t tell Paul, although he probably figured it out, I am 83 years old and not computer literate and when something goes wrong, I tend to go ballistic with nerves. I really appreciate having someone like Paul to help me out. He was so calming and had an exceptional personality. I felt I should let you know.”

-Nikki C (6/3/2011)

“Seane did a great job for me. He had the problem handled in a matter of minutes, and gave me a short-cut icon to fix the problem if it should occur again. Excellent service.”

-Suzanne W (6/2/2011)

“THANK YOU for having this man on staff…I had a virus on my computer (ugggh!) last night and he got me up and running in no time flat! His mannerism was professional, knowledgeable, courteous and client service- STELLAR!
Thanks John!!”

-Mary Ann C (6/1/2011)

“Thanks to Harold M, a (mycomputerworks) employee/tech, my computer works fine again. He helped me and worked with my computer’s programs to fix my problem. Courteous and full of specific info.

Thanks Harold and Mycomputerworks.”

-Ronnie J (5/31/2011)

“I can only give My Computer Works a grade of A+.The tech took my machine and cleaned my PC, fixed the problem. He was very professional during the time he worked to get the job done on my PC. I will be very glad to recommend to all the people that i work with and associate with to use your program. Guys keep up the great work it will pay off in the long run. Again thank you.”

-Jim O (5/30/2011)

“Once again, you saved me from “computer stress.” I keep hoping I’ll never have to call you again, but, well … computers. Of course I will and all the service is friendly and patient. Thank you!”

-Judy H (5/28/2011)

“Logan performed the work on my service request to clean up the ‘Window 7 recovery’ virus, and as such I was very impressed with his effort and focus on getting the work completed. Not only am I glad to have that issue resolved in a most timely fashion, but when I opened a couple of applications that usually take quite a while to come up the time it took to load the application was greatly reduced. I have been meaning to get some virus protection put on my machine and feel quite comfortable with the protection I now have through My Computer Works.

I really appreciate what you guys did. Thanks”

-Greg T (5/27/2011)

“I just wanted to say thank you to Samuel again for his help. Once again you guys have fixed what seemed impossible! He was very nice and patient dealing with me and my son. Everyone we have dealt with at my computer works has been great. I call feeling like trashing the computer and they calmly put it back together. It’s wonderful! They are my angels of the computer world! Thanks again to Samuel and everyone at my computer works! Have a great day!”

-Jenny W (5/25/2011)

“This week I had the pleasure of working with Kevin (Thurs) and Matt (Sat). In both cases the service was exceptional! Both were also a pleasure to work with. Keep up the great work!”

-Carolyn D (5/22/2011)

“I m an active Realtor in Arizona and depend on my computer to function properly. I contracted a virus yesterday and I quickly contacted MY COMPUTER WORKS. My file was assigned to a tech named “Sam” …Wow! He was absolutely AWESOME! It took several hours of work on his part but he did not stop until the issue was repaired and I was back in business! I would never be without MCW service! It has paid for itself over and over again. I have used this company for years and have never been disappointed in any of their techs. They deliver and OVER DELIVER stellar client service in a prompt and professional manner! I don’t consider MCW monthly membership charge a ‘luxury’…it is a necessity! Thank you guys…YOU ROCK!”

-Mary Ann C. (5/19/2011)

“Tyler cleaned up my computer yesterday and did a great job!”

-Rod G (5/18/2011)

“I really appreciate you repairing my computer over the phone .This is a great idea and again Thank-you.”

-Robert H (5/17/2011)

“Yet again, I had to do something I had not done before. I truly tried to do it by myself, but Outlook refused to send my email.

I wrote a quick note asking for a suggestion and was surprised by a call from Chad. He answered my question and helped me send my email out in 3 minutes.

What I pleasure knowing I have great service and friendly help.

Thank you.”

-Leslie O (5/15/2011)

“Your technician Jon did a fantastic job fixing my computer today and I am extremely grateful for his excellent service.”

-David G (5/11/2011)

“As always, My Computer Works came to the rescue. Tech’s always give me respect even with my simplest questions. Gotta have you! Gotta keep you!”

-Susan C (5/10/2011)

“Highly recommend MCW. I have used their service for more than 5 yrs. The techs are extremely knowledgeable. My computer would have been tossed out the window by now, if I didn’t have MCW to the rescue! They understand frustration – all are polite & patient.”

-Jennifer W (5/9/2011)

“Fast and excellent and very friendly service.”

-Maureen R (5/8/2011)

“Was having download/security issues with my computer…Brad got me up to date and ready to roll in just over an hour…Great Work…keep it up!”

-Bonnie M (5/7/2011)

“Matt just fixed my computer and did a first rate job. He fixed a problem that I had been having for the last 10 days. Excellent work, fast, and courteous.”

-Carlton C (5/6/2011)

“Love ,love, love my computer works. I would not have anything else now that I have used your service. Your service is great, your techs are very knowledgeable and very polite and gracious to work with. Plus….they speak ENGLISH.”

-Cindy G (5/4/2011)

“Today is just another example of your great service.
I had a pre-booked appointment time, the tech called, I got him in and described the issue.
I scanned the extra page that was printing with each document and emailed it to him.
He knew immediately what the problem was and fixed it easily.
He was very nice, friendly and professional.

I feel I have been around the world and back again with the techs of My Computer Works as I have done many things online such as real estate, trading stocks, online student and currently online instructor. They have been very helpful with all these adventures and with basic operating details. I am 64 now and my friends are amazed at my computer knowledge and much of this knowledge is what I have learned directly from the MCW techs. I have family that is really computer savvy but they are always busy with their own lives and their expertise is not necessarily in the area of service that I need. I love the MCW Techs as if they were my family, love the service they provide, and am very thankful they exist.

Sometimes I think the service is too expensive and how can I continue with it in my budget which seems to be growing smaller.
But on days like today, I am really glad that I have been able to maintain this expense.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for doing what you do!

A thankful client since December 2007.”

-Linda L (5/4/2011)

“I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your quick, thorough service. Chris, Brian and John were all very nice and helpful. They were able to correct my virus issue when I thought for sure my computer was a goner.

I tried to find a local computer business that was open on Sunday, but I didn’t have any luck. While browsing through the yellow pages for ideas I came across your ad and phoned at once. What could be better? Prompt, courteous and professional service and I didn’t even need to unplug, or take my computer in to a store.

I will definitely refer anyone I know to you and you’ll have a repeat customer in me.

Thank you so much for your help!”

-Martha H (5/2/2011)

“Thank you for your prompt and thorough service. Although I depend on my computer for work, I classify my computer knowledge as semi-literate. Your Tech, Shawn, was courteous and jumped right in and found the problems. Now I’m up and running again. Yes, I’ll be happy to recommend My Computer Works.”

-David B (5/2/2011)

“I just wanted to leave a note saying how pleased I was with the assistance I received from your technicians when our computer was invaded by a very pernicious trojan, etc. I especially appreciate their patience with me as we went through everything, and the extra time they spent to make things work again. I would recommend them to someone who needs help.

Thank you very much for your time and assistance.”

-Donna M (5/1/2011)

“Just some quick feedback – worked with Paul last night on a few problems he was fast, courteous and knowledgeable and I was so thankful the queue was empty, so I even heard from him right away – all GOOD!”

-Jeannie C (4/30/2011)


-Vinnie C (4/29/2011)

“Every thing is working great and the young man (technician) was very pleasant to work with!”

-Ralph P (4/29/2011)

“Your service is always quick and effective. I refer people to you all the time. Great job, friendly techs. It gives me peace of mind knowing you’re there. :-)
Kudos to Sam today who fixed me up too.”

-Lindsay K (4/26/11)

“The problem I had was taken care of by “Shawn” who was very patient with me, helped me work my way thru my problem, and had it resolved within just a few minutes. This was at least the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve called for help and each time, the personnel have been very, very nice, patient, and knowledgeable. The service was GREAT! Thanks again.”

-Fred P (4/22/2011)

“I just wanted to let you know that your company has taken so much of a load off me.. My computer crashed and knowing that your company had suggested the backup system and I have you guys retrieving it now…wow…

So many things are business related but knowing that even my personal things are being retrieved just helps so much to know you can take care of all my computer needs.”

-Lena F (4/20/2011)

“Excellent service was provided by Matt M. He confirmed what I suspected in that my relatively new remanufactured ink cartridge needed to be replace; i.e., remanufactured is not new. Matt also fixed a security software program that would not connect for updates. Thank you Matt M. for grand service”

-John G. (4/20/2011)

“Just want to let you know that your techs are the absolute BEST! The last 3 guys I worked with were great! My memory isn’t what it used to be and I really wish I could remember the first tech’s name that I worked with yesterday (4/18). He was exceptionally personable and made me feel extremely comfortable to ask any questions I had without feeling stupid. Great guy! Service above and beyond the call of duty!”

-Gina T (4/19/2011)

“Today was the first time I used your service. Chad was timely in calling me–within 30 minutes of the scheduled time of 10AM EDT. He was very courteous and patient in trying to have me (someone who is not really computer literate) explain the problem I was having. It only took him 33 minutes to identify and fix the problem to my satisfaction and to educate me on what the problem was and the fix for it. I would and will recommend your service to others when the opportunity presents itself.”

-Don W (4/16/2011)

“Just want to say that I’m extremely happy with the service I received today. Your technician Dave was so friendly and so helpful that my problem with finding and editing my wi-fi router password was solved in very little time. Prior to phoning your company, I was desperate for a solution. The password I had been using was no longer able to connect either my Kindle e-book reader or my Roku movie player to the internet. I wondered if anyone could solve the problem. Your man certainly came through in splendid style. Many, many thanks!”

-Joe P (4/14/2011)

“I have been using My Computer works for quite some time and I wish to complement your crew for the fine work they have been doing for me. I am an 87 year old that has a lot of time on my hands and “My Computer “ works is a God-Send.I don’t know all the ins and outs of the computer but with MCW I can get by doing what I want on the computer. Thanks once again MCW…………”

-Harry S (4/13/2011)

“I would like to Thank-You for your prompt and friendly service. My computer is running very nicely! In fact, it is running so much better than before. Your Tech was friendly and patient, and took care of my problem quickly. I’m very impressed, and pleased with your service. Please be assured, that if any of my friends need computer service, I will mention your co. Again, Thank-You so much.”

-Theresa P (4/13/2011)

“Just wanted to say how terrific my experience was yesterday. The tech’s name was Roy P. He was very professional and cleared ALL my problems. He was patient and spoke clearly and was easy to understand. I would recommend your service to anyone. Thanks again.”

-Terry B (4/13/2011)

“I am not very tech savvy but I was very impressed with the help and long hours your two techs,Fred & Chad spent on my computer. Then Chad was very helpful in steering me to newer equipment. I look forward to other helpful assistance.”

-Debbie M (4/12/2011)

“Thank you My Computer Works!! I have used your service for about a year now and I think it provides great piece of mind!! I also think that you guys do a wonderful job of answering technical issues in a timely manner!! I’m so happy to have you on my side!! Thanks!! :-)”

-Jackie S (4/10/2011)

“Just a quick thank you for the excellent service I received last night. I thought my hard drive was crashing and I was about to lose everything…My Computer Works had things cleaned up and running just as before and my fear was filled with gratitude instead!! Excellent service by very competitive techs!!”

-Tina P (4/9/2011)

“My Computer Works” isn’t just a phrase, It is exactly what happens once you give them a call. All the issues you may have with your computer, they can fix. My computer works better now than it did when I bought it! They are quick to respond and they treat you with respect and courtesy. I highly recommend them to any one any time.”

-Charlotte R (4/8/2011)

“Tyler was very kind, courteous, and considerate. He did everything I requested with a “smile” on his face.
Thank you for great service. Don’t know what I would do without you all.”

-Jan D (4/7/2011)

“Wow, I sure do not know what I would do without your service. Your techs are awesome.”

-Diana M (4/6/2011)

“Was attacked by virus…. Brian handled it quickly and effectively. Then helped me some others thing’s I needed help with to get done. Was very instructional as well. I don’t need your help as often as I used too but when I do…even on a Sunday..your there and making it happen. Your monthly charge represents very good value to me especially now that I’ve gone paperless and advertizing on the web….I need a lot more tech help with software and tech issue’s.”

-Stephen M (4/4/2011)

“Thank you so much my computer works!!! My computer now works, excellent service and great communication!!”

-Echo S (4/3/2011)

“As a long-term client, I am thrilled to find a service that I can trust to do what they say they will do. I recommend them without reservation.”

-James K (4/2/2011)

“As been my usual experience, your technician was helpful, confident and polite. I enjoyed working with Jon C.”

-Mar C (4/1/2011)

“Thank you so much for getting my computer up and running again. Jeremy is awesome . I have already posted your business on my facebook page and hopefully you get some business if needed!!! Thank you again..you ROCK!!!!”

-Kim S (3/31/2011)

“My agent Fred B. was very, very nice. He worked with me for about 40 minutes and was absolutely great. He was very polite and courteous, very knowledgeable, and got the job done fast. He stayed with me on the phone the whole time. I was very impressed with the job he did, and I greatly appreciate him being there and handling my problem. Thanks to you and especially Fred B.”

-Brian L (3/30/2011)

“You guys are amazing You called back in a reasonable amount of time. The Tech had to be very knowledgeable in what he was doing. I watched a little while. He diagnosed the problem immediately explained it to me in English that I could understand and fixed it. No excuses. Terrific. Thank You”

-Bob F (3/29/2011)

“Just wanted to say many thanks to Matt and John (the awesome technicians who spent hrs. fixing our computer). They have lots of patience!! Kudos to you two!!”

-Amy P (3/28/2011)

“I have had two recent request from technicians assistance. Each time I have received a patient, knowledgeable technician that assisted me through my dilemma.

Thanks for the people that you screen to assist and promote your company.”

-Yvonne J (3/26/2011)

“Thanks Bryan for helping me out with my infected computer. You are amazing! As per usual, you took care of the problems and answered my questions.”

-Bill A (3/25/2011)

“I want to personally thank Brad, lead technician, for the six hours he spent working significant problems on our computer yesterday afternoon (March 23rd) into the evening and any others that assisted him. Problems on our computer existed for quite some time though I could work around or accept some things working sporadically. The proverbial straw that broke the camels back was an inability to send emails. I have been a subscriber of My Computer Works for two years and don’t anticipate making any changes, i.e., keeping your service. Thanks again for being ever so helpful.”

-John G (3/24/2011)

“I called you on March 22,2011 @ around 4 PM. The intake person was very courteous and helpful. The technicians were very knowledgeable and had my computer fixed within 4 hours. It was wonderful service and I was very satisifed with the results…a computer that works. Thank you and if I am in need of service for computer problems in the future I will definitely call you again”

-Joanne S (3/23/2011)

“I really love this service. No question I have is ever too trivial and the technicians always help me either understand or fix the problem. It is worth the money just to have peace of mind that my computer is protected and anytime I have a problem or question it is just a phone call away.”

-Pam E (3/21/2011)

“I have a new best friend. His name is Roy. Roy did a fantastic job on my computer. I will save your number, and I will pass it along to card club next month. Thanks again to Roy.”

-Kathy H (3/20/2011)

“Thank you so much for helping me today. My 4 year old has a knack for doing crazy things to my computer. Logan knew exactly what the problem was, even from my not-so-understandable description. I think having this service and people like Logan at my, well, beckon call, is wonderful and worth it. Thank you for helping me on a Saturday.”

-Amie B (3/19/2011)

“I have to say that my recent experience with My Computer Works was nothing short of excellent. Every single time I reach out to you, I am treated with utmost respect; the technicians are terrific, courteous and knowledgeable. Given the complex world we live in and that almost all companies are sending their technical assistance to a third party, it is extremely refreshing that My Computer Works does it all and keeps my computers running without the hassle of waiting. I have the plan where a technician gets back to you within an hour and usually its way sooner than that. They are NEVER late in calling. They comprehend and communicate effectively and are the best support I have ever seen. I would recommend them to any size company. It’s like having your own IT department without having your own IT department!

Fantastic!!!!! Don’t change what you are doing. This is what customer service is all about!”

-Matt K (3/18/2011)

“Hi, This is the first time I’ve actually taken a moment to send feedback, so this applies to every tech from MyComputerWorks who has ever worked on my computer.
Each one has been outstanding, patient, thorough, and very helpful.

I thank you so much!”

-Mary Anne R (3/17/2011)

“I am one of your biggest fans, and have several computers on the system…so I meet a lot of your techs.

Wanted to let you know that one of your techs,(Matt McQ Tech #28), went out of his way to resolve a question about the 7 OS, and then to communicate with me.

I had to leave while he was researching and returned to my desk to see a nice note explaining what he learned and what he completed on the session.

My world has a lot of distractions, and I really like the idea of written follow up. Then I can take it to the next level, when my time allows.

Your techs have so much knowledge and insight to share! I truly appreciate that Matt made the extra effort to help me.”

-Debbie O (3/16/2011)

“Had some issues with my computer and scanner changing settings on me. I worked with Samuel and he had my problem fixed in 10-15 minutes. Excellent service from a competent serviceperson. You people are the best !”

-Shawn D (3/15/2011)

“I have been a client for almost 3 years and have always been pleased w/ the service I receive when I am having a problem.
Today, however, my technician excelled! I had called to report that a message came up notifying me that I didn’t have a firewall turned on. While I was speaking to Kyle S, the technician that contacted me, I also explained that my computer was running extremely slow. Kyle spent over 2 hours checking out my entire computer and was able to solve the problem! We were on the verge of buying a new computer, as was suggested by another technician a few weeks ago, but now that is not necessary. It is running as it should.
Kyle did an excellent job and saved us from shopping for a new computer! He deserves to be commended for his expertise!! Thanks Kyle!!”

-Eileen M (3/14/2011)

“Les was my technician and he was great:) He was very patient with me considering I know almost nothing about computers! My computer was fixed perfectly…”

-Ashley R (3/11/2011)

“The service was great. The technician was great and very helpful in answering the my questions. I would recommend this service to anyone that had computer problems.”

-Robert N (3/10/2011)

“Thanks so much for assisting me with an Outlook problem. The program kept freezing. It took several tries to find the solution, but it works great now. A special thanks to Matt for all his work. I would recommend Computer Works to all of my friends and co-workers.”

-Marilyn P (3/9/2011 )

“Walter did an outstanding job. We had issues with my phone service the land line stopped working (thank you Cox cable) and my cell phone doesn’t get very good reception in the area where I live, no one’s cell phone gets good reception here. Walter had to call me back several times but he hung in there and all I can say is job well done Walter.”

-Mick B (3/8/2011)

“I just wanted to let you know that the most recent service i had was very successful. I forgot the professionals name, but he was very knowledgeable, very well spoken and respectful. He gave me some suggestions for other issues and made me understand what he was talking about on my level of computer intelligence, A++++++++++
Thank you again for your help.”

-Phil C (3/6/2011)

“Absolutely the BEST service…..Thank You!”

-Beverly T (3/5/2011)

“Tech found a solution to a longstanding and terribly irritating problem with fingerprint reader program. I am no longer tempted to use that machine as a boat anchor . Thank you!”

-Carol G

“Both guys (Fred and Jeremy) called to help me. Both found different ways to restore my sanity and computer function. I am VERY grateful!”

-Cie S (3/3/2011)

“I am and old man of 88 and I really rely on MCW. I am a real dummy when it comes to a PC but with help from MCW. I manage to get thru my many problems. God Bless the entire Crew of MCW.”

-Harry S (3/3/2011)

“I really enjoyed working with Les . the removal process was not a piece of cake he earned his keep and then some. I’m an old programmer and know what it takes to do what he did and I respect him for that.”

-Bill B (3/3/2011)

“Ran in to all kinds of issues trying to replace a wireless router. Damon was on top of the problem assisting me with all the router/UBS adapter issues and hooking up my wireless printer to the new system. Thanks for the usual EXCELLENT help from MCW/Damon! I am online once again!!”

-John P (3/2/2011)

“I have used the service several times over the past few years with great results. Today the technician fixed my email service, what a relief that was. I had just upgraded to the premium service and getting a call back within an hour, was a great improvement.”

-Vincent C (3/2/2011)

“My Computer Works technician, Fred B. #11, just fixed 2 of our computer’s errors with an issue that we would not otherwise have known about. He was very courteous, knowledgeable and explained to me the steps he needed to take in order to fix our computer’s problems. He also showed patience in what were probably ‘stupid’ questions – he never made me feel like it was a stupid question.

Our computers are now working the way they should and I wanted to let you know what a terrific technician you have. If I could request Fred every time we have an issue, I would love to.”

-Marsha K (2/28/2011)

“I placed a service call today and the tech assigned to my problem was Bryan Cr. His handling of my case compels me to write to let you know that he handled my problem knowledgeably and with dispatch. I have a love-hate relationship with computers and any time Bryan has been assigned to my case the very first thing he does is set my mind at ease after which he quickly and efficiently diagnoses the problem and always seems to know how to resolve it. He explains to me what he is doing and provides enough of a tutorial that often helps me to resolve a situation in the future without having to put in a call for assistance. It’s always easy to complain when service is not what we think it should be and I’m sure those voices are louder than the voices with praise which is why I wanted to be sure to let you know Bryan Cr is a credit to your staff of techs. I appreciated his help.”

-Don G (2/28/2011)


-Bill R. (2/26/2011)

“First off, I want to thank both David and Chad for their professionalism and respect for helping me handle the problem that I encountered this morning with my PC.

My first contact was with David and he is very customer focused. He had another call on the line, asked if he could call me back in a few minutes as he was finishing up with his other customer. He called within minutes and stayed with me to get the necessary information and explained everything that your company has to offer. As I was explaining the problem, it was impressive that he knew exactly what was going on with my PC. He told me that I was in the queue for service and that someone would be with me within a few hours.

Within an hour, Chad call me and he explained to me what we would do. Very patient and explained the process as we went along, Chad was very easy to talk with as I explained what happened. Once Chad had access to my PC, he said he would call if there was a question or something that I needed to do, and then I watched what he did. As the morning progressed, Chad called when he needed me to do things, and the process did take a bit of time, just over the 3 hour mark. Chad was very professional, answered all my questions, suggested things and told me that my PC was not in horrible shape overall once things were being cleaned up.

Just pure excellence and professional. I will not hesitate to contact your group again if anything else comes up… (which I am hoping it doesn’t but now-a-days, you never know).”

-John S (2/25/2011)

“Thanks Brian, for the excellent way that you got rid of over 200 infections on my computer. Thanks for calling me back a second time after I got home. Super Job.”

-Gayle B (2/24/2011)

“Matt was helpful, informative, knowledgeable and thoughtful.
He gets an A+ …
Keep up the good (Computer) Works,”

-Patsy L. (2/23/2011)

“I couldn`t be more satisfied with the outcome of My Computer Works. Matt did a fine job on my computer, and it is now working as it should. He was very pleasant, and you can be assured I will sing your praises to all my friends.
Thanks so very much!”

-Madeline C (2/23/2011)

“I am delighted to say the problem is fixed and the service was great. Last week I recommended MyComputer Works to a few of my friends. We cannot all afford to have a tech on hand and this works wonderfully.
Thanks again.”

-Patricia P. (2/22/2011)

“I have only the highest praise for the service, promptness, professionalism and courtesy you have given to my account and my computer problems. You get it done right!”

-Joel L. (2/20/2011)

“As always, My Computer Works did a fantastic job. Matt worked on my computer for 4 hours today to resolve all the issues and get it back up and running super efficient. Excellent service.”

-Tami L. (2/19/2011)

“Harold did an excellent job for me. He solved many complicated issues for me.
He’s the Best!!!!”

-Don A. (2/19/2011)

“I am ever so grateful to have the assistance of My Computer Works.
All the techs are polite and knowledgeable. I just bought a new computer and have been calling daily for their assistance. Without them, I probably would still be looking for the turn on button.
This is a service I cannot live without.”

-Danielle D (2/17/2011)

“Matt called with a problem I didn’t even know about that I was having and in no time he had it completely taken care of plus another one I told him about. I think you provide a great service to those of us who are computer challenged. Many thanks to Matt for the call today.”

-Roz J (2/16/2011)

“Thank you for your great assistance. Your company is fantastic. The tune up went well.”

-Reggie C. (2/15/2011)

“Kevin helped me this morning. As always, I get exceptional service from your staff and today was no exception.

Thank you for providing a great service!”

-Marilyn K (2/14/2011)

“Amazing! That is all I can say! Michael F was AMAZING. The problem was very “weird” and was not responding to “treatment” as it should have, but Michael stayed on it and worked through many steps to correct it! He saved me hours of work that I would have had to endure! He is my hero for the day! :)”

-Ruth W. (2/14/2011)

“Mike was very helpful and efficient in his dealings with my problem. It was a pleasure to work with him as well as all your tech’s and company staff. Thank you very much for being their for me and assisting in taking care of my problems.”

-Harvey S. (2/13/2011)

“My complements to your staff and especially to Paul who was very professional as well as knowledgeable.

My PALLADIUM virus was removed and my computer is up and running as usual.

Again, thanks!!”

-Marty H. (2/11/2011)

“I have been having horrible trouble with my computer for a few weeks now….. FINALLY discovered it was actually a hardware issue! You guys managed to guide me through all the issues to get this fixed…..with the help of my own “personal hardware specialist” (son visiting from out of town). Between you all at My Computer Works and him, my computer is finally up and running smooth as ever! THANK YOU ALL for your support!

My son is also extremely impressed with the level of service we have received. He says to me…….”mom, that company is the best thing for you, what a great idea, money well spent”…….i agree!”

-Linda B. (2/10/2011)

“Your courteous and most professional service was excellent from start to finish! Chad, my technician, was also extremely knowledgeable and provided fabulous customer service… I am definitely a highly satisfied customer.”

-Mary B. (2/10/2011)

“Fred did a great job!!! He was so patient and so efficient! Thank you again for being there when I needed you.”

-Grace R. (2/9/2011)

“Just a quick comment that whenever I call your office for tech support, no matter who answers the phone, they are always super friendly, attentive, and polite. I really appreciate it, esp. after a hard day of work myself! Thanks!”

-Lisa A. (2/8/2011)

“Thank you for your assistance today. Printing is a very important function when using your computer as I found out today when I couldn’t print. The response time was fast and the tech was efficient and pleasant to work with. Thanks Computer Works!”

-Marilyn P. (2/7/2011)

“I am a very satisfied long-term customer and have recommended My Computer Works to a many of my friends and relatives. I am delighted to continue recommending My Computer Works whenever computer help is required.

A good example of why I recommend My Computer Works occurred yesterday evening. I addition to fixing a problem, John spent almost ten minutes responding to questions I had concerning protection of my system from hacking and phishing. His advice was excellent, and it will be implemented promptly. His outstanding courtesy and care in fully answering my questions was very much appreciated!

Such assistance is typical of My Computer Works personnel (in contrast to the frequently inaccurate and sometimes curt response supplied by many corporate “help desks”, which barely qualify for that label).

Many Thanks and Very Best Regards”

-Leroy B. (2/7/2011)

“Despite my going through a very difficult time since my PC was infected, as my livelihood is dependent on it…each and every one of your technicians was there in my hour of need. Professional, courteous, friendly, explaining what was going on, and guiding me in the right direction. A business that actually does what it claims. Thank you so much!”

-Maida W. (2/6/2011)

“Computer Works has always returned my calls for help promptly and I’ve always had my problem fixed by knowledgeable techs.”

-Jerry P. (2/5/2011)

“I wish to thank you for saving me twice in one month! For some reason, I have received two rogue viruses in one month which have totally had a negative impact on my professional productivity! I have finally found someone who can solve the problem in a reasonable period of time.”

-Faith B. (2/4/2011)

“Just want to say thanks for the great job that Walter did on my computer today. He was very professional and patient and really knew his stuff. I have been a customer since the very beginning of your company and really appreciate the service.”

-Patricia F. (2/2/2011)

“I don’t try to find problems to call you guys, but I’m always excited when one comes up and I get to experience your expertise! :) Thanks again for making my day!”

-Ruth W. (2/1/2011)

“The premium 1 hour call back service is great. Can’t imagine going back to the 3 to 6 hour program. Brian was very, very, professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. Have recommended the service for our Church also. Again, thanks for the excellent service.”

-George G. (1/31/2011)

“Excellent as usual and as always was asked if there was anything else. I learned how to do a small task that had been stumping me for some time.”

-Linda H. (1/31/2011)

“Harold did a GREAT job today helping me out with my various problems. He was most considerate and very knowledgeable. I’m sure he is a great employee for you.”

-Janna M. (1/29/2011)

“I’m taking the time out of my busy day to send a brief note regarding my experience last week with MCW. I had a total system failure with a 6 week highly upgraded Dell computer, stemming from the problematic Windows Vista OS. I had the good fortune of being assigned to one of your technicians. Not only did did the tech resolve all my issues, he worked with me on restoring my backup files and kept in constant touch through-out the entire episode. I feel that what differentiates him from the “pack” is his empathetic disposition along with a high degree of professionalism and experience. Wiping everything off my system was a very unsettling decision that I had to make, but I felt confident in the techs abilities to restore my data files.

Thank you for having the foresight to hire excellent computer technicians.”

-Lorraine M. (09/29/2008)

“MCW is a great company and I highly recommend their services!”

-Midge M. (09/20/2008)

“Thank you for calling me back and fixing my computer, I was getting nervous about it crashing or getting a virus and losing the information I have. You saved the day!!”

-Cindy L. (10/20/2008)

“Excellent! [Your technician] was great. Never in a hurry. Got me straightened out. Thank you.”

-Dan and Judy D. (10/24/2008)

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the expertise, patience, and professionalism expressed by [your technician] in solving what must have been a very complicated problem with my computer. I will with out doubt be a walking advertisement for your product and your fine professional staff. It has indeed been an eye opening experience, one which I will not hesitate to recommend to my fellow attorneys and professionals. Thank you for a very productive experience.”

-Stephen S. (11/10/2008)

“I want to personally thank you. I was skeptical about your service at first but now that I have used it I am totally sold on it. I have had nothing but the utmost in professional technical service. I make it a rule never tell others about something unless I have tried it first, in other words, if it works for me and I am please with it I think others should know about it. I have already started passing the word about My Computer Works. I especially love the fact that your techs speak ‘understandable English.’ My only problem is, ‘Why the heck didn’t I think of starting a business like this?”

-Larry S. (11/15/2008)

“Your note serves as a reminder to let you know how valuable this service has been to me. I love to spend money for value. I do refer everyone I know to your company. My wife says I should be selling your service!! Thanks again, I’ve been a member since June of 2007 … By the way, I never buy anything from an infomercial … However, I did this time.”

-Jim C. (11/20/2008)

“I am very happy about the service I received. [Your technician] is very knowledgeable and very efficient towards his work. Most of all, he has a lot of patience towards his customer as well. Thank you very much for your service.”

-Elaina G. (12/17/2008)

“I am now up and running with no problems thanks to [your technician]. Please thank him again for me. He is a keeper in my book!
I have nothing but praise at the way he attacked the problem and worked with me on-line to get the problem resolved. Business is 24/7 these days and your technician’s help was much appreciated. I will not hesitate letting other people know about your company, especially my company management.”

-Woody R. (12/28/2008)

“Dear Matthew (Tech),

I cannot thank you enough for your thoroughness regarding our session of late. Your attention to detail is greatly appreciated. I sense your caring ways and I wish I were as knowledgeable as you are in the computer field but I have much more water pass under my bridge then you. I appreciate your kindness Matthew and it is a virtue that seems to be disappearing in America these days. Please never lose it. I’m a happily retired senior individual and let it suffice to say I feel I have earned it. I do keep up to the best of my abilities and I still run with the Big Dogs. My computer is my pain! I use it. I need it. I hate it. You MCW are it’s savior. LoL. I do not intentionally do anything to give myself problems with this E-Monster. I cannot afford the waste of time it takes to correct the problems caused by the inconsiderate ones called “Hackers”. They should all be cast into the desert and be left to dry into oblivion. I’m sorry for the lengthy dissertation and I will end it now. U R All Special.”

-Paul M. (07/14/2009)

“I don’t find many companies I can always count on! However this evening, Travis renewed my faith in your company and the youth of America! I called this afternoon about a problem with my main computer. When Travis called he couldn’t be more polite! He asked me a few questions and then went right to work! He called back a little later and was finished with that problem! I asked him if he could look into a few problems I was having with the laptop I had purchased for my former job with “Farmer’s Insurance.” He was very pleasant and again asked me more questions. By this time he knew he was speaking to someone who was not computer savvy! Once again he went to work. As he worked, I spoke with a few friends who said I had asked him to do something impossible!

A few minutes later, Travis called! He had my old printer and computer set up to work with my new (Vista) laptop!! Mr. Ford, please give my thanks to Travis! He is not only a fabulous Tech.! He is a truly, “Customer Service” expert! Most of all he listened and then took care of the problem! Your company should be proud of this young man! Because of him I will refer anyone I know with a computer to call your company!”

-Sharon H (07/30/2009)

“This is to thank Harold for an amazing job he did in my computer on Tuesday. He solved all the issues very quickly. My computer works faster, all my program working good and it is shutting down and turning on as it should. I want him to know that he is not only a great technician, also, his friendly/dedicated and understanding interaction with customers goes a long way motivating to stay with MCW and recommend this service to business people and friends.

thank you MCW for Harold”

-Sylvia S. (0/28/2009)

“I know people quickly contact someone in authority when they’re unhappy with service they’ve received, but I just wanted you to know how extremely happy I am with your employee Matt M.
He helped resolve the issue concerning my computer and also took the time to go over a few questions I had concerning purchasing a laptop.
He was very efficient, friendly and knowledgeable.
He’s definitely a keeper!
Best Regards”

-Nancy J. (10/09/2009)

“I am a new customer and have been working with Kirk. I am really kind of stunned at how good this service is. I had a horrendous Outlook problem. I had thousands of folders within Outlook – lots of data – and ran into the limitations of the file system I had. I hired one expert who promptly destroyed my system entirely. Whereas I couldn’t open folders before, after he worked on the system, I still couldn’t open folders but also couldn’t send or receive. Several computer experts declined the job saying they couldn’t do it. A couple said they would try, but weren’t sure if they’d be successful. Kirk told me you guys would fix it, no problem, and you did. I’ve had to call back for a few other issues related to the program and each time it has been the same thing: a real live human being to talk to, a fast response, and a tech who actually really knows what he’s doing and who I can understand. If I have any questions Kirk is extremely responsive, does what he does, and does it quickly. It’s made me realize how jaded I have become that I am so surprised that you do what you say. I have started recommending you.”

-Anna S. (11/06/2009)

“I have only written to you one before, to say I appreciate the service and viability of the results received from My Computer Works. Today I had the occasion to have “Fred” work on my computer, and now I can use some programs and functionality that were not available to me before his visit and work.

Thanks to Fred and My Computer Works for getting me Up & Running!”

-David A. (11/25/2009)

“Thanks Logan (technician), I went to Fry’s and bought 2GB of ram, installed it myself, and couldn’t be happier”

-David H. (05/21/2010)

“I have been a member of MCW for a few years and have worked with a number of your technicians. Yesterday I had the “opportunity” to work with technician #20 Logan –WOW– what a pleasure. Without wasting your time let me say the level of professionalism and courteous he gave me was remarkable !!!”

-John R. (06/06/2010)

“Just want to let you know how much I appreciate your services and to compliment your techs and especially John CO #18 for his help this morning.

Setting up a new computer with Windows 7 has been a challenge in some respects and I would have been lost without John this morning.

My compliments to you and your staff.”

-Pat P. (08/16/2010)

“I wanted to let you know that I was on the phone all morning with one of your tech guys-Mike. He was very knowledgeable and stayed calm through 4 hours of getting my computers up and running. Thanks.”

-Cheryl B. (07/19/2010)

“Over the past week I’ve had loads of trouble with my main computer which you guys service (skipping the drawn out details). The actions so far have not helped and it was as sick as ever for a while, in a continuation from last night after scanning & scanning and more tonight I hooked up with your man John C. He patiently reviewed the history, evaluated the situation, questioned me on relevant items and made a suggestion to eliminate and isolate the potential items one at time. Although the computer was acting exactly like a virus it was not but that was not known till after all the scans, testing & cleaning however John had a hunch and he was acting on that – good thing for that.

The end result was / is the rapid, and so far, correct resolution by simply unplugging my multiple USB peripherals and reattaching them one by one till it was found. Bingo – fast, clean and systematic, John C. used the “Keep It Simple” principle which was right on the money avoiding tons of potentially wasted time and heartache.

I can tell you this; John C. “CERTAINLY” has the correct technical mind and approach with a smooth follow-through.

You have a GOOD MAN with him; he nailed it logically & quickly by reviewing the data and going for it.
So far over the past year or two (how long has it been…?) every tech I’ve had has been a talented professional and I am certain any other would have reached this same conclusion also after the ground work had been done but the rapid end result and the way it was handled is absolutely worth an honorable mention on a silver platter.

He’s got my vote for the bonus of the month this time around.

Hat’s off to John C., job well done.”

-Jack B. (07/28/2010)

“I’m happy to report a great experience with your staff today. In a hotel this morning, I needed assistance for my husband to be able to use my laptop for his work. His laptop sent back to company – on the blink. Your staff was amazing!! Am so very grateful!! We hope you hang on to this business as long a you can. They just don’t measure up once sold and we are getting spoiled by your service.

I think Roy is my favorite tech and would love to have him every time!! Grateful for his demeanor, patience, interest in creating success with my situation in a hotel, his knowledge and style. I walked away extremely happy. Worth every penny spent monthly”

-Louise R., (09/13/2010)